Sydney is one of the most fabulous tourist destinations in Australia. If you need a great vacation, Australia is one of the best places you can enjoy. There are fantastic spots where you can enjoy the great Australian outdoors. If you are looking for a more holistic experience, you can meditate in Sydney. A world-class health oriented city which offers many places where you can reconnect with your inner being.

How to get there

Traveling to Australia requires one to be a holder of a valid passport and an ETA. ETA stands for electronic travel authorization. Apply for an ETA online by following simple steps. You must be a member of the select countries to make an e-visitor or ETA visa. 

When making your e-visitor application, you have to fill in your details on the form. Your passport must be valid, and you will provide information about the country of issue. You also need to include the date of expiry on the application. The applicant must meet Australian health and character requirements. Ex-convicts who have served for more than a year must indicate on their form.

Meditation in Sydney

The e-visa platform only accepts card payments. On the site, you will find the accepted cards, and you can enter the required details such as your name, card number, expiry date, and the CVV security. All details should be clear and correct. Nay issues can lead to delays.

The processing time for the ETA or e-visitor visa takes a few hours. Once approved, you will receive an email with the ETA approval confirmation letter. If the process is still pending, you will get an email that allows you to make a fresh application. Apply for an Australian ETA today and enjoy the trip of your dreams.

Meditation is an art that one should learn to have a calm and clear mind. If you wish to meditate in Sydney, this enlightened city offers tourists many  great spots.  Here are some of the best places to consider.

The Best Places to Meditate in Sydney

Centered Meditation

When it comes to looking for mediation in Sydney,  Centered Meditation is where corporate workers can create time in their day to relax. The meditation center is in the central business district, making it easy to locate. Even if you are new in town, you will fall in love with the location. Town life can be busy and noisy. However, this is the first-ever airy studio to offer meditation in Australia. It’s important for corporates, as well as the average employee,  to get into the practice of meditation as this will benefit both them and their business. Meditation and mindfulness in the workplace as well as for employees can help to reduce stress, improve stress-management capabilities, boost productivity, increase better decision-making skills as well as innovation and creativity.

You have a thirty-minute session before work, in the evening and on lunch break. The studio is ideal for beginners and any other people who want to broaden their meditation skills. You can find a studio at City Mutual Building, Level 10, 66 Hunter Street, Sydney.

Broad Place

Jacqui Lewis, the proud owner of Broad Place, takes pride in her accomplishments. The studio aims to create happy and healthy people through Vedic meditation. Vedic meditating is a form of transcendental meditation that helps to alleviate stress and is easy to do anywhere. 

Meditate in Sydney

You can sign up for classes if you want to be more grounded. At the studio, you have an introductory talk starting each month. Beginners get a starter course with four sessions to help them learn the process. You also have weekly recharge sessions to ease the stress. The studio stands in Mosman, Paddington, and Palm Beach.

Transcendental Meditation

The Transcendental Meditation studio is a place for people from different locations to connect. Wherever you come from, the studio has the right course to help you start your journey. Once you sign up, you get a three-day training session to prepare you for the classes. This training gives you weekly or monthly follow-ups until the time you graduate. After graduation, you are ready to join any group for meditation that you would like. You can find this studio at Level 2, 65 York Street, Sydney.

Australian School of Meditation and Yoga 

The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga is a non-profit organisation with centres in Brisbane, Darwin, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Each lifestyle centre is run by qualified teachers who offer relaxed and personable instruction incorporating asanas, meditation, diet, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques for a holistic yoga experience.

The school offers a place where you can explore both yoga and meditation. You can have a course if you want to learn. There are also regular classes for  those wanting to meditate in Sidney. The best course to take would be the Transform your life with meditation workshop. The workshop aims at making meditation your solution for stress, decision-making, tension, clarity, and to find inner peace. Drop by at 154/160 Broadway, Ultimo.

Bondi Meditation Center

Need an easy way to learn Vedic meditation? Bondi offers you an efficient course to help jump-start your journey. Matt Ringrose, the owner, has just the right solution for people who need meditation. You will get a free introductory course. With four-day introductory lessons, you are significant enough for a Monday evening meditation class.

Meditate in Sydney

They also host social events and experiences in our space with the goal of connecting like-minded people.

Their social programs include BMC Hosts, where they invite a variety of thought-provoking guest speakers, artists and musicians from different disciplines to come to BMC to share their work and the way they see the world. Thursdays are when the place lights up for reboot camps. You can check out the studio at 28 Moore Street, Bondi.

Sydney Meditation Center

Equipped with jovial, enthusiastic, and warm teachers, taking a class here is fantastic. On offer are a three-day training course and a six-week course. You will love the small classes that give you more space to explore your mind. The focus here is to lower stress, regulate emotions, and improve concentration. The center advocates for mindfulness. If you happen to need a place to meditate, they are at 2/220 Liverpool Street, East Sydney.

Meditate in Sydney at Kadampa Meditation Center

A modern Buddhist meditation center with a full program of weekly drop-in classes and guided meditations, including classes throughout the city and suburbs. Everybody is welcome.  They offer a rich program of classes and courses at KMC Sydney in Surry Hills which is easily accessed by public transport. The center also holds 11 classes in suburbs throughout Sydney every week so that you don’t have to travel far for your weekly meditation top up. These classes are all taught 

Meditation in Sidneyby qualified Kadampa meditation teachers who are continuously improving their understanding and practice of Buddhist meditation through the in-depth study programs offered at the center.  Find them at 693-695 South Dowling St. Surry Hills.

In Yoga, Yoga Surry Hills

Let go, relax, and clear your mind are the words that drive this place. You have a full warehouse studio that has a lot of room to hear yourself think. Yoga here is also delightful. Go through a guided class with your teacher, and finally, you have a platform where you can get answers for any questions you need clarity. You can find this studio at 115 Cooper Street, Surry Hills. 

The Meditation Sanctuary is another great option when looking to meditate in Sydney

Want to explore ancient meditation skills from the Chinese and Japanese? Zen meditation at this studio is worth your time. The first Sanctuary was established in Leichhardt, Sydney, 18 years ago by Zen Meditation Master, Brahmasamhara (Brahm). Since then, further sanctuaries have been established in Rozelle, Annandale and Sydney CBD.  The Meditation Sanctuaries are widely considered to be some of the most authentic Zen teaching centres in Australia, attracting hundreds of students each year. There are hundreds of students who take the courses annually.  If you want to meditate in Sydney, then this center offers accredited teachers and cutting edge classes, for beginners as well as those with advanced skills. 

There are so many things to do in Australia on holiday. Clearly your vacation can include the opportunity to meditate in Sydney. You are certain to have a healthy, holistic and memorable experience.

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