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What does it really mean to be more energy efficient? Over the years, people have become consciously aware of their environment. More people are learning about the rising global problems because of wasted energy. As a result, they have strayed away from energy sources such as oil or gas. Instead, they’ve opted for renewable energy such as wind, solar and water. More people are even building their homes to be more energy efficient.

The development of renewable energy has come with amazing benefits and there is the rising availability of energy-efficient products that one can use in their home. Making your home more energy efficient is a great way to save money. It also makes your home comfortable and free from chemical pollution. That said, there are quick home improvement tips that you can put in place to give your home a significant energy make-over.

Below are five tips which can enable you to make your home more energy efficient and greatly improve the current state.

1. Opt for energy-efficient appliances

This is a necessity if you want your home to be more energy efficient. To make sure this happens, one should know which appliances churn through power.

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When buying new ones or replacing the old ones, check the energy star rating before you make your purchase. The ones with low ratings will reduce your energy consumption. Then to reduce your water usage, you can turn your water thermostat down and install low-flow shower heads. Instead of running the hot tap, you can simply use a bowl to wash up.

2. Choose Renewable Energy Sources

While the prices of electricity keep going up every day, solar PV prices are going down. There has never been a better time to switch to solar energy.

As you save money on reduced utility bills, you will also be happy to know that renewable energy sources come with a lot of health benefits. There are no cases of cancers, heart diseases, neurological problems, and such health issues that are associated with the use of fossil fuels.

3. Install Draught Proofing

Did you know your home could lose some heat through draught around the windows and doors? In fact, draughts could also cause the same issues via the chimney. Instead of investing in heaters to keep you warm during the cold months, you can just fit draught-proofing products and also check the sealing around the aforementioned areas.

4. Switch Your Bedding

Making your bedroom energy-efficient can help you save a lot on your monthly utility bills.

There are several things you can do to your bedroom to make it energy efficient and one of them is switching your bedding accordingly. There are certain materials that trap heat better than others and thus they are most suitable during winter months. During summer, you need to get breathable linens to facilitate you to stay cool. Beddings made of all-natural or organic materials are recommended.

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Just like the beddings, the same logic applies to mattresses. Different mattresses stay cooler or warmer depending on the materials used to make them. If you live in a hot area, a cooling mattress can allow you to sleep well and prevent night sweats that may make you uncomfortable during your sleep. Thus, you should consider reading reviews of mattresses from a reliable source before choosing a mattress that will give you a peaceful night.  .

5. Keep your kitchen energy efficient

In most homes, the kitchen plays a major role in ensuring members and visitors of that home are well-fed. When this is happening, a lot of energy is used regardless of your cooking habits. Whether you cook meals every day or not, your kitchen should be a great place to reduce the amount of energy used. There are so many ways you can reduce your energy use in the kitchen such as switching to energy efficient light bulbs, keeping the oven door closed and unplugging appliances, among other ways.

Want To Know More?

We’re all looking to live a greener, more sustainable life and the kitchen is a great place to start. Aside from eating an organic diet there are other steps in which you can ensure that your kitchen is eco-friendly, energy-efficient and gentle on both your health and the environment. That said, click here to discover which other steps you can implement for your perfect, eco-friendly, green kitchen.


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