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Longevity Live Paid Content. Every day, we experience life through our five senses. We get to touch things around us as we look to understand texture. You smell food, homes, flowers,  and everyday items. We see the beauty in the people and things around us. Hearing allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the sounds that are present in our world. Smells and tastes allow you to experience richness in foods.

Each of our senses plays an important role in the experiences that we have throughout our day-to-day life. The more heightened our senses are, the better our ability to understand life in a deeper way. In addition, balanced senses may help promote stability in our mental health. When you are able to contextualize a situation through multiple levels of your sensory system, your brain has the ability to process the situation more clearly. In this article, we will share a few easy ways to increase the awareness of your senses in order to have richer experiences.

1. Build Your Immune Levels

When you consume supplements and foods that enhance your immune levels, you are more likely to experience things in a pure way. If you are prone to the common cold, allergies, and viruses, you frequently experience the clogging of your ears, nose, and throat.


When your immune system is functioning properly, you will have a greater ability to activate your senses. Turmeric, garlic, ginger, bell peppers, citrus fruits, yogurt, as well as berries are just a few of the common ingredients that help boost the functionality of the entire body. These nutrient-dense foods are equipped with vitamins and antioxidants that fuel immunity. When your body is equipped with the necessary minerals that it needs, it has fewer barriers to hear, smell, and see things clearly.

Outside of eating a diverse diet, getting an adequate amount of sleep each night, staying hydrated, and utilizing a probiotic are tools that can be used to strengthen the immune system in the body. The average adult should be falling asleep and waking up at consistent times each day. When you wake up, drink a glass of lukewarm water to establish homeostasis in the body. Throughout the day, continue drinking water to fuel your system. Not only will these practices increase your energy levels, but they will also equip your body with the strength it needs to fight off bad bacteria.

2. Complete Sensory Exercises

In order to heighten specific senses, create exercises that force you to rely on just one type of sensory experience. For example, close your eyes and describe something that you are smelling. Close your ears and describe what you see happening in a movie. When you cut off senses for short periods of time, it strengthens your ability to discern situations using fewer resources.

Not only can you complete exercises that help you focus on sensory areas, but it is also important to acknowledge the smells, sights, noises, and textures that you encounter regularly. Almost 95% of the things that you do on a regular basis are habitual. As you function throughout your daily life, it is easy to go through the motions of a routine. Take the time throughout your day to pause and analyze your experiences. Why do you have these specific habits? What are you experiencing in small moments throughout your day? When you recognize the way that your senses play into your routines, you will have a greater ability to notice the small nuances of each action that you take.

3. Establish an Understanding

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Before trying to enhance your ability to experience different things, it is important that you know where you begin. By getting your ears, eyes, and nose tested, you can learn if you need additional assistance in any specific area. Helix Hearing Care offers online hearing tests to customers. Websites such as OneSight and GoVisibly can analyze your vision in less than five minutes. Look for organizations that will analyze the abilities you have in each of your sensory areas.

After you pinpoint the starting point, you can determine the areas of weakness that need to be strengthened. For eyesight, contacts, and glasses can help scenes come to life. If your hearing is impaired, you may have the ability to unclog passageways or purchase a small hearing aid. If your ability to smell is muffled, try taking antibiotics or nasal sprays that cleanse the system. By analyzing your ability to activate your senses, you can grow in the current areas of weakness.

4. Take Preventive Steps

There are specific practices that can enhance certain sensitivities. By removing the toxins from your tongue, you can better comprehend the tastes you are experiencing. Also, by consuming zinc and other vitamins, your sense of smell and taste will be enhanced. Moreover, in improving your mind-body connection through practices like yoga, you may see your hearing improve.

Exercise is another preventative step that helps enhance every function of the body. Long, intense exercise sessions may inhibit your ability to actively engage in life. Moderate sessions spark the processes that happen in your body on a daily basis. Not only can this practice kick-start the regeneration of cells, but it can also reduce specific areas of inflammation. For most people, walking, jogging, cycling, Pilates, yoga, and swimming are proper forms of movement. Movement helps increase blood flow throughout the body. When blood flow is improved, odor molecules are cleared in the nasal passage. Exercises that require smaller movements can help build the sensory system in the skin and limbs, increasing your sensitivity in your fingers and toes.


We want our senses to be heightened so that we are aware of the world around us. These five areas of development help us comprehend, understand, and experience the world. When one sensory area is underdeveloped, we may suffer a variety of consequences. By eating a well-rounded diet, engaging in consistent exercise, and focusing on specific areas of development, you can strengthen your engagement throughout your daily life. Thankfully, there are practices, behaviors, and food groups that work to heighten awareness throughout the entire body. If you are unsure how to adequately assess your sensory system, there are professional services that can help provide a foundation for growth.

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