Longevity Live Partner Content. Our faces tell a tale. It is the most important part of our body because that is where people look when we interact with them. Therefore, we want to protect it and care for it as much as we can, so we can always show the best side of ourselves. But our skin has different needs, according to our age.

Here is an introduction to facial skincare, according to the various stages of life, that we go through. 

Hydrate And Take The Right Food Supplements

No matter your age, you need to stay hydrated at all times. Your skin should not only be nourished from the outside. In fact, it needs to start from the inside. And to do that, you need to drink water sufficiently. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times, during the day.

Otherwise, chances are you will forget to drink, and that can become a cause of skin problems. Then take the right food supplements.  Supplements that include super nutrients like nicotinamide NMN will boost your cells’ health, from metabolism to repair.  Elevant, for example, will provide you with anti-aging agents, that will also protect the beauty of your skin, from the inside.

Skin Care During Your 20s

Coming out of adolescence can be a blessing for your skin if you suffer from acne. If you still have issues with this, try putting on manuka honey, and it will help to solve the problem.

First, make it a habit of wearing sun protection when you go outside. Many make-up and other skincare products include protection against UV rays. Look for them and choose them over other brands.

During your 30s

If you haven’t already done so (then you are probably a man), start looking into anti-aging serum oil, moisturizer, and cream. Make them part of your daily beauty routine. However, your best friend should be, now and forever, a great hydration cream.

Put it on, morning and evening, every day. Also, keep reminding yourself that beauty comes from the inside. Therefore, eat a lot of berries and leafy greens, as they are full of antioxidants.

Skin Care During Your 40s And 50s

At that age, your cells start renewing themselves a lot less. If you haven’t started the food supplement Elevant yet, there is no more time to waste. This booster will activate the molecules protecting you from aging, directly inside your system.

60s and older

You need to look for rich anti-aging cream. Your skin will have a tendency to get dry as you get older and so, it needs to be hydrated with natural ingredients. Add some products with vitamin C, to protect against sunspots, as well.

60 year old
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