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Almost every student is familiar with the feelings of stress and anxiety that come during the lead-up to your exams. These tests are worth a large percentage of your final grade, and it is grueling to have to retain a year’s worth of information for all of your courses in the same period of time. For some students, the stress and anxiety can be overwhelming, and that can affect your final performance when it is finally time to sit for your exams.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are numerous tips you can find to help you de-stress during your studying, so you can improve your focus. One method that is being touted is the supplement known as cannabidiol or CBD for short. Below, we examine how this supplement can help students de-stress:

What Is CBD?

CBD is a natural chemical compound that is found in hemp, which is a type of cannabis plant. On its own, CBD has no psychoactive properties and won’t make you high like the THC in marijuana does. That makes CBD completely safe and legal to use in every state in the country, since the Farm Bill in 2018 legalized hemp and related products, like CBD. 

You can get several types of CBD products to suit specific needs and preferences. They can be purchased from any online or in-store dispensary, like Joy Organics, without any medical permission, including for university students.  

Does CBD Help Relieve Stress?

CBD can help reduce the levels of stress you may be feeling in both direct and indirect ways. Research has shown that when you take CBD it helps your body produce more serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that is extremely important for your overall mental health — including stress and anxiety. Most prescription medications for mental health disorders will include serotonin artificially to make you feel calm, relaxed and inhibit negative feelings like stress and anxiety.

There are also other contributing factors for why you feel stressed. You can be getting poor sleep, or have underlying health issues adding to the stress of your exams like aches and pains. CBD has been shown to help improve your sleep, as well as reduce pain and inflammation. That can help reduce your stress levels outside of worrying about exams ,so you feel better overall. 

What Are The Best CBD Products For Stress Relief?

There are three recommendations for CBD products that are more likely to help you manage your stress. The first is CBD oil, which is the basic product you will find while being simple and easy to use. It comes in a dropper bottle, so you can measure your dose easily. It’s quick and simple, and you can take it before you go to sleep or start studying to keep your stress levels down.

CBD Studying
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The second option is CBD bath salts. A hot, calming bath in the evening with other ingredients like epsom salts helps relax your muscles so you come out feeling refreshed. Your body absorbs CBD and other ingredients, and hot water has long been used for relaxing therapeutic effects.

The third option is CBD tea, which also uses hot water for the calming, relaxing effect. You can get CBD of most types and flavors, but the best for stress relief also mixes the CBD with other herbal ingredients to help de-stress. Flavors like mint, chamomile, lavender, matcha can all help enhance the stress relief of CBD, along with the hot drink. 

If you are a student looking for added stress relief techniques around your exams, why not try CBD? It is a safe supplement and can give you a little bit more of an edge for your studying.

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