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Shoes are most often a personal statement. Many of us will choose shoes for their style over comfort. But did you know that this may have long-term health consequences for you?  Lower back pain, knee and pelvic pain is widespread and has been directly linked to poor foot function.  This can be corrected by choosing shoes for comfort, to correct the problem. Orthotic shoes should be on your shoe wish list as they will  significantly improve your pain and quality of life.

Scientific Evidence Confirms Lower Back Pain Is Linked To Poor Foot Function

Low back pain (LBP) is a steadily increasing global epidemic. Approximately 25% of the U.S. adult population experienced LBP during a 3-month time period, and nearly double will experience back pain over the course of a year. Podiatrists have linked LBP to the disruption in the kinetic chain. However, it was not until the last decade that other investigators began to study the effects of foot function on the kinematics of the knee, hip, pelvis, and thorax. They found that forcing the foot into hyperpronation is a leading cause of pelvic repositioning and mechanical LBP.

The study, “Shoe Orthotics for the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial” published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation confirmed these findings. It also suggested that custom orthotics, particularly in combination with chiropractic care, can significantly reduce LBP.  Other studies have  also confirmed these findings.

What these  studies tell us is that we cannot underestimate the foot spine connection. We need to have foot wear that balances the body and supports the foot. This is especially relevant in people who suffer from back problems.

You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Style

A few decades ago, orthotic shoes were considered unattractive. Although you might have to make slight compromises, orthotic shoes in the markets today come in various attractive styles. These shoes are also widely available in various markets as well. Although they might seem somewhat different from the regular shoes or boots, the level of comfort provided by custom-made orthotic shoes is far better than it was a few years ago. Custom orthotic shoes for sports can be comfortable, functional, and corrective, for example hiking shoes for plantar fasciitis, or running shoes for underpronation. Some of these shoes are more comfortable than regular shoes on the market.

Benefits of Orthotic Shoes

1. Better Support

As mentioned earlier, orthotic shoes are designed to address a specific musculoskeletal issue the patient is suffering from. For this reason, they provide excellent support for the back, legs, and most importantly, your feet.

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You can be assured of perfect arch support for your feet, heel, and toes.  The scientific design of these shoes helps provide cushioning in one area, and flexibility on another, thus providing you with excellent grip.

2. Pain Relief

Incorrect and uncomfortable footwear can be the reason you have chronic pains in your back, hips, lower legs, heels, and feet. If your lifestyle or job entails standing for long hours, the wrong shoes will result in too much pressure in one specific area, This will cause your legs and back to ache. Shoes with better cushioning and arch support however come in handy in correcting such a problem. Corrective shoes are designed to provide excellent cushioning, grip, and support hence help alleviate the strain and pain. These shoes also help prevent further damage to your bones, feet, and muscles.

3. Improve Your Blood Circulation

Adequate blood circulation is required to help keep all body organs healthy.  If your feet don’t get enough blood, chances are they will be deprived of oxygen and nutrition. Although you might not notice this at first, you’ll start struggling to take on even the lightest tasks. Your feet will eventually start swelling simply because blood and fluids aren’t moving as they are supposed to.

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Orthotic shoes are however designed to promote improved blood circulation in all parts of your feet and legs. The shoe stimulates various points of the body, thus ensuring optimal blood circulation. This protects your feet from cell damage and swelling.

In Conclusion

Orthotic shoes may not be something you have been familiar with. However, if you have been experiencing pain even after putting on the regular shoes, then you should consider investing in customized shoes. Consult a podiatrist and better understand how your foot is functioning. Customized footwear will provide adequate support, comfort, and pain relief for your feet. However, research this correctly and  be sure to choose a reliable and efficient manufacturer.

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