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Do you feel chaos in your mind when walking near your desk? Is there always a feeling of stress whenever you approach your workspace? Have no fear; our solution is here- Crystals. Longevity Live Paid Post.

Crystals magically work on your energy frequencies and heal you. These stones have the ability and power to work on your mind, body, and spirit. These million-year-old stones are magical stones you need. When working optimally, we will experience an increase in productivity at work, which positively boosts our energy levels, making for a more pleasant workplace that benefits us all!

Let us tell you simple ways in which you can use certain crystals in your office space.

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The Master Cleanser – Selenite 

You can cleanse your surroundings energetically by using selenite crystals. Selenite is known as the master of cleansing because it’s a stone with amazing purification powers.

This crystal doesn’t ever need to be cleansed, and it has a strong connection to mother earth and helps you remain calm, work on improving your intuition, make you productive, and give you the balance you need in life.

You can get a selenite pyramid and sit it beside your computer and let it work its magic.

The Radiation Enemy- Black Tourmaline 

It’s important to be aware of the dangers that electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) pose. Our workplace is full of electrical devices which can expose us daily to harmful EMF radiation, including microwaves, visible light, radio waves, infrared light. 

It cannot be helped that we are exposed to this radiation all day at work but what you can do is get a piece of Black Tourmaline placed in each corner of your desk or get a pointed pyramid which will act as a positive, energetic symbol that generates an energy field around you and keeps the environment safe and healthy.

Thrive with these Crystals – Green Aventurine 

Keep the magical aventurine crystal on hand if you wish to thrive and grow in your life and work. As they say, you should always have some greenery on your desk, and if you don’t appear to be careful enough to care for real plants, get an adventure tree instead. Place the crystal in the upper left corner of your desk.

They purify the energy in your office while also looking nice on your desk. You can also choose to wear crystal jewelry, such as a healing crystals necklace, to anchor your links to prosperity and to encourage you throughout the day.

The Fool’s Gold – Pyrite Crystal 

Pyrite is also known as fool’s gold, and it’s true to its name. The only similarity the fake metal has to real gold is its golden color.  Pyrite is not a valuable gemstone in monetary terms like gold. Yet, it still carries positive properties that you can use to attract prosperity into your life or business. 

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When you are looking to implement the visions of prosperity and abundance mentioned above into the reality of your life, you may encounter confidence concerns and feel emotionally scared at times. Pyrite crystal will help you overcome these obstacles and motivate you to take the necessary risks. You can wear or carry this shiny stone in your wallet or pocket or as jewelry. 

The EMFs Killer- Shungite 

Like black tourmaline, shungite can absorb electromagnetic frequencies to relieve stress. You also use shungite pieces around your home and office to create a natural shield for exposure to EMFs.  You can protect yourself from exposure to harmful radiation by keeping raw pieces of the crystal under your laptop. 

Amazing Crystals

We hope you can use the power of these amazing crystals to create a workspace that not only has high energy but one that exudes positive vibes.

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Nompu Biyela

Nompu Biyela

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