If you are looking to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle then the following five food felons should be avoided at all costs.

Dr. Michael Roizen shares his insights into the most common problems individuals experience when trying to lose weight, as well as the true impact that processed foods have on our bodies and which five foods we should all be eschewing with a firm hand.

“The biggest challenge facing most dieters is that they think that nutrition is “Let’s make a deal”. As in, if you skip breakfast you can eat pizza. Or if you eat veggies today, you can have Pop-Tarts tomorrow. If you have broccoli, you can pour a gallons worth of melted cheese all over it. I’m sorry to tell you that your body doesn’t work like a trade with the devil. There are no deals to be made, now souls to sell, no blackmail to engage in. Eat the wrong foods, and your body pays the consequences,” says Dr Roizen.

“And I must say that this isn’t even about calories: you can’t just “exercise off” a bad meal. While doing so may help control weight gain and can even help you to lose weight, the calorie burn doesn’t counteract the damage that these felons can do on the inside – and that’s most important when it comes to overall health outcomes, longevity, staying disease free, feeling energetic, and enjoying a high quality o life no matter what your age,” Dr Roizen explains.

Dr Roizen explains that the reason for this lies in our genes. Your genes create the proteins, such as hemoglobin which assist your body in functioning at its optimal. Proteins have a life span of 180 days, and anything which occurs to the individual protein lasts for the length of its lifespan. Therefore, if you consume a very sugary drink the pleasure which you derive for this may last ten minutes, but the negative effects on your body can last for up to six months.

This is why it is essential to ensure healthy eating habits in the present for a healthy body in the long term. With that in mind lets take a look at Dr. Roizen’s 5 Food Felons to Avoid:

Want To Lose Weight? Avoid These 5 Food Felons:

1. Saturated Fats

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“Found in; red meats (yes pork is a red meat), dairy (cheese, milk, ice cream), two legged animal skin, and palm and coconut oils. Saturated fats turn on the genes that cause obesity and inflammation, and promote cancer by turning off genes that kill cancer cells.

While saturated fats have been up for some debate (namely, their role in cholesterol and heart disease), their devilish traits mainly come in the form of the obesity and inflammation-raising properties that they incite. Those lead to heart disease, impotence, memory loss, kidney disease, cancer, and promote diabetes,” explains Dr Roizen.

2. Trans Fats

“Found in; lots of processed foods, such as chips, crackers, and cookies, as well as some vegetables margarines and foods fried in many oils. Trans fats, an artificial form of fats made when hydrogen is added to fats to make products last longer, do the same kinds of damage that saturated fats do, as well as other forms of damage that saturated fats do, as well as other forms of damage too. They raise bad cholesterol (LDL), lower good high-density-lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, and cause inflammation,” Dr Roizen says.

3. Simple Sugars

“Found in; juices, sodas, processed desserts, sauces, many packaged foods. Simple sugars are often hidden on a package label, though they usually end in “-ose”, like sucrose, dextrose and maltose. They increase your blood sugar rapidly and you are more prone to store fat, damage your arteries and experience big swings in energy,” he says.

4. Simple Carbohydrates

food | Longevity Live“Found in; white-flour foods such as bread, pancakes, rice, non-100 percent whole grain pasts. These carbohydrates turn into sugar quickly in your body, as they are stripped of their whole grain components. So these simple or “stripped” carbs are much less nutritious than 100 percent whole grain. Only if the label declares 1oo percent whole grain is a product actually whole grain. Not even multi-grain labels are healthy,” Dr Roizen explains.

5. Added Syrups

“Found in; many processed foods. These may seem healthier than added sugars, with names like organic can syrup, or expeller pressed natural evaporated juice, or honey. But all of them, like the very common high fructose corn syrup, increase your blood sugar quickly and have the same effect on your body as simple sugars,” he says.


Dr Mike Roizen | Longevity Live

Dr Roizen


Dr Michael Roizen known as one of the YOU Doctors is the US based Chief Wellness Officer for the Cleveland Clinic a world renowned expert on health and wellness and a best selling award-winning author.
Dr. Mike Roizen | Longevity Live

This story was taken from his book This Is Your Do‑Over: The 7 Secrets to Losing Weight, Living Longer, and Getting a Second Chance at the Life You Want.




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