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Lazy is definitely how most of us describe a person who chooses not to do any form of exercise whatsoever. Well, particularly if you’re a recreational athlete and coach like me. But, are these people lazy or just scared?

That’s a really important question. Over the past few years, America’s weight problem has been a really hot topic. It’s made the population question themselves as to why they’re so overweight. The obvious reason is that they don’t move their bodies at all.lazy [longevity live]

Lazy Or Just Too Insecure About Exercising?

I can believe this, especially if you look at how much time they spend in a chair on a daily basis.

Many people describe the general population as lazy. However, I think this is probably an explanation that’s just a little too uninformed and easy. Many of these people who do not exercise are some of the most successful, hardest working, and dedicated people. It definitely doesn’t make sense to call them lazy.

Yet, laziness is exactly what many of them are calling themselves and I think this is where the issue is growing.

Can You Overcome The Feeling Of Dread?

Everyone has days when they feel like doing absolutely nothing. This is normal, and it’s impossible to push yourself at 120 km per hour 24/7. You will literally crash and burn!

However, I am certain that the primary reason many people choose to not work out is not that they are lazy. Rather, it is an overwhelming feeling of dread at the thought of working out. If you are somebody who hasn’t done any physical activity in many months or years, tackling a new fitness program can be super scary.lazy [longevity live]

And for many people, just moving the body to a level where their heart rate increases slightly, their breathing becomes heavier, and they start to sweat feels as if they’re going to die. The entire experience feels completely foreign.

If this feels like you in a nutshell. Then, you’ll be happy to know that there are ways to help conquer some of those irrational fears. You’re not going to be deemed lazy forever and can get fit just like the people you look up to on social media.
VerywellFit has outlined some very useful steps to follow if you’re an exercise newbie.

You Think You’re Going To Hurt Yourself

I have seen it time after time. People who have not exercised in a long time struggle to tell when they are experiencing a normal exercise burn (heavy breathing, burning chest, and muscles) from sharp or excessive pain. A newbie will definitely feel discomfort. Sorry to say, but you might feel or hear a significant amount of cracks and tweaks. It might even feel like your whole body is pulling, tearing, or falling apart.

lazy [longevity live]

Stop worrying because it isn’t. It’s just adjusting.

Change Your Attitude

Obviously, you will feel strange sensations when you exercise. It’s normal, and you need to get used to feeling uncomfortable if you want to progress. You must learn to tell the difference between pain and exercise burn.

If you are still scared then read this list of warning signs to stop exercising.  If it isn’t on there then you are most likely fine!

Here are a few ways you can avoid risking an injury:

  • Invest in quality trainers. Do not wear ancient shoes you bought 10 years ago. It will only lead to a bunch of physical ailments. Your feet carry your weight and therefore need adequate support.
  • Always master the correct form. This is vital, especially when lifting weights. Don’t walk into a gym and casually pick up the heaviest weight you find. It doesn’t make you more hardcore. It only creates a body full of lazy [longevity live]injuries with bad form and posture. A good way to start is to hire a personal trainer to show you the ropes or research online. Even if you ask gym personnel to explain to you a bit more about the equipment.
  • Always warm-up pre-workout. Don’t do static stretches before a workout, even if you see others doing it. It’s better to make your warm-up full of dynamic movements like walking or skipping and any type of light cardio. Jumping into your workout without warming up does lead to pain and injury.
  • Pace yourself. Don’t go in too hard. Injuries occur if you try to do too much at once. And this applies to even experienced athletes who are trying out a new form of exercise. Work slowly towards your goal of a light program and build your way up to high-intensity, regular workouts. If you can only walk for 10 minutes, start there and increase your time each week.

You will get stronger over time.

You Think You’ll Look Stupid

Stop worrying about what people are thinking! Half the time they are so focused on themselves, that they haven’t even noticed the person in front of them.lazy [longevity live]

Besides even pro’s fall off of treadmills, trip on steps, drop dumbbells on their own feet, and do an exercise incorrectly. Lots of things happen during vigorous exercise and machinery. And we all feel silly when we don’t know how to use a machine. All you have to do is ask somebody to show you.

Basically, if you fall, drop weight, or do something else that makes you want to disappear. Just laugh and carry on. unless you hurt yourself, of course. We all have to start somewhere and asking for assistance is your best bet.

You Are Scared Of Feeling Pain

Unfortunately, you need to get over this if you want to make progress. Fitness is by no means comfortable, but it is very enjoyable once you get past the first few weeks. Nobody enjoys pain. Many people avoid exercise because they fear pain so much that they do everything in life to escape it.

Your first step is to understand that exercising does not have to be sore. But, when I say sore, I mean really PAINFUL Not natural discomfort your body goes through when it starts to exert itself more than usual. Heavy breathing, sweating, muscle burn…lazy [longevity live]
A workout must feel challenging but never painful. You should stop if it is hurting you. If you cannot breathe during a cardio routine, you’re overworking. Unless you’re doing interval training which deliberately makes you feel this way!
Any sort of shin splints, side stitches, tearing muscles and ligaments, inflamed tendons, or severe aches might be a reason to take a break. Rest and look after the problem and try again tomorrow. After a while, you get stronger, and you will be able to start challenging yourself more. You get used to your body’s response.

Sweating Seems Scary

Often people think they’re going to die from over-sweating. This is literally or close to impossible. I have personally had clients apologize and feel embarrassed for sweating too much. Some dislike it so much that they avoid exercising because of it.lazy [longevity live]

It really doesn’t matter. There is no right way to sweat because everybody has different sweat glands. Sweating is only your body trying to cool down, nothing scary about that. Plus, some people sweat more than others.

If you are worried about how you smell, do yourself a big favor and buy deodorant for the gym, wear sweatproof gym apparel and try to avoid foods with strong odors like garlic, onion, and alcohol.

You’re A Perfectionist

Who doesn’t fear failure? Nobody wants to do badly at something. However, when it comes to exercise there are many ways that you can experience failure.lazy [longevity live]

For some it might be not losing weight, others it’s not going through a workout, or sticking to a workout program and not even knowing if you’re doing the right thing.

It’s best to set goals that you know you can achieve. It’s always good to have big goals, but in the beginning, you need ones that are realistic for you. You do not want to set yourself up to fail and nor do you want to quit your journey because of it.
Whatever you do in life. Anything new will be a risk. However, venturing outside your comfort zone is the best way to learn, succeed and progress.  But, just the act of taking a risk can be all the success you need to keep you going. You’ll never be perfect, but you can always try your best. That’s good enough. Not doing something because you’re too afraid won’t make your world as good as it can be.

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