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Feeling moody and not up to exercising at all? This is a pretty common feeling, especially for those of you who have got busy schedules or have never really been big into exercising. And if you do love your exercise routine, no matter how hard you try, it’s hard to get up and move. Let’s not even mention how feeling moody gets worse when stress levels are peaking, people are losing their jobs or your child is sick.

Mental health and exercise expert Jack Raglin, Ph.D., of Indiana University explains that many people skip exercising when their mood isn’t ideal. Often this is because feeling moody stops them from having the mental energy to switch gears. So, what’s the trick? Raglin says the trick lies in finding the right workout to match the mood you’re in. For example, some workouts have a calming effect, while others are stimulating. This means you can keep exercising no matter what your mindset is.

We must make time to exercise, even when we’re feeling moody. It has an enormous impact on your mood and might even be just as effective as anti-depressants in treating mild-to-moderate depression. Not only can it help in treating depression, but it can also prevent people from becoming depressed again. Hopefully, with some mind-to-body connection, you can start feeling yourself out a bit more. It’s important to keep up an exercise routine throughout your life, up’s, down’s, and everything in between. Experts still don’t understand exercise and mood enough to know exactly which type of exercise is best. Or how much, but what they do know is that it definitely has a positive effect. Even when you’re feeling moody.

Feeling Moody? Try To Create An Exercise Routine That Works

US Health News, explains that people try out new fitness plans constantly. However, many of them don’t work, and you might feel this way too. Mainly because you’re stuck doing a rigid routine day in and out, if you’re feeling moody, then the workout planned might not be the best idea. Some personal trainers provide fitness plans that don’t tell you what to do, but rather encourage you to move your body in ways that feel good daily.

feeling moody match it to the right exercise [longevity live]

Apparently doing what feels good enhances the workout itself and is more sustainable long term. Interestingly, some research suggests hitting the gym to sculpt your body is linked to working out less. But doing what ‘feels good’ requires some self-reflection and experimentation.

This is the secret to convincing yourself to exercise even when you’re feeling moody.

It’s Time To Self-Reflect

Take a moment to sit down and ask yourself, ‘How do I feel?’ This is such a crucial question to ask yourself. Why? Because it’s a question you instinctively respond to all the time with, ‘Good, and you?’ When you’re feeling moody, you most likely aren’t telling anyone, but you’re showing it in your behavior no doubt.

How often do you ask yourself how you’re feeling? Experts recommend doing so every morning and answering honestly, after scanning your body and mind. You can try keeping a list of all the types of movements you already like or would like to try. Then try picking one of them after gauging your physical and mental state. In time, you’ll soon start associating certain exercises with particular moods. For example, swimming will remind you of those relaxed days when you wake up feeling moody or frazzled. This will make you want to do it again.

You Feel Excited

There’s nothing better than an exciting feeling or not being able to sit down because you can’t wait for a certain event or new promotion. Feeling moody can also be a good thing. Feeling excited is the ultimate fuel for a super-challenging workout. Therefore, when you’ve got a lot of positive energy running through your body, utilize it.

feeling moody match it to the right exercise [longevity live]

This is because you don’t get those surges every day. This is your opportunity to go and crush the toughest workouts like hill sprints. Angela Fifer, a Pittsburgh-based mental performance consultant and the scientific program chair of the Association of Applied Sports Psychology, says when we’re super pumped and happy… Doing something more high-intensity is a good idea. These activities align with our emotional state.

You’ve Got Anxiety

Weirdly, feeling moody can mean feeling anxious which is very similar to that of exciting energy. However, it doesn’t serve us as well and usually happens from overthinking. Therefore, it might be best to try something like a dance or aerobics class. When you’re feeling moody and anxious, these classes force you to pay attention to a routine and not your negative thought patterns.

feeling moody match it to the right exercise [longevity live]If your anxiety is more severe, practices like yoga that emphasize deep breathing can be helpful. Experts find that these don’t solve everything. Therefore, ensure you have professional support and some support in general. Find coaches, classmates, or a trainer because having a panic attack mid-workout can be dangerous.

Sadness And Feeling Moody

It’s perfectly normal to go through phases of feeling moody and blue. The good news is that there is loads of research showing that exercise is one of the best antidepressants out there. That means you can have a seriously crappy day, and still get a fresh perspective.

When you’re feeling moody and sad, exercise also helps us feel empowered. When you feel a little stronger and faster, it feels like you can handle more. While most research supports aerobic exercise like running or swimming for a mood boost due to its link to feel-good brain chemicals. Some people find weightlifting eases depression since it forces them to be present instead of ruminating. Essentially, you only know what elevates you. Feeling moody is a sign to listen to you. It doesn’t matter whether that’s walking your dog, playing pickup basketball, or having sex.


This is a perfect feeling moody, kind of booster you need to complete a challenging high-intensity interval training workout. Go all out with kickboxing or boxing. Think of what you can channel your anger through.

feeling moody match it to the right exercise [longevity live]

When it’s over, you will feel like you’ve left that negative emotion in the room. she says. Bearing in mind that it’s not always healthy to turn to exercise when you’ve got negative emotions. Just try to gauge the difference between feeling moody and feeling down or angry every day.

Experts explain that when you’re trying to numb yourself from dealing with any kind of emotions or trying to avoid things. Exercise can be problematic. If you suspect exercise is replacing other coping mechanisms like time with friends, consider seeking help.

Feeling Moody But Also Lazy?

Haha. Who here doesn’t enjoy working out at all? Especially if you’re suffering from a severe case of laziness. In some instances, it’s worth pushing past that initial resistance by focusing on a single aspect of any type of movement you even mildly appreciate.

Experts recommend carefully choosing a playlist, wearing comfortable activewear, and focusing on how you feel when it’s done. However, when you’re super sore, tired, or emotionally unstable, a rest day is the best ‘workout’ you can do. Hitting the gym when you know you need a day off is likely to leave you injured or bitter about fitness overall. If you’re really not feeling it and feeling moody, then don’t force yourself.

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