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Stay youthful for the rest of your life with Jennifer Lopez’s top nutrition tips. This beautiful superstar manages to make 49 seem like 25. She’s got one of the fittest bodies in Hollywood. How does she do it? I think it’s incredibly inspiring to watch her because I also know how much hard work and dedication it has taken to get to where she is. We can’t choose what we are born with, but, we can choose how we treat our bodies and what we do with them. Thankfully we have complete power and control over the way in which we fuel and love our bodies.

Lopez is an inspiration because although she’s turning 50 in July, she is able to stay youthful. In fact, she looks as if she hasn’t aged a day! Luckily, Jennifer and her trainer shared with Eat This some of her amazing secrets and tips to maintain her radiant glow, defined body, and youthful-looking skin.

None of these secrets are rocket science or are impossible to do yourself. However, to stay youthful overall you do need to be willing to commit yourself to achieve it. Lopez wasn’t born with abs; she has to work hard for them and more importantly, eat properly for a long time. We’re all capable of doing this too, but sometimes it helps to get a bit of guidance.

Stay Youthful With Jennifer Lopez Beyond Your Fifties

Interestingly, more often than not, it’s the simplest of changes that make a difference to the way our bodies look and feel. In Jennifer Lopez’s case, she highly recommends drinking lots and lots of water.

Always Stay Hydrated

It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard about this, but that’s because it is the most important. No matter what you try, if you’re not being hydrated throughout the day, you will find it more difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Every person is unique and the amount of water that they require differs. For example, if you are a very athletic or active person then you will need a lot more water to stay hydrated than someone who is quite sedentary.

Lopez recommends drinking lots of water because it also helps suppress your cravings for sugar or unhealthy snacking.keep youthful [longevity live Most of the time when you want to reach for the sweetie jar, it’s because your body is dehydrated. This doesn’t mean that every craving you have is due to being really thirsty because that’s just not true. It could be hormones or under-eating, or maybe you really are JUST hungry! That’s okay too. However, it’s important that we establish these possibilities and try to create a balance that works.

According to Lopez’s personal trainer Tracy Anderson, water is also an amazing tool to improve your digestion. Staying hydrated will not only help reduce cravings, but will also decrease that very unpleasant feeling of being bloated. You will also notice that once you increase your water consumption, you will have a lot more energy to push through those intense workouts.

Lopez explains to Hello! that when you drink lots of water, especially before a workout, it can help you push harder and get more out of your exercise routine.

Eat better

Lean Protein and Leafy Greens

I think more people are starting to catch on nowadays that too many starchy foods are not good for digestion and how they make our bodies feel later on. Jennifer Lopez says that in order for her to stay youthful as she ages, she tries to eat lots of lean protein and less starchy vegetables.

That gorgeous, toned body doesn’t just happen. Therefore, I am not surprised that she follows a very clean diet. Lopez also shares that this is the only way she is able to maintain a tight stomach and radiant skin. Her personal trainer, Anderson, says that Lopez sticks to eating a strict, nutrient-dense diet that is completely free of processed or refined foods. Prevention Magazine interviewed Haylie Pomroy, Lopez’s nutritionist, who also explained that the majority of her diet consists of just lean protein and non-starchy vegetables.

Just remember that you can’t omit too many items from your diet. It’s very important that you get in a variety of these like healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. Lopez says she tried to include these in her meals as well. You can get tons of healthy fats from nut butter or avocados and complex carbohydrates from quinoa, brown rice, or sweet potatoes.

Caffeine Free

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a coffee now and then. However, when you overload your body with too much caffeine or alcohol it does put your body into a state of stress. Over prolonged periods of time, this can take a toll on you and allow you to stay youthful for years to come.

I am all for finding the joys in life, but going overboard with morning cappuccinos or evening cocktails every day doesn’t get you anywhere. Lopez told Us Weekly that she stopped drinking coffee years ago. She said the only coffee she has is decaffeinated. In fact, she even avoids alcohol because her nutritionist said it’s best to stay away from stimulants.

Therefore, if you want to age gracefully then try cutting down on the stimulants in your life.

Limit Toxins

Jennifer Lopez often makes an effort to cut any foods that trigger toxicity, inflammation, and stress in her body. Research clearly states that going on crazy 10-day detoxes or restrictive diets will only damage your body in the long run. However, if you go about removing inflammatory foods in a smart way and including healthy, nutritious ones it is possible to properly cleanse your body. Sugar is a major inflammatory food, and it is far too easy to get hooked on it.

Lopez explains to Eat This that in the past, although she was relatively healthy, she would find herself constantly daydreaming about sugar and when the next time would be for her to have some more. But after she decided to remove sugar from her diet for a few weeks, this desire faded away, quickly. Lopez explains that decreasing your sugar consumption decreases the overall inflammation in your body. So you start feeling less bloated, puffy and swollen, and a lot smaller and leaner. She adds that this feels a lot better, and you soon get hooked on feeling so good. It’s even better than the feeling after eating sugar.

Fruits And Vegetables

As with any healthy diet, you need to eat lots of healthy fruits and vegetables.keep youthful [longevity live] Jennifer Lopez only snacks on these throughout the day. She explains that for her to stay youthful, she won’t be caught dead snacking on salty chips, pretzels, or bagels.  However, if she’s starving and fruits and vegetables won’t cut it, she usually opts for a lean protein source because it is the most satisfying food choice. It fills her up and keeps her muscles fueled.

Regular Workout Routines

Jennifer Lopez fully dedicates herself to exercise throughout the week. She tries her best to remain consistent and avoids skipping her sessions. The star explains that she prefers to think of exercise as a form of release rather than a chore.

She believes that working out is what makes her such a happy person and is why she loves dancing so much. She explains to Eat This that dance is a part of her daily life and that it forms a massive part of her happiness. Moreover, she says it’s a fantastic way for her to move her body and dedicate time to take care of herself. Lopez believes that when you do this you are able to work and take care of those you love better.

The star has got herself into a fantastic routine going and the best part is that anybody can start doing it too. If you want to stay youthful and get your body looking and feeling better. You’ve got some brilliant motivation from Jennifer Lopez.

Want to Know More?

While living a healthy lifestyle is best, often than not we find ourselves indulging in a drink or two. Often, we may even overindulge, only to wake up the next day feeling not so great. Hangover food back in the day meant something greasy or starchy. Well, not any longer. In fact, you would be surprised to know that there are certain foods that you’d least expect to make you feel less lousy.


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