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Kate Upton is a supermodel and actress who quickly rose to fame after landing campaigns for Bobbi Brown, Express, Guess, and Sam Edelman. She’s also been the cover girl of many magazines and even with her busy work schedule. She’s managed to maintain a beautiful physique. Luckily, she’s letting us in on her food and fitness secrets.

Kate says her goal is to educate others on the importance of eating ultra-fresh, healing food. That is why she is collaborating with Urban Remedy. Through this partnership, she has the ability to reach a lot of people. The main reason behind it all is her love for the brand because she was always a loyal customer herself. Kate Upton is the epitome of health and balance since she knows how to keep herself fit and healthy whilst living a chaotic lifestyle.

Kate Upton Launches Exclusive Meal PlanKate Upton [longevity live]

Urban Remedy is an ultra-fresh plant-based food company that offers certified organic products and ready-to-eat meals, snacks, and cold-pressed juices. They have now partnered with Kate Upton to launch an exclusive meal plan in conjunction with her new wellness platform, Strong4Me Fitness.

Kate created the Strong4Me Fitness platform to help people get fitter in the comfort of their own homes. It consists of a 12-week program of 30-minute, low-impact workouts created by herself and the acclaimed trainer Ben Bruno. The program encourages a healthy lifestyle for women on the go through better eating habits and a fitness routine. The program is also designed to increase strength, confidence, and health.

The Kate Upton Meal Plan includes a carefully curated selection of Urban Remedy’s prepared meals, juices, and snacks.

What Does The Plan Consist Of?

Kate Upton has been a loyal customer of the brand for three years. She knew the brand pretty well. She decided to approach Urban Remedy to create an ultra-fresh meal plan rich in nutrients to fortify and nourish bodies, without sacrificing taste. The meal plan includes a mixed menu of Kate’s favorite items such as the Mint Cacao Chip smoothie, Vegan Caesar salad, Veggie Burger, and more. The entire plan was personally created by the brand’s founder and president, Neka Pasquale.Kate Upton [longevity live]

Neka has always had a passion for health and healing. She believes in living a healing lifestyle with food, which is what inspired her idea to create Urban Remedy. Neka also has a background in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. These skills allow her to create top nutrition that empowers consumers to conveniently eat ultra-fresh and clean food.

Kate Upton says the partnership is a no-brainer. She explains that her approach to food and exercise is all about easily incorporating it into a busy lifestyle, without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. Urban Remedy’s better-for-you offerings are an easy way to eat healthy food that tastes great. The collaboration coincides perfectly with Kate’s workout program, which is just as easy to work into a daily routine for long-lasting changes.

This Is What You Get

It was Urban Remedy’s re-launch of their popular Metta-Morphosis Program, that got Kate Upton to partner up.  This program is a complete lifestyle reset of the mind, body, and spirit. Everything consists of organic, plant-centric foods and juices. This holistic program also includes expert instruction in purposeful movement, mindfulness, and meditation. The program guides you through your journey back to your center.Kate Upton [longevity live]

And you won’t be on your own either! You’ll have access to an online community, so you’ll feel supported during the process. This three- or five-day inner wellness journey is perfect for expert cleansers. Mainly for those looking to target their whole life beyond just diet. Plus, new cleansers still want to incorporate food.

I think that the brand is great because it infuses healing properties into food, without sacrificing taste or flavor. And you’re going to receive top quality, organic ingredients and modern-day clean eating with ancient wisdom, Urban Remedy has established itself as a leader in revolutionizing the food system. Basically, everything you eat will naturally lower inflammation and nourish your body.

Not only is Kate Upton a successful actress and model. But, she is also a role model to all women around the world. In her very busy schedule, she manages to keep a strong mind and really fit body. What we love even more is her ability to embrace her natural curves and promote body positivity to all ladies. The important thing to remember though is to always love your body enough to feed it food that is only going to nourish and heal.

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If you’re someone who feels inspired by helping people do just that, in supporting people to radically improve their lifestyles, then this is for you.

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