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Halle Berry is an ageless beauty with an amazing physique. The 52-year-old Oscar winner is serious about her health and fitness, and this is clear from her appearance on the red carpet.

While she follows a keto diet, Berry also does her best to stay in shape. As a result of the continuous admiration that her physical appearance generates, the fit actress has begun a fitness series on Instagram. Dubbed “Fitness Friday, the series has Berry sharing her tips and tricks on how she stays in such incredible shape.

In one of her posts, the star shared an image of herself and her trainer Peter Lee Thomas working out with a resistance band.


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This #FitnessFriday let’s get fit with resistance BANDS! 

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Resistance bands are regularly used in the fitness realm and for good reason. As they say in their name, these bands provide resistance to one’s movements. This resistance then forces the muscles to work harder, thereby strengthening them. These bands are a great tool to pack away in your gym bag. If you’re still not convinced by the image of Halle Berry breaking a hard sweat with them, read on to find out the benefits associated with these bands.

1. Cost-effective

Unfortunately, due to the need for individuals to stay fit, gym fees seem to be on a permanent increase. As a result, a lot of us would rather attempt to work out at home, or not at all.

Thankfully, resistance bands are a great investment into your fitness life. These cost-effective bands help ensure that you get a good sweat in, without breaking the bank. Their versatility also provides you with the chance to perform as many, different exercises as need be.

2. Used to modify familiar exercises

Resistance Band | Longevity LIVE

Often, when we purchase new gym equipment, we have no idea how to use it, and now you’re stuck figuring out how to exercise instead of exercising. Resistance bands do not bring these problems.

With resistance bands, the best place to start would be with a familiar exercise. These bands are great for modifying already familiar moves. They can be used to replace the weights that are used during squats, or they can even increase the intensity of your push-ups.

3. Full body workout

Resistance bands can work every muscle in your body. They can be used to do a variety of exercises and each exercise challenges a certain part of the body.

4. Suitable for all fitness levels

Often, individuals avoid the gym and working out because of their fear of the unknown, of not knowing where to start. Resistance bands help ease this burden.

These bands come at multiple resistance levels, usually light, medium, or heavy. So whether you’re a beginner or a gym junkie, resistance bands are for you. You can also adjust the amount of resistance as you grow more confident in your fitness journey.

Not that you’ve read more on why you should use resistance bands, why don’t you use Halle Berry’s six-move workout to stay perfectly toned during the festive season?

Halle Berry Resistance Band Workout

 Do 20 reps for 3 to 5 sets

  • Place the center of the band on the chest.
  • Stand with your feet apart
  • Hold handles with arms extended.
  • Draw your right hand to your chest.
  • Hold and return to the start.
  • Repeat on opposite sides.
Push up Lady Liberty
  • Get into a push-up position.
  • Place each end of the band under both hands.
  • As you push up, turn to your right and use your right hand to pull the band upwards.
  • Make sure your left-hand stays down.
  • Go back into the push-up position.
  • As you push up, turn to your left and use your left hand to pull the band upwards.
Squat curls
  • Place the band onto the ground.
  • Stand onto the band and make sure your feet are apart.
  • Wrap each end of the band around each hand
  • As you squat, use your hands to pull the band upwards
  • As you stand up, loosen your hold on bands. 
  • Sit down, with legs outstretched
  • Place bands around your feet.
  • Lift your feet slightly off the ground.
  • As you slowly move your feet down, pull the band towards your chest. 
Band Sprint

(This is best done with a partner)

  • Place the band around your waist
  • Have your partner tightly hold onto the band
  • Run as far as you can.
  • In the furthest position, continue to sprint on the spot. 
Heavy-Band Hot Sauce Shoulder Flies
  • Place the right foot on top of the band.
  • Hold each end of the band in the opposite hand.
  • Slowly pull up towards the sky.
  • Slowly come back down.

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