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If only you could turn back time, why would you want to if you looked like Cher? With a career spanning over 40 years, the Believe singer has clearly not missed a beat, not only in her musical career but also in her wellness routine.

Speaking to British Vogue, the 75-year-old shared her most intimate wellness secrets and if you’re hoping to age as well as her, then you might want to follow suit.

Cher’s Health Secrets at 75

Start with water

How often do you drink water? If you struggle with getting your eight glasses a day, might we suggest drinking water first thing in the morning?

According to Cher, she struggles with drinking enough water during the day. So to counter this, she makes sure to drink it before she starts her day. You can also get into the habit of carrying around a glass water bottle or adding fruit or vegetable bits to your water to help increase your intake during the day.



Morning meditation

Another morning habit that will help you start your day off right? Meditating.

I meditate.says Cher, adding that she started meditating after she went to Nepal a gazillion years agoand that she still has the same Buddhist prayer beads (mala) that she was given by a Buddhist spiritual leader.

The Oscar winner also shared that she does her meditation while facing the beach outside her home. Now, while you may not have the same view as Cher, that doesn’t mean that you can’t also start off your day with meditation or a quick breathing exercise.

Face massages

When was the last time you had a massage, for your face, that is? A facial massage, like a body massage, can have a number of benefits, so that explains why Cher is such a fan of them.

Before I work I do facial massage to push the fluid out of my facethe actress revealed, and in addition to this, facial massages can also help to boost circulation, ease tension and even improve product absorption.

Icy face

Splashing some ice-cold water on your face sounds daunting and chilly, but it’s a beautiful secret that Cher lives by. However, she does admit that splashing cold water on her face is a little too jolting, so she opts for submerging a washcloth into the water, wringing it out, and then putting it on her face.



Ice (or ice-cold water) won’t only reduce puffiness, especially around the eye area, but it can help to alleviate swelling, inflammation and even reduce signs of aging.

Clay masking

If there’s one ingredient that deserves to be in your beauty arsenal, it’s clay.

Clay helps target acne and blemishes by absorbing excess sebum and boosting circulation, which serves to encourage collagen production. As such, it’s no wonder that Cher makes sure to use a clay mask every once in a while.

Stay fit

Headlining a show in Las Vegas definitely requires a lot of energy. As such, prioritizing her fitness is something that Cher makes sure to do. Luckily for her, fitness has always been a constant in the singer’s life,

I’ve been exercising my whole life. I try to exercise as much as I can, which is a lot, because I don’t feel like myself unless I do it. I enjoy it. I get my friends over, and we go down into the gym. And I exercise to my own videos too


Want to know more?

Similar to Cher, Kate Middleton is a name that garners a lot of attention. What’s more, the Duchess of Cambridge also makes sure to prioritize her health and wellness. Thankfully, you don’t have to be married to a prince to adopt Kate Middleton’s wellness habits.

Pie Mulumba

Pie Mulumba

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