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Brooke Shields has always been praised for how well she looks in a pair of Calvin Klein jeans. However, the model and actress recently embraced how equally good she looks in a bikini.

While she’s been lauded for her amazing figure, the 53-year-old admitted to Harper’s Bazaar that she only recently started wearing a bikini in a bid to set a good example for her daughter,

“I used to wear these bathing suits that practically came to my knees. My oldest daughter would say, ‘That makes you look so big and uncomfortable’. I realized I had to be confident in my skin to set the right example for her.”

Brooke Shields/Instagram

In being both confident in how she looks and feels, Shields shared to Health magazine her top 3 tips on how she stays bikini ready in her fifties.

She cycles 

SoulCycle is a fitness company that offers indoor cycling workout classes and Brooke Shields has been a regular for the past 12 years. This is evident when you glimpse her sculptured frame and toned legs.

If you’re looking for a low-impact form of exercise that works all your muscles, indoor cycling (spinning) is definitely the way to go. As it’s a low impact exercise, indoor cycling can also help to rehabilitate those suffering from joint or muscle injuries.

Other benefits associated with indoor cycling include lowered levels of both stress and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

She hangs upside down

Brooke Shields/Instagram

“I’ve just started hanging upside down in inversion boots, doing hamstring pulls and sit-ups. I’m amazed at how great it feels on my back,” she explained to Health magazine. “I’ll just hang there and then start doing a whole series of crunches and things like that. It’s really hard, but it’s really great, and I notice a difference.”

While hanging upside down may not sound pleasant, there are some great benefits.

Inversion boots (gravity boots) are a pair of boots that one straps around their ankles before attaching them to the bar. Once this happens, they can then safely hang unsupported upside down.

Not only can these boots improve spinal health by relieving pressure and compression, but studies have also linked the boots to reduced back pain. Moreover, with core strength being important to overall physical health, inversion boots help to improve core flexibility and strength.

Her diet is about balance

When it comes to her diet, Brooke Shields admits that there’s some mental work that goes into it,

upside down fitness | Longevity LIVE

I find that if I say, “I’m not gonna eat ice cream” or “I’m not gonna drink,” all I want to do is drink and eat ice cream. It’s some kind of psychological battle,” she explained.  Instead of depriving herself or feeling guilty about her treats, Shields makes sure to enjoy all that her diet has to offer, just in moderation.

Pie Mulumba

Pie Mulumba

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