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In celebration of her 60th (yes, 60th) birthday this past August, actress Angela Bassett posted a bikini-clad photo of herself on Instagram. The image showed off her amazing physique and led to a flood of comments about how the veteran actress barely looks a day over 25.

While she is constantly busy with movie and television roles, her wellness always remains a top priority, with hard work and dedication playing a factor. While it would be simple to dismiss her appearance to her having discovered the fountain of youth, there are certain lifestyle factors that this flawless leading lady has adopted.

Angela Bassett Anti-Aging Secrets

Diet is important

One lesson we can learn from Ms. Bassett is to always prioritize our eating plans. She told Porter magazine how organized and strict she is when it comes to food, stating that her diet is 85% of the work.

Angela Bassett/Instagram

However, unlike most people, Angela Bassett doesn’t follow a particular diet. Whilst promoting her role in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, she revealed to TV host Laila Muhammad how she always changes it up when it comes to what she eats while making sure that vegetables are always a constant. “Monday, Tuesday, I may eat carbs, fruits; Tuesday, Wednesday, protein, veggies—veggies every day — no fats those four days, and then the last three days, I flood it with fat,” she explained. “Good fat, though; maybe coconut oil, salmon, almonds, almond butter, olive oil, that sort of thing.”

It’s good to know that when she does add fat to her diet, she makes sure to include healthy fats that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fats have been shown to improve cardiovascular health, better motor, and cognitive skills, and lower the risk of diabetes.

Also, Bassett stays clear of sugar, alcohol, dairy, and bread, choosing instead to consume Ezekiel bread. According to Dr. Axe, with Ezekiel bread being made from sprouted grains, it is a much healthier option over other forms of bread, and it is also richer in protein and fiber.

She works up a good sweat

While it’s likely that her physique naturally looks like that, Bassett explained to Porter how uses a trainer four or five times a week, making sure to get her money’s worth. Interestingly, her workout routine coincides with what she’s had to eat.

Maybe Monday, Tuesday, I’ll do cardio; Wednesday, Thursday, because I’m eating protein, I’ll do strength-building; and then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, when I’m eating all that fat, then it’s about deep breathing, a massage, yoga.”

Granted, while we all can’t afford a personal trainer, Corey Calliet, the man who trained Bassett for her role in Black Panther, did speak to People about Bassett’s training regime, which we can all adopt.

I like to set up circuits. You do each movement for 30 seconds, then you take a break, get the heart rate down to get it right back up,” he explained. “The reason why I like doing it so much is because it’s the fastest and the most effective way to burn fat.

Angela Bassett/Instagram

So what are these circuits? They can include high knees, lunges, mountain climbers, jump squats, and push-ups, with sessions going from 45 minutes to an hour. Also, be wary of taking any unnecessary breaks, with Caillet adding, “I don’t give too many breaks, unless you’re about to puke, faint, or die.

She has gym buddies

If enjoying the benefits of a PT falls out of your budget, a good gym buddy is a good alternative. Not only is it cheaper, but the right person to share a workout with can also boost results. According to one study from the University of Aberdeen, having an exercise buddy increases the amount of exercise you do as well as the frequency at which you do it.

So why does Basset insist on group sessions, despite the fact that she has a personal trainer? “It’s about showing up and accountability,” she explained to “You have to say, ‘Everyone will meet at 8:15 a.m.’ I know when I have a real plan then I’m there. If my friends are waiting, that puts a pressure on me not to disappoint them.”

Her philosophy on aging

While all of the above factors do play a part in Angela Bassett’s flawless appearance, perhaps her view on age is the one true fountain of youth, as she told Allure magazine (which recently stopped using the term anti-aging), “60 is the new 40, or 70 is the new 50. It keeps getting pushed. But you have to keep the stress down and the attitude hot.

Perhaps the best way to look good at your age is to simply stop thinking about it. Focus on eating right and getting fit, allowing discipline and commitment to push you towards your wellness goals.


Pie Mulumba

Pie Mulumba

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