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It’s the most popular show on Netflix, and thousands of people all over the world are waiting for news of a second season. Squid Game has officially taken over the globe and is soon to become the most-watched show on the streaming side. In addition to its social commentary on capitalism and the games that the privileged play, audiences have also fallen in love with the talented cast.

Now while she’s not facing any deadly obstacle courses in real life, it’s easy to see Jung Ho-yeon prioritizes her health and wellness, which has many people wondering how she keeps her skin so healthy, both on and off the screen.

5 Beauty Secrets From Jung Ho-yeon of Squid Game

1. She always takes off her makeup

Skin first, makeup second!’ is the advice the 27-year-old received from her mother, and it’s definitely good advice.


Unfortunately, a lot of us may be guilty of not taking off our makeup before bed, and this is a huge skincare mistake. Not only can sleeping with makeup clog our pores and trigger breakouts, but it can also put us at risk for infections and rashes.

2. She stays hydrated

Speaking to W Magazine, player 67 revealed that good skin starts with “drinking two liters of water a day”.

While drinking water helped to keep her hydrated and focused on set, it’s also the reason that her skin is so moisturized and supple. Additionally, drinking enough water improves your skin tone and keeps your pores clear.

3. She takes sun protection seriously

Yes, your body needs vitamin D, but that doesn’t mean that you should expose yourself to too many sun rays. Excessive sun exposure not only triggers premature aging, but can also increase the risk for sun damage and even skin cancer.

As such, be sure to take Ho-yeon’s lead and invest in some good sun protection, preferably a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF50.

4. She can’t live without sheet masks

During Fashion Week, my skin becomes sensitive, so I always put on a sheet mask before I go to bed. It soothes my skin!” – Jung Ho-yeon


Sheet masks not only hydrate the skin, but also work to help your skin better absorb beneficial ingredients. Therefore, they’re a great addition to any skincare routine.

Just make sure you opt for sustainable sheet masks like the Maskologist Rose Glowing Potion whose masks are completely biodegradable because they’re made from plant cellulose. What’s more, the masks come in fully recyclable packaging.

5. She loves facial massages

In a video for Vogue, the ‘Korea’s Next Top Model alumnus shared how facial massages help to relieve puffiness in the face and encourage circulation.

Facial massages relax your facial muscles, and this in turn can encourage healthy skin because it can enhance a product’s effectiveness and have a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

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MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: hoooooyeony/instagram

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