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Liz Letsoalo is a South African entrepreneur and founder of Masodi Organics. She started the business in 2018 with the intention of providing various quality, thoughtfully made products. This is because she felt that there aren’t many options of products in the market for black women.

Masodi Organics prioritizes kindness to your body and to the planet by focusing on what she calls ‘thoughtful beauty’. 

As the founder of a beauty brand, she considers herself to be primarily in the business of transforming beauty and its standards to achieve more equitable, realistic, and thoughtful standards that empower and uplift beauty in all its forms.

So, what can you do to start, maintain or rekindle your relationship with your hair and skin? Gisele Wertheim Aymes was in conversation with Masodi Organics, Liz Letsoalo.

Masodi Organics and Healthy Beauty

“I don’t believe in binary kinds of solutions. I think you are everything we do. We need to figure out how to blend things and be flexible. Some of my products, for example, we have coconut oil 100%, you know, natural, but some of my products don’t have to be made natural if they have to be the best versions and deliver the best product, right?”

Liz Letsoalo

Letsoalo adds that the brand is in a nice fusion of thoughtfully picked ingredients that are both natural and synthetic and can then deliver on the promise of effectiveness. She says that these ingredients can deliver on the promise of being faithful to your body.

Kind to your body and soul

Masodi Organics’ Hair & Skin Care products are thoughtfully kind to one’s body and reduce the impact on the environment. All its products contain key ingredients from nature and are free from parabens, sulfates, and mineral oils.

There are harmful ingredients that need to be called harmful ingredients. There are synthetic ingredients that are quite helpful.”

“For example, you know, preservatives are quite essential. There was a time when I thought preservatives were bad. And people wanted a sort of like 100% You know, hey, shampoo that doesn’t have preservatives, and that could be negatively impacting people, you know”.

Sharing the journey

The company also has a platform that is aimed at creating a safe space in regard to hair and beauty. The platform also serves as some engaging content on the sociopolitical elements of beauty and how people are determined to shift them positively. 

“I think it’s important to be transparent because there are some of these skills that I acquired before that were really helpful. And before that, I also worked for consumer goods, multinational, which was part of the beauty business.”

After that, Letsoalo worked as a management consultant. Part of the work that she did was also in the consumer goods sector. For her, it’s all those invisible pieces of work that really help fast-track her journey within Masodi Organics.

Social learning

When asked how she markets Masodi Organics, Letsoalo explained that she turned to social media. Using influencers, she educates her followers on how to best use specialized hair conditioners and hair oils.

“Yeah, we’ve got fantastic social media, which is very educational. We do a lot of tutorials. We have a fantastic website that pairs with frequently asked questions. Every product has its own description, you see the ingredients, and everything you need is essentially base. So, I hope you make use of that”.


The video interview contains the full dialogue of this interview, and you can watch it below.



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