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Longevity Partner Content. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is believed to provide a variety of health benefits. Ranging from their well-researched pain and stress-relieving effects to relief from the symptoms of cancer treatment. Many people use CBD to manage symptoms related to chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia, according to many treatment studies.

Some may be quick to consider products and the industry a scam after not receiving the benefits they anticipated. However, just as with any product, it’s not a “one size fits all”. There may be reasons to reassess dosage, the type of CBD you’re taking, and the quality of your chosen brand.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can select the right CBD products. It may seem out of reach for you now, but the health benefits these products provide may be revitalizing.

How Much CBD Are You Taking?

Finding the correct dosage of CBD can sometimes be puzzling, considering different products may have different effects. Additionally, individuals respond to all products differently.

CBD is known to stimulate the natural endocannabinoid system in your body, its effects then build in your system. In other words, your body is prone to build tolerance over time. Therefore, it’s important to continue finding a balance in a dosage that will ensure you the benefits you deserve. When finding the perfect balance of dosage, it is best to start with a lower dose. You should then increase in increments until you find the amount that best suits you best.

It is beneficial to experiment with finding the correct dosage since CBD can provide symptom relief along with slowing the progression of certain cancers, according to Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

What Kind of CBD Are You Taking?

When CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, it can be turned into numerous different products. The number and type of compounds that remain in the CBD after extraction determines the classification and causes changes in the effects the CBD may have.

If you are struggling to find a product, it is possible you may need to try a different form. In search of mild anxiety relief? You may try a simpler type. However, if you need a more potent product for issues such as reduced spasms for sclerosis, trying a brand that contains a diverse compound may benefit you.

Read on to learn more about the composition of each form individually.


Isolate is known as the most refined form of CBD. It is best used for individuals who want to see if CBD alone can provide the necessary benefits. With this particular form, comes advantages and disadvantages.

This relies on how the CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant. It’s possible to contain additional compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and THC. THC is better known as the psychoactive component found in cannabis. This compound is what gives recreational marijuana users a “high”. However, it is important to know that isolate contains no THC. Therefore, it does not appear on a drug test.

Since isolate does not carry additional terpenes or essential oils, it will not possess as many benefits. It is foremost used by individuals in search of the purest form of CBD.


Dissimilar to CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD is extracted with additional cannabis compounds intact which are also natural. Such as, the cannabinoids, essential oils, and terpenes also make it into the endmost CBD oil mixture.

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Although broad-spectrum CBD contains other cannabinoids, it still does not carry THC. Therefore, it also does not show up on a drug test and has no psychotropic effects.


Full-range CBD contains the most mixtures of all the CBD assortments we’ve talked about. When extricated from cannabis, full-range CBD holds its regular basic oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids, including THC. This implies it could have narcotic impacts, along with lawful outcomes if not utilized responsibly.

For what reason would anybody use full-range CBD if these factors exist? The appropriate response is known as the “entourage effect”. This alludes to how the oils and cannabinoids cooperate with one another to exacerbate their effects. This is the reason full-range CBD has the most potential to provide medicinal advantages. Its advantages increase the more you take it. This then makes it possible to continue benefiting from the effects even after you’ve built up a resistance.


Like most CBD oil assortments, water-soluble CBD doesn’t contain THC. Nonetheless, in powder structure, it’s simpler for your body to ingest than others.

Water-solvent CBD can be added to beverages and food. There is zero concern about whether your body will have the option to ingest it. Water-dissolvable CBD is an extraordinary method to take CBD, especially if you don’t like the flavor of the oil.

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Is the CBD You’re Taking High-Quality?

A second rate brand could be to blame for poor performance. Getting a good deal on CBD oil may not be the best idea. This is because a lower quality item could have practically zero impact on you

CBD is safe, however, just in the event that you recognize what’s in the brand that you’re taking. This is the reason it merits asking: what makes CBD better in quality?

Known Brands

While the CBD business might be generally new, the most reputable brands as of now have a solid following. While looking for an oil item, you might be enticed to pay less for a lesser-known brand. Unfortunately, this could lead to disappointment in the product not working.

Exploration reliably offers the items you’re searching for and incorporates client surveys into your hunt. The sufficiency of their extraction techniques and the subsequent items might be obvious in the gathering they’ve gotten from others. Simply recall that everybody’s body and resistance level is unique.

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Third-Party Testing

CBD products should always advertise how much CBD is in them as well as their THC content. They should also mention the breakdown of the other cannabinoids, oils, and flavors present in their specific spectrum. However, the only way for us to know how truthful these numbers are is to rely on third-party laboratory tests. They reveal the percentages of the products’ content so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

Is a brand not prominently advertising testing on their site? Is it proving difficult for you to view the results? If so, try a different brand. The most reputable CBD brands are confident in their extraction procedures. They are also confident in the accuracy of their marketing in terms of their products’ content. They want you to know what you’re putting in your body.

If those numbers are hard to find, a company’s third-party testing procedures may be unreliable or non-existent.

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The Takeaway

The right product can provide a host of health benefits, including pain and anxiety relief. However, if you may that CBD doesn’t appear to be working well for your body. If that’s the case, it pays to find out more about the dosage, spectrum, and brand.

With so many options to choose from, this guide should aid you in finding a product that’s right for you. Even though some experimentation is warranted, most people can find a CBD product that provides the benefits that have made this once-taboo substance a phenomenon in the world of pharmaceutical stress relief.

For high-quality hemp-derived CBD products that seamlessly enhance your wellness routine, check out A88CBD™’s line of CBD topicals, capsules, gummies, and more!

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