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Weight-loss and health are powerful words dominating the internet and many parts of the world. As a result, standing desks specifically designed to help aid weight-loss have popped up in many offices and homes. People are choosing to get through their daily grind without going the entire day sitting. This is not because they’re healthy and exercise-obsessed people either. It’s mainly because standing is a lot better for you than sitting your life away. But is standing all day good for you?

You might burn more calories than sitting. However, it doesn’t mean that standing for an excessive amount of time is better for your health. A few years back, smoking was the biggest health hazard. Now sitting seems to be the silent killer. Consequently, standing-desks for weight-loss are everywhere. You might be surprised at what some recent studies have discovered regarding these new innovations. The whole reason for humans sitting all day is because of computers. We do almost everything on them.

But are standing-desks for weight-loss the true cure for obesity and better health? Personally, I much prefer the concept of standing whilst working a lot better than sitting. In fact, sitting for too long makes me feel tired and demotivated.

Standing For Quicker Weight-Loss

According to the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology, a study found that standing for 6 hours a day rather than sitting can prevent weight gain and help in shedding pounds. Moreover, the study estimated that a 143-lb person can burn an extra 54 calories per day with this routine. However, in the American Journal of Epidemiology researchers found that people who stood for lengthy periods of the day were at twice the risk of developing heart disease. What does that mean?weight-loss [longevity live]

Exactly. This is why we need to be sure that using a standing desk is going to be good for your health. It’s an ongoing debate, and there are definitely pros and cons to both sitting and standing.

We Sit Too Much

There is no doubt that sitting all day has never helped anybody. And the world is guilty of sitting too much. So, it goes to show that standing more throughout your day will improve the quality of your health. An analysis found that standing-desks for weight-loss were most effective in relieving discomfort.

Researchers state that they consistently see across studies an improvement in discomfort and pain as people stand up more whilst working. And it wasn’t only found in those who struggled with back pain. There was also an improvement in adults with obesity and even in healthy populations too. The study discovered that standing to ensure weight-loss might not necessarily make you more alert, but they don’t make you less alert either. Apparently, there isn’t any research to prove that standing improves mood. However, they didn’t see any negative effects on work performance.
Basically, sitting or standing is entirely up to your preferences. It doesn’t make performance better or worse, which is good, especially from a company standpoint. Experts are still not convinced that standing is better than sitting to improve your overall health. Researchers state that there are only a few improvements in heart rate and more medical studies are required to prove this.

Weight-Loss, Health, And Extremes

The truth of the matter is that too much of anything is never a good thing. Our point is that you should alternate between sitting and standing throughout your day. You need to use your standing-desk carefully according to your personal needs. But don’t simply force yourself to stand endlessly. Just like sitting, for weight loss or not,  constant standing is also not good for you. Studies of workers who stand all day show they can suffer from muscle and skeletal disorders, vein issues, and more. You might want to watch out for circulatory problems.

weight-loss [longevity live]

It’s better to switch things up. Unfortunately, we can’t give you the exact amount of time you should stand for yet because researchers still don’t know. We are still stuck with quite a few questions.  How often should we alternate positions? How long should we sit or stand for?
Honestly, your answer is likely dependent on who you are. Especially if you have any existing health issues. Moreover, most research for standing and weight-loss has been focused on younger, healthier adults. So we haven’t even gotten to the effects of it on middle-aged or overweight adults. We need to get more insight.

Here’s What We Know

We all know for certain that sitting for too long, driving, or on your laptop is not great for your health. In fact, previous studies state that the risk of dying if you sit for more than eight hours a day with no physical activity is the same risk of death from obesity and smoking. That means, even if you exercise you can die from sitting too much. Scary, right?

Experts have learned that too much sitting can also affect the brain. Who’s familiar with that slow, sluggish feeling? Apparently, people who lead sedentary lives have less thickness in the medial temporal lobe. Earlier studies have also linked Alzheimer’s to sedentary behavior. We’re not saying you can’t sit down, ever. In fact, much research proves that many of these negative effects of sitting can be erased by daily exercise. The study found that people who exercised for 60 to 75 minutes but sat for more than eight hours daily were not at increased risk for early death.
weight-loss [longevity live]
Therefore, if you only exercise 5 minutes a day, the odds of early death rise to 59%. That’s why the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends adults do moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for two and a half hours every week, plus muscle-strengthening activities on two or more days a week.
We do not have enough research to state whether sitting or standing for long periods of time is good or bad for your health. However, scientists recommend that you mix it up frequently throughout the day.

Weight-Loss And Moving More

Whether you want to lose weight or improve your overall health. Medical studies state that if it’s not standing or sitting more or less, that’ll help, it’s moving more. In fact, the simple act of getting up and down burns more calories than sitting or standing. That’s why you must try to alternate between the two positions as often as you can. It’s best to do this every 30 minutes.

Interestingly, more intense exercise has been linked to a better sex life. All the more reason to move regularly. We get engrossed in our work and forget to move! Set a reminder on your phone if you forget. Some people use apps that set timers to remind them to move. You can also stand up when you are doing activities that don’t require constant typing, like when on conference calls. Weight-loss and health will happen naturally thereafter.

Focus More On Posture

Believe it or not, but most of us slouch without even knowing. It’s best to consciously stand up straight and keep your hips tucked under. If you’re sitting, then keep your knees at 90-degrees. Crossing your legs is not good for circulation. Research states that extra foot support can help you do this. Better yet, when you switch between sitting and standing you are able to rectify your posture when seated. weight-loss [longevity live]
This is a quick way to improve your spine health. Weight-loss isn’t the only aspect of health.

Try an Anti-Fatigue Mat

The hardness of the ground can be quite harsh on your spine. That’s why a cushioned mat will help ease the strain of standing. There are some designed with a contour that can encourage you to move more, which helps weight-loss. If you are able to listen to music at work, then do so whilst standing. You will move a little more naturally.

Stand After Eating For Weight-Loss

Who gets that really full feeling after eating? We’ve all been there. It’s not a bad idea to stand up for a bit afterward while you get back into work to boost weight-loss. Just that slight increase in activity can help burn those calories for weight-loss.

Standing Doesn’t Beat Walking

Just because you’ve got a standing desk doesn’t mean that’s where activity must end. Take a walk at work with your colleagues. Or have your meetings whilst walking rather than in a conference room. Take the stairs and go for walks outside or through the shopping mall to speed up weight-loss.

Watch Your Typing Form

The way you sit to type massively affects weight-loss and the condition of your neck and shoulders. Your arms should be at 90 degrees; your monitors should be at or slightly below eye level. Having a poor fit on these items can cause significant pain and fatigue.

When you’re comfortable and pain-free you are a lot more productive. That’s why you need to switch it up between sitting and standing throughout the day no matter where you work. Experts recommend reaching out to an ergonomics expert and asking them to come and do an evaluation at your workplace. Weight loss, health, and longevity all rely on your activity levels and posture. Transitioning between sitting and standing must be convenient for you as well. Don’t let it be a hassle or stress trying to figure out ways to stand or sit down more.
We need more research on this matter, but researchers are right on it. However, you’d benefit a lot in terms of health and weight-loss by taking us up on some of these suggestions.

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