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Victoria Beckham has spent the majority of her life in the spotlight. Despite the inevitable stresses that come with being a celeb, she’s also a mother of four children. Over the years, Beckham has managed to find out what it is that works best for her skin. And there’s no doubt that she looks incredible at 47 years old. So, what is the secret to her amazing skin? You might assume it’s extravagant, over the top, and inaccessible, but it definitely isn’t. 

Powerful ingredients 

Victoria Beckham

Image via Instagram @victoriabeckham

Beckham says that over the 25 years she’s spent discovering what suits her skin, the secret to her beautiful skin is powerful formulas.

She told Glamour magazine that she “like[s] to use very powerful formulas that have many benefits and include key active ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and Professor Augustinus Bader’s TFC8 technology“.

Other ingredients that she deems invaluable are vitamin E and olive fruit extract, which she says aid in protecting her skin against “free radicals and blue-light damage”. This is vital, we all tend to spend a lot of time in front of our screens. We all know that sunlight can be extremely damaging. Often, we fail to think about the damage the blue light might be doing. 

Fewer, better products

One of the things that might come as a surprise to many of us that are familiar with her moniker ‘Posh Spice’, is the simplicity of her routine. Instead of juggling multiple products and taking a ‘more is more’ approach, Beckham prefers to keep it simple. She says that she favors a “less-is-more approach” when it comes to her skincare routine. And claims that fewer, more potent, and better products are best. 

Her morning routine is actually pretty simple

It’s surprisingly uncomplicated, the approach that Beckham takes to caring for her skin on a daily basis. She explained to Glamour that she starts her facial care routine in the morning by splashing her skin with cold water to puffiness and dullness. This, she says, she learned from one of her favorite facialists, Melanie Grant. Grant recommends giving your face an ice bath in the morning by dunking into ice-cold water. However, Beckham tends to just use really cold tap water most mornings.

Victoria Beckham

Image via Instagram @victoriabeckham

Another favorite of Beckham’s is exfoliation which she follows with a serum. She says that using a serum acts like “a multivitamin for [her] skin”. It acts to treat damage, strengthen the skin and protect against any further damage. Next, she moves on to moisturizer which she massages into her face during application. 

How she treats herself

Facial Massage

One of Beckham’s favorite ways to treat her skin is facial massage. In fact, she says that her facialist Sarah Chapman was the one who managed to find a way to get her skin (which tends to be acne-prone) under control.

She tends to invest in facial massages pretty regularly and says that she makes a point of having one before traveling. This can help to “combat congestion and puffiness”. 

Eye masks

Victoria Beckham

Image via Instagram @victoriabeckham

At night, Beckham says that one of her pleasures in life is having a glass of wine while she takes a bath. She uses her bath as a time to wind down and release the stress of the day.

Another thing she does during her baths is read, and during this time, she tends to apply eye masks “to revitalize tired eyes after a long day”. 

Light Therapy 

Of course, Beckham loves a good skin treatment. One of her favorites is light therapy, which she uses to rejuvenate her skin. Light therapy is also great for improving fine lines and wrinkles, boosting elasticity, and calming breakouts.

She tends to opt for a combination of two different kinds of light therapy: blue and red light. The blue light works to ease congestion and calm the skin. Whilst the red light works to target wrinkles and imperfections. 



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