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Chances are that you’ve heard of the vampire facialan aesthetic treatment that uses your own blood to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. The procedure has grown so much attention that the method used during vampire facials, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), has now been adopted to help address hair loss and even boost your sex life. 

Now, health practitioners have taken platelet-rich plasma treatments further by focusing on breast enhancements. With rising concerns surrounding breast enhancements and implants, many people seeking out augmentations are looking for alternatives, and it appears that their blood can provide just that. 

What is a vampire breast lift?

A vampire breast lift (PRP breast lift) is a procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, which come from your blood. PRP contains proteins that can encourage cell growth, which is why it’s such a sought-after ingredient. 

It should be noted that a vampire breast lift won’t increase your cup size or create a new shape. However, it will make your breast look lifted and fuller, as well as improve the skin texture and tone by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars.

Vampire Breast Lift vs Surgical Breast Augmentation

The differences between a vampire breast lift and surgical augmentation are pretty easy to decipher. 

For one, with a vampire breast lift, you’re not going under the knife. Additionally, another major difference is the results that each procedure provides. Surgical augmentation of the breast can either result in an increase or reduction in chest size.

However, this is not the aim of a vampire breast lift, whose results have very little to do with cup size 0 which may be why, unlike surgical augmentation, it does not leave any scars post-treatment.

What happens during a vampire breast lift?

The main component during a vampire breast lift is the platelet-rich plasma, which comes from your blood.  During your appointment, a nurse or your doctor will take a blood sample, usually from your arm. The next step is to then separate the PRP from the rest of your blood, which is done using a centrifuge machine.

Once they’ve separated the PRP, your doctor will then inject PRP into areas throughout your breasts, which will have already been rubbed with numbing cream at least 30 minutes prior to the procedure. 

After the procedure

Following the procedure, you may experience some discomfort like swelling and tenderness, but this will soon pass after a few days. 

On the other hand, you may start noticing that your breasts have become firmer and smoother after a few weeks. However, you will only likely see final results after two to three months, with changes allegedly lasting for at least two years.

What are the risks?

Admittedly, a vampire breast lift is much safer than breast augmentation surgery. While you may experience some discomfort during the blood sample or procedure, the procedure doesn’t carry nearly half the risk that surgery does, such as infections and other complications. However, you should probably speak to your doctor if you’re still in pain, the swelling isn’t going away, or you begin to experience any bleeding. 

Also, there is still not enough scientific data on the long-term effects of vampire breast lifts and how the procedure may affect mammograms or the risk of breast cancer. Therefore, it would be advisable to tell your doctor about the procedure the next time you go in for your mammogram or should you get a breast cancer scare. 

Want to know more?

Aside from the vampire breast lift, there are other ways for you to look a bit fuller, especially if it’s for a special occasion. In fact, the lunchtime breast lift is perfectly designed for you.

Pie Mulumba

Pie Mulumba

Pie Mulumba is a beauty and wellness writer who has a passion for poetry, equality, natural hair, and skin-care. With a journalism degree from Pearson's Institute of Higher Education, and identifiable by either her large afro or colorful locks, Pie aspires to continuously provide the latest information, be it beauty or wellness, on how one can adopt a healthy lifestyle on a day-to-day basis.

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