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A new breast procedure, currently making waves in New York, claims to give you plump, perky breasts. If you want to look a bit fuller for a special occasion, then “the 24-hour boob job” or the “lunchtime breast lift” is perfectly designed for you.

Lunchtime breast lift

Surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe from New York is the mastermind behind this simple treatment called ‘Instabreast’.

This temporary breast enhancement is made possible by injecting the breasts with a simple and innocuous saline solution (essentially salt water) under local anesthetic.

Dr. Rowe tells ABC News the 24-hour boob lift can increase a woman’s breast by a cup to a cup and a half in size and give them an instant confidence boost. “It’s also a great way for women to gauge if they want to permanently enhance their breasts,” he says.

The procedure is normally done in just 20 minutes, and patients can go straight back to work afterward if they want to.

According to the surgeon, when injected, the saline expands the breasts. After 24 hours, the saline is absorbed back into the bloodstream and the breasts start to deflate and return to their normal size and shape. However, this is still an aesthetic treatment that should only be offered by trained professionals.

Will this temporary boob job find its way to SA shores? We will just have to wait and see…


Siyanda Nkala

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