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Top yoga YouTube channels are free to use now that gyms are closed. You might be stuck inside, but there’s no better time than now to start your yoga practice. There are three very important aspects to keep in mind during the lockdown. These are to keep your body moving, your mind stimulated and your emotions stable. And following top yoga YouTube channels is a great way to take care of these aspects.

Having said that, I think we can all agree that these are uneasy times and emotions are up and down. Although it seems like the light at the end of the tunnel is far, it is there. Think about it this way. You’re self-isolating anyway, so it’s the perfect time to start or strengthen your yoga practice.

Besides, doing yoga at home can help you with COVID-19-related stress, repetitive strain and chronic pain from remote work, and quarantine-induced anxiety. There’s a lot to gain by following these top yoga YouTube channels.

We decided to document each one below and provide you with information that will help you determine which one is best for you to follow. Everybody is starting their yoga practice at a different level. This means you won’t want to subscribe to an advanced yoga practice if you’re a beginner. Yoga is also a good way to help you stay fit. It also helps you develop a deeper sense of mindfulness during this stressful time.

Top Yoga YouTube Channels To Follow

These are a few of our favorite top yoga YouTube channels. We’ve subscribed to all of them. However, each one is unique and special in its own way. The point is that you pick one that resonates with you on the day depending on how you’re feeling. Every yoga teacher has their own style and choice of yoga practice. Some are more powerful and others are more restorative. More importantly, yoga is all about what you want to get out of it. This is why you need to set your intention before completing the practice.

Ask yourself, ‘do I need to sweat today?’ Or tell yourself, ‘I am tired and need to wind down and loosen up my body.’

Here Is A List Of Top Yoga YouTube Channels We Recommend:

Yoga With Adriene

There’s a pretty good chance, that you’ve heard about Adrienne’s yoga channel especially if you’re into yoga. She has one of the most popular yoga channels on YouTube with more than six million subscribers. We love this top yoga YouTube channel because it’s perfect for beginners and intermediate yogi’s. Adrienne has an amazing way of making you feel at ease and super relaxed during your yoga practice. You never feel pressurized or as if you need to strain yourself to get into some crazy kind of pose.

Every Yoga With Adriene class is a high-quality guided yoga session. It is also cleanly edited and ideal for practitioners at a variety of levels. She’s also very funny and brings her natural sense of humor to every yoga class.

Go and subscribe to this top yoga YouTube channel and start her 30-day yoga journeys. Adrienne uploads a new flow daily that’s usually only about 20 minutes. And even if you’re a complete beginner, this is a solid practice you start during coronavirus self-isolation.

Gayatri Yoga

If you need a more powerful yoga flow to get your body hot, sweaty and your heart pumping. So this top yoga channel is a great one for you to subscribe to. Gayatri Yoga does provide some yoga classes for beginners. However, we find the flows to be a little more intermediate to advanced.

The great thing about this top yoga channel is that the classes are almost always an hour or more. If you’re really looking to immerse yourself in yoga, then you need to subscribe now. She has different free yoga flows that you can practice at home.

There are home yoga workouts and stretching routines. Every class will help you tone your body, lose weight, increase flexibility, mobility, release stress and tension. If you enjoy a bit of a challenge then you’ll really enjoy Gayatri’s advanced yoga flows.

The coronavirus outbreak is unsettling, but staying fit is a necessity. In fact, yoga is the number one type of home workout to release stress and anxiety. The top yoga channel includes Power yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, and Prenatal Classes. All of which target the whole body or areas like back, hips, legs, shoulders, neck.

Boho Beautiful

Not only is Boho Beautiful a top yoga YouTube channel. It is one of the most creative and aesthetically beautiful channels to follow. Every yoga or Pilates video is shot in a paradise-like location with stunning lighting and editing techniques. They also offer wise words and motivational tips in every yoga practice.

This is a top yoga YouTube channel for all those who are wellness and spiritual-minded. Each flow is geared towards a particular purpose, like energizing the body in the morning or quieting the mind during difficult times. We think this is particularly important, as you know with COVID-19 and all.

Better yet, every class is guided and is available to every level, length, and speed. If you’re feeling a little ‘boxed-in’ at home, then these yoga videos can offer you a fun virtual travel experience during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Five Parks Yoga

Another top yoga YouTube channel that is a fantastic option for those of you who may be more accustomed to yoga. You might even be an advanced practitioner. Five Parks Yoga With Erin Sampson provides you with many free classes that are an hour or more.

Each class includes advanced poses and deep stretches. These guided sessions can help you work to improve your balance or focus on more vigorous flows during COVID-19 self-isolation.

Sleep Santosha

You might be wondering, okay, but what if I can’t do anything that’s too strenuous or stressful on my body? No worries, we recommend subscribing to the Sleepy Santosha channel. This top yoga channel focuses on yoga sessions geared towards the chronic illness community.

It’s catered to those people with chronic pain, mental health issues, or other underlying conditions. Yoga is gentle and restorative, which can help with calming the mind and soothing aching joints. Some of these classes might even help with common complaints like insomnia, dizziness, and fatigue.


This top yoga health and wellness channel are led by Julia Jarvis.

PsycheTruth yoga classes are especially helpful for people who want to use yoga to lose weight or tone and strengthen their muscles. Many of the sessions combine yoga with Pilates moves or ask you to move quickly to aid in fat burning and sculpting.

Enjoy a class of yoga with Dave Porter

We love this class for its simplicity and teacher Dave Porter.  You can also fit it into a busy day. We are hoping to see more Dave Porter videos in time.

Dave has been teaching since 2000 and was a co-founder of CorePower Yoga in the USA, one of the largest national groups of yoga studios. From 2001 to 2008 he was an integral part of building  YogaLife in Cape Town, South Africa as co-founder, owner, director, and lead teacher. Dave is now back in the US.

Dave believes in a world-class yoga experience and strives to bring that into his joyful and powerful classes which are about working hard and feeling good, rather than just looking good. They are about healing your mind and body and about bringing balance into your life and world.

There’s always something for everyone, which is why adding movement to your daily routine is very possible. Just because you are loved in your homes doesn’t mean you can’t feel good inside and out. Give these top yoga YouTube channels a try.

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