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When it comes to the fashion industry, we can compile a long list of its problems. At the top of the list will definitely be its environmental impact. Now you may not think about it as you walk around your favorite store but the growth and demand for fashionable clothes (fast fashion) have placed a massive burden on our water resources and the planet’s longevity. According to a report from The Pulse of the Fashion Industry, 75% of fashion supply chain material ends up in landfills. This amounts to ‘the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles per second.
To counter the effects of this alarming trend, there has been a noticeable rise of a better trend. A trend that is great for your wardrobe and even kinder to the planet – slow fashion.

Why Is Slow Fashion Important?

As mentioned, slow fashion is a counter to fast fashion. While there is no concrete definition, slow fashion emphasizes adopting a more mindful approach to fashion. This can include:

  • buying secondhand clothes

    Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

  • buying less
  • purchasing clothes made from fabrics that are much kinder to the environment

One brand that has certainly adopted the mantra of slow fashion is Boody, an Australian-born ethical clothing brand whose clothes are made from organic chemical free bamboo yarn.

Boody and your body, and the planet

In a series called The Business of Health, courtesy of the Nielsen Network, Longevity Live spoke to Nick Stein, the CEO of Natural Holdings. We discussed slow fashion and the growing interest in environmentally friendly and healthy products.

Stein, along with Richard Frankel & Herschel Aronstan, brought Boody to South African shores.

“The tide of ethical, sustainable sourcing of products was starting to come in” explains Stein. He notes that it was really on the back of Boody that helped them get their foot in the door. It definitely helped that Boody is such an incredible brand.


Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

“If something is not comfortable, functional, or good to wear, then it doesn’t matter how ethically sustainable or produced it is,” Stein says. “This is where Boody has done an exceptional job…The fabric quality and the way that the product performs has stood the test of time.”

The importance of eco-friendly products

In addition to Natural Holdings, Stein also has a website, Loved by Nature, where he provides eco-friendly products that you can trust. For instance, he’s recently become a fan of All Good – a brand that provides highly-effective yet safe and natural sun and skincare products.

“A lot of focus is placed on the sunscreen toxins that make their way to our water system and seas, especially the effect on marine life.”, explains Stein. It’s great that brands are providing sun protection, all while protecting the planet’s health.

About Natural Holdings

Their story begins in 2014 when entrepreneurs Nick Stein, Richard Frankel & Herschel Aronstan came across an Australian-born organic bamboo clothing & underwear brand and decided to bring it to our South African shores. Boody was the first ethically sourced and environmentally friendly product they introduced but it wasn’t long before they realised that they were not alone in their passion for the environment and that more and more South Africans were looking for eco-responsible products and were becoming more conscious about how brands are being manufactured and the effects they have on our planet. It was at this point that the trio became hooked on sourcing more natural products that are healthier for our bodies and kinder to our environment.

Nick, Richard & Herschel are passionate about living out what they believe and continue to source and add eco-friendly products that you can trust and have been tried and tested before making them available on the Loved by Nature online store and the Southern African market at large.

Some of the brands we distribute can now also be found in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mauritius. They’re always looking to expand our footprint wherever there is opportunity. All our products are also available on our own online retail store,

About Nick Stein

Nick Stein is MD of Natural Product Holdings.

He is passionate about “business with a purpose” and making natural, eco-responsible products available and accessible to the general market and influencing consumer behavior one small purchasing decision at a time.

Watch The Video

The video interview contains the full dialogue of this interview and you can watch it below.

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