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In true longevity style, Brooke Shields is one of those celebrities who seems to have been famous all her life. At just 11 months old she appeared in her first advert, at 12 she played the lead role in the film Pretty Baby, followed by the much-talked-about Blue Lagoon. Then at age 15 she generated the famous tagline from her Calvin Klein jeans advertisement: “Want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” Having lived pretty much her entire life in the public eye, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to know how she continues to be iconic in her looks – both face and body – even at 56. How does she still do it today?

Brooke Shields SPF and (Warm) Sculpting

The Pressure of Aging

The American actress and model follow a holistic approach to aging, ensuring she takes care of her body and mind as she ages. Due to the pressure that women face to always look their best, aging definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, and even more so for celebrities like  Brooke Shields who have grown up in the public eye. 

“I work out a lot and I always try to stay really fit and really healthy,” Shields says in an interview with Andy Cohen, “[but] the older you get, the harder it is. There are some spots that no matter what I did, no matter how much weight I lost, were still there. They caused me to be insecure.”

WarmSculpting: Shields’ Secret Weapon

Brooke Shields SPF and (Warm) SculptingMany celebrities have opted for plastic surgery and other procedures to turn back the clock, but Shields has revealed that she is wary of altering her face in that manner. She has, however, implemented a nonsurgical body-contouring treatment called WarmSculpting into her anti-aging regimen to help target some of her areas of insecurity: 

“I still need to do all the hard work, and I work out really hard with a trainer. I do yoga and Pilates,” Shields reveals. “WarmSculpting doesn’t profess to have large-scale changes. It’s not a weight-loss program—it was just basically there to help me deal with the stubborn areas that were not budging after two children.”

WarmSculpting uses laser energy to target and combat fat cells, and the model states that it has really helped her with her confidence in aging. 

Work The Mini Muscles

However, as Shields mentioned, she still does all the work when it comes to staying in shape, and after checking out some of her At Home IGTV workouts, we can confirm that that work is hard.

Following knee-surgery in 2018, Shields completely revamped her style of exercising, replacing grueling, heavy-weight workouts with equally grueling exercises that target the smaller muscles: 

“I started working on little individual muscles, and sort of shaping the muscles that don’t really get attention,” she explained in an interview with Today. “You don’t have to deadlift 100 pounds. You can do small, teeny movements to activate these little muscles that actually wrap around other bigger muscles, and they tighten them all in.” 

The model’s workout routine consists of a series of Pilates-inspired strengthening exercises, often just using body weight. These can be seen on her Instagram, @brookeshields, where she shares her workouts and progress with her followers. 

Beauty From Within

Besides working out, the Wet Gold actress accredits a large portion of her age-defying looks to sleep and a lot of it. A minimum of 6 hours, followed by a good cleanse, not only of her face but also her body, in the form of eight ounces of celery juice daily. 

The model follows a healthy and balanced diet and doesn’t deprive herself of treats, happily reaching for the chocolate when she wants to indulge. Shields believes that beauty comes from within, in the form of “water, water, water, sleep, greens. And love.”

Supermodel Skincare

Brooke Shields SPF and (Warm) SculptingHowever, the Hollywood star takes good care of her outside too, with a skincare routine that’s all about moisture, moisture, and more moisture. She uses a good quality moisturizer with hyaluronic acid to hydrate her skin and has added a Vitamin C serum into her regimen to help with hyperpigmentation that has shown up as she’s gotten older. She pairs this with sporadic laser treatments that target sun damage on the skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. To prevent further damage, she is religious about slathering on a minimum of 40+ SPF every day.

Brooke Shields’ age-defying tips can be seen in action in her newest film, A Castle for Christmas, on Netflix from the 26th of November. 

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