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Rejuvenate gut bacteria during the summer, so that when it starts getting cold again your body is stronger than before. Health experts keep on talking about the importance of gut health for a reason. When your gut bacteria has gone out of whack, it can have a harmful impact on your entire body. If you think the bacteria you ingest is a bad thing, it’s time to think again.

According to science, we’ve realized that bacteria, microbes, and many other forms of viruses or fungi might not be such a bad thing after all. In fact, there’s generally a belief that they are the main cause of all diseases. However, I’ve realized and so have many doctors; that getting some bacteria now and then is an essential part of your health and quality of life. Bacteria in the body makes us stronger and gives us the ability to fight off other threatening illnesses, disorders, and even diseases.

In fact, your body contains trillions of microbes which all benefit the body and keep you healthy. That’s why if your gut is healthy, you’ll notice the signs in many aspects of your health; emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

Rejuvenate Gut Bacteria To Live Happier And Healthier

Your stomach is a very complex system. It’s often overlooked, and we only really think about it when we’re hungry, full, or ill. I am telling you that your gut is probably more in control of the way you feel as a whole than your brain at times. Therefore, we must concentrate on developing a strong and healthy gut.

Health experts report to BBC Food articles that the densest microbe population is in your gut. These microbes play a critical role in digestion, immune function, and weight regulation. That’s why everything you consume can quickly change your microbes. It makes sense to try your best to eat the right foods to help your good gut bacteria grow, the majority of the time.

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Interestingly, scientists have discovered that the GI system has an even bigger, more complex job than we all thought. Rejuvenating gut health is a big step. Experts are linking gut health to numerous aspects of health that have nothing to do with digestion, from immunity to emotional stress to chronic illnesses, including cancer and Type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Tara Menon, a gastroenterologist at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center says that doctors now know that the GI tract is full of trillions of bacteria. These bacteria not only help us process food but also help our bodies maintain homeostasis and overall well-being. It all depends on the microbiome. This is the make-up of bacteria and other micro-organisms in the stomach and intestines, which make up your gut.

Rejuvenate Gut Health By Eating Right

The state of your gut health is almost 100% dependent on what you eat. Researchers are still learning about the gut and what it takes to fully rejuvenate gut health. The microbiome is also still being researched. However, we do know that certain environments, foods, and even behaviors can significantly affect the gut. This can be good or bad.

Studies have linked microbes with a lower incidence of cancer, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, asthma, depression, autism, irritable bowel syndrome, colic, Parkinson’s, and many allergies. Every day we receive more information in our gut, and that’s why we are not certain of how significantly your gut can affect you.

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Start With Food To Rejuvenate Gut Health

Most of the time we eat just because we’re hungry or want to satisfy our cravings. However, it’s not just you that you are feeding. Scientists have learned that everything you consume feeds the microbiomes in your stomach too. That’s why it’s vital we always have a way to fully rejuvenate gut health during our lives.

We’re all unique, but if you’re looking for ways to improve the way you feel daily, lose or gain weight, boost your digestion. Then improving the state of your stomach is the best place to start.

Here’s How To Rejuvenate Gut Bacteria

BBC Food shares some very important and life-changing advice on the kinds of food we must consume to have a healthy gut.

Health experts highly recommend eating a plant-based diet the majority of the time. However, you must diversify what you eat because your diverse community of microbes requires that environment.

More importantly, everyone should be eating more fiber. Humans tend to forget to eat enough, and it’s very simple to consume more of it. All you need to do is start eating more vegetables, fruits, pulses, nuts, and whole grains. To rejuvenate gut bacteria one should also avoid processed foods because they contain ingredients that suppress the ‘good’ bacteria and increase the ‘bad.’

We should also be increasing our consumption of probiotics. I cannot emphasize enough to you how important they are for your health. The best way to rejuvenate gut health is with probiotics. Interestingly, you will also experience the benefits of consuming them almost immediately. You can’t limit your consumption to just the times when you’re sick either. This must be a part of your lifestyle. Probiotics encourage the growth of microbes and rejuvenate gut health. Live bacteria yoghurt is a fantastic start! 

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Dieticians also highly recommend choosing olive oil over other fats when you can because it contains the highest number of microbe-friendly polyphenols. You must also try to keep away from antibiotics as much as you can. These do not rejuvenate gut health and kill both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ bacteria. If you are very sick and have to go on antibiotics then you must eat lots of foods that boost immunity and take your probiotics.

Summer is also a great time to start increasing your fiber consumption. This is because you can eat more fruits, vegetables, and salads since the weather is warmer. Remember to start slowly, because if you haven’t been eating much fiber your gut will struggle to digest it causing bloating or wind. Lastly, drink lots of water throughout the day!

Summer Is The Time To Rejuvenate Gut Bacteria

There is a ton of new information that states that certain foods are ideal for creating a healthy gut. However, there are mixed opinions on which ones work or not. However, there is a consensus about the ones we should stick with. BBC Food provides an in-depth description of which ones truly rejuvenate gut health. Therefore, if you want further information on this then read more here.

I would like to stick with the following:
  • Probiotic Supplements. You can find capsules in your local pharmacy. Spirulina is also a great option. However, supplements are no match for eating a balanced diet.
  • Fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, kombucha and many pickles. rejuvenate gut [longevity live] Experts aren’t convinced how much health they can rejuvenate gut health. However, studies have found that in countries where this type of food is eaten frequently, people appear to have better gut health and less bowel disease. You should try to prepare your own homemade fermented goods to avoid eating any harmful additives.
  • Raw Milk. Apparently, raw milk contains a very high number of microbes. Health experts have seen a possible link to reduced allergies in children who consume raw milk over pasteurized.
  • Sourdough. Dieticians believe that the lengthy fermentation process of preparing sourdough may be what helps rejuvenate gut health. People also claim that it’s easier for them to digest sourdough bread.
  • Traditionally prepared cheese. This is a similar concept to raw milk and also contains more beneficial bacteria than manufactured cheeses do.
  • Live, natural yogurt. Yogurt contains a very diverse range of bacteria for your gut.

Summer is your chance to improve your overall well-being and rejuvenate gut bacteria. Enjoy fresh, fibrous foods filled with good bacteria. Get creative with salads and vegetables and always eat a diverse variety of foods for better gut health. You will notice the positive health effects physically, mentally, and emotionally almost immediately.

Want to know more?

Getting sunshine might be your best bet when it comes to increasing your vitamin D levels. The supplement kind is good too, but of course – as with anything artificial – it isn’t the best.


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  • Mary Louise says:

    I am 88 and IBD got to me about 20 years ago. I read a book on the positive effect Primal Defense had on this disease. The authors had developed a probiotic by that name and it stopped nightly trips to E. R for pain.

    Therefore I am a believer in Probiotics
    . Also have Lactose Intolerance. Precludes Yogurt consumption.
    Have experienced this disease worsening with age. Now I eat only two meals a day. Hot oatmeal with e fresh fruits for breakfast. Light lunch with chicken,ground pork,chili,pasta and all organic. Salads but olive oil and vinegar dressing. Fresh vegetables but none that are gas producers.
    I am surviving on living this way wit Yoga, etc. lifting and treadmill walking.
    I weigh 105 lbs. I walk unsteadily. I try to stand up straight.
    Pinched nerves in back and spinal stenosis are enemies but my
    Activities help eliminate them. I wash y hands a lot.
    I wish I could eat the foods I always liked. Yogurt,Ice Cream. Steaks.
    Many but I am surviving.