We need to revise how we think of aging. The old paradigm was: You’re born, you peak at midlife, and then you decline into decrepitude. Looking at aging as ascending a staircase, you gain well being, spirit, soul, wisdom, the ability to be truly intimate and a life with intention.”  Jane Fonda

 Jane Fonda is aging well. What is her secret?

For one, she never stops moving

She keeps moving because, she says when you get older, it’s more critical than when you’re young. So you have to keep your body moving.  The actress told WellandGood  if you don’t, not only does your body begin to deteriorate, but so does your mind, and she know that we all need those endorphins.

well with Jane Fonda

That said, as active and well as the Grace and Frankie actress tries to be, she only focuses on exercise that won’t place strain on her body. Not only does she have osteoarthritis, but she’s also had both a knee and hip replacement. As a result, she tries to stay active by using resistance bands.  

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