WASHINGTON, DC, USA.  The Kitalys Institute, founded in response to the generational opportunity to increase healthy longevity for all, announces 12 key challenges that must be addressed to achieve success at their upcoming conference, Targeting Metabesity 21.

Targeting Metabesity

Targeting Metabesity 2021 (M21) will be held October 11-14 in a workshop format to hear proposals to address the 12 challenges and devise the next steps for overcoming them. The Kitalys Campus—a means for stakeholders to advance knowledge and solutions related to healthy longevity—will be used to develop proposals discussed at M21.


We are facing existential health and economic threats. Scientific advances offer potential solutions that can avert the crisis. Metabesity 2021 will tackle the challenges that stand in the way.”

— Dr. Alexander Fleming

Scientific breakthroughs over the past decades suggest that a range of solutions could enable people to remain free of chronic disease and disabilities for additional years or even decades. The major obstacles to converting these discoveries into effective solutions are the time, money, and will to attain widespread use of products and behaviors that work and are safe.

What is metabesity?

Metabesity was recently coined to define the armada of metabolic diseases that include diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders and accelerated aging.  According to MDPI, “These diseases share both metabolic and inflammatory roots. A major hallmark of metabesity is the continuous destruction of specialized cells (neurons, cardiomyocytes, beta cells, hepatocytes, etc.) leaving affected individuals weakened. An active research area looking for new therapeutic options to cure metabesity or at least improve life quality of patients is focused on harnessing the regenerative capacity, as well as enhanced survival of cells and tissues. Understanding the underlying molecular mechanisms and, specifically, how genes govern such processes will advance us closer to the therapeutic goal of rebuilding ones own damaged tissue”.

Targeting Metabesity 21 Conference

Kitalys has weighed the experience and analysis of four years of Conferences, geroscience discussions, and input from public educational events to identify the barriers to healthy longevity for all.

Metabesity refers to the major chronic diseases, cancer, and the aging process, all of which are driven by shared metabolic and other root causes. These root causes can be targeted with science-based solutions to forestall all of these conditions, thereby increasing healthspan—the span of life free of chronic disease.

The 12 key challenges fall into four clusters:

EVIDENCE: Getting evidence that solutions work and are effective

1.Enable products to be tested quickly and efficiently
2.Devise ways that regulated products can be approved
3. Find tests that will help to approve products and monitor individual response

POLICY: Optimizing public-private policy

4.Establish a national policy for encouraging and achieving healthy longevity
5.Provide investment in research and development of healthy longevity solutions
6.Incentivize the healthcare system to target healthy longevity in everyday practice.

COMMERCIALIZATION: Aligning commerce/economics.

7. Enhance conditions for private investment

8. Develop alternatives for marketing health longevity products

9. Make the economic case to stimulate practical action and resources

MetabesityBEHAVIOR: Addressing human behavior

10. Finding effective ways to get people to practice healthy habits
11. Figuring out how to reach the disadvantaged
12. Educating consumers and advisors to make evidence-based decisions

Healthy longevity for all

The overriding threat to humankind is that, without concerted action, strides in chronic disease prevention and increases in healthy longevity will take decades to achieve. Healthcare systems and economies across the globe will reach crisis points in the meantime.

About Targeting Metabesity 2021

Press Invitations are available for Targeting Metabesity 2021 held October 11-14.
Press is invited to cover the virtual event. Request a code to register at www.Metabesity2021.com.

Requests for further information and Interviews with Conference leaders, speakers, and presenters should be addressed to Adriane Berg, Executive Director of the Kitalys Institute, adrianeberg@Kitalys.org, 201 303 6517.

Who to contact

Adriane Berg
The Kitalys Institute
+1 201-303-6517
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About The Kitalys Institute

The not-for-profit Kitalys Institute was founded expressly to identify roadblocks to healthy longevity and catalyze solutions to overcome them. Kitalys organizes the annual Targeting Metabesity Conference to bring together the diversity of stakeholders necessary to tackle and solve these challenges. This widely acclaimed conference, first held in London in 2017 and subsequently in Washington DC, has attracted members of the US Congress and UK Parliament, NIH, FDA, and National Academy of Medicine, top researchers in geroscience, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases, leaders of both established and emerging health product companies and capital markets, and consumer advocates.

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