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Make time for yourself and dedicate your full attention to yourself. It’s impossible to make progress if you’re devoting yourself entirely to others and their emotions. Whilst it’s important to show your support, you need to make time to pay attention to your own rewards and battles. Self-care and time out are so important, but they can only work if you make time for them to happen. After retreating from the spotlight for a few years, the Academy Award-winning actor is back with a new project and a fresh outlook on life. In a recent photo shoot with Hilary Swank, she is surrounded by wildflowers on top of a mountain in Colorado.

This was for her Health cover on the property where she and her husband of two years have chosen to self-isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic. With her four dogs, she looks completely at peace. This is something that is apparent even from afar during this socially distanced photo shoot.

Make Time For Yourself

Finding Inner Peace

Whilst Hilary Swank looked very relaxed and care-free in the shoot, we often easily forget that she’s one of Hollywood’s most esteemed actresses. As a two-time Academy Award winner for Best Actress, Hilary has had a career that many only aspire to. In her memorable acceptance speech for Million Dollar Baby, she said, “I’m just a girl from a trailer park who had a dream.”

While this is true, it doesn’t paint the entire picture. Hilary didn’t just dream about being an actress. More importantly, she worked her butt off to make it happen. In fact, she worked nonstop from the age of 15 until the end of 2014. This is when she chose to take a break and make time for herself. Well, not exactly.

You Never Know What Might Happen

It was only after dedicating most of her time to her father’s health, she realized how important it is to make time for herself too. Life is very unexpected, so you can never be sure what’s coming next. In Hilary’s case, her father needed a lung transplant and she was determined to stay by his side. According to Health, she didn’t just take a break from acting, rather she committed herself to help her dad until he fully recovered. This took three years of her life. Although we admire Hilary for her strength, it didn’t give her much time for herself.

The good news is that her father is doing well, and she’s slowly starting to return to acting. Earlier this year, she appeared in the thriller The Hunt. And in September, you can catch her as the lead in Netflix’s new series Away. Her character’s dedication to her dream of being an astronaut parallels Hilary’s own devotion to her craft. And while she says she’s excited to get back to work, she also acknowledges that she’s returning to it with some new life lessons.

Life Teaches You To Make Time For You

The irony of life is the number of choices we’re presented with. It gets tough trying to choose the right one and you never know, until it plays out. However, we do know that you cause yourself a lot more stress, sickness, exhaustion, and sadness the longer you neglect yourself. That’s why we need to learn to make time that’s purely dedicated to our well-being.

Particularly now, when the world has had to self-isolate due to COVID-19, Hilary says she’s been forced to make time for herself. As for this, she says she’s truly grateful. She says that although she loves being a storyteller and acting, she enjoys having her time to recharge. For her, that’s in nature. Interestingly, she explains that it’s not unusual for actresses to go through quiet periods so the isolation wasn’t too unusual for her.

Hilary explained in her interview with Health that she would make time to rescue the animals too. This is something that makes her feel fantastic. What makes you feel amazing? She explains that almost 6 to 8 million animals in the United States every year need to be rescued, and only about half of them find forever homes. The rest don’t make it. Therefore, she only adopts animals she can rescue and keep forever. Hilary does a lot for charity as well as for the youth and even pairs them with rescued animals. As mentioned in a previous article about living to 100, having a purpose is key to longevity and contributes to self-care.

Devotion To Good Causes

We’re in awe of Hilary for her incredible ability to make time to devote herself almost entirely to good, charitable, and impactful causes. However, it’s no wonder she’s realized how important it is to also make time for yourself. However, we do believe that doing more good for the world brings good karma and promotes good health and longevity. So Hilary’s onto something.

Hilary tells Health that she’s always had a strong connection to animals. She grew up in a lower socioeconomic background which raised her awareness about classism at an early age. She explains that animals filled her heart because they never looked at her anything other than who she was. Hilary says animals touch her heart in a way that a lot of humans can’t. We also think she gets her selflessness because she grew up in a moderate household and appreciates the simpler things in life like a roof over her head and food.

Hilary’s Selflessness Is Admirable

Then, Hilary also participated in the #ShareTheMicNow to help amplify the voices of black women. She says she admires Glennon Doyle’s incredibly brave, consistent, and unapologetic work.  Doyle uses her voice for other women, and, in this case, black women. Hilary believes it is of the utmost importance for us to use our voices, platforms, and actions to help heal and balance racial inequality. Things are long overdue for a change. Also, Hilary uses her platform to be an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Hilary can make time for everyone so that we’re all heard. To top off her good work, she even took a break from acting to help her dad with a lung transplant.

As mentioned, this was only meant to be a year and then turned into three. The good news is Hilary’s dad recovered fully and is now healthy.

Empaths Need To Make Time For Themselves

Many of us are naturally empathetic to those around us and take on our emotions to try and help them. Whilst it’s commendable to be an advocate of health, it does take a lot of energy. You have to make time to share lots of love and parts of yourself. Hilary says the ups and downs are so challenging and can be overwhelming. She adds that you should ensure that you make time for yourself. Better yet, vocalize what your needs are to the people around you to help support you. Otherwise, it’s a disaster waiting to happen and can affect your mental health.

Hilary believes that wellness has a very personal meaning and it can be different for us all. She thinks it’s just asking ourselves, “What do I need?” FYI, the answers can change daily or even hourly. But it’s the idea of honoring what it is that you need for yourself, and then doing it.

Make time for yourself [longevity live]

Healthy Living Is About Listening

Hilary believes that health is all in the way that you feel rather than how you look. To make time for living healthily means listening to how your body feels and then doing that.

She explains that sports gave her something to do after school while her parents worked. Moreover, sports are such a healthy thing for girls to do. Women have notoriously been objectified and trivialized, and so, for Hilary, sports are an important part of her identity. She always tries to make time for exercise to ensure her body is being used for a goal. Instead of working out to look a certain way, Hilary works out because it makes her feel good. It’s a stress reliever and helps her sleep better. Living without exercise doesn’t seem possible, and to Hilary, it’s like the air that she breathes or the food that she eats.

What About Food?

Hilary tells Health that during her childhood they ate a lot of cheap food. She said she drank six Mountain Dews a day and a large amount of fast food.

She explains that her mom did cook, but she’s still got a scarcity mindset that she’s afraid of running out of food. Hilary does her best to never waste food, but now tries her best to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Make Time To Live For You

There’s no doubt that Hilary’s character and efforts are highly inspiring. But we can learn from her advice and try our best to make time for ourselves too. It’s so integral to maintaining optimal health and happiness. Being an empath can take its toll, it’s a brilliant quality but you don’t want to be too selfless that you neglect yourself.

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