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Kelly Preston’s recent passing is very sad news for us all to absorb, especially for her husband John Travolta. There’s no doubt that cancer, in general, is one of the worst killers, besides Covid-19 across the planet. However, despite our sadness to hear that we’ve lost such a talented and beautiful actress to the disease. We also realize the importance of Kelly Preston’s passing and that it’s a reminder to take care of our health. We’ve been particularly focused on Covid-19. But we mustn’t forget about living a healthy lifestyle to help prevent fatal diseases like cancer. There is a strong tie between breast cancer and genetics, but having a strong healthy body helps a lot. In fact, your genetics aren’t necessarily your destiny.

We think it’s extremely important to raise awareness about breast cancer. This is because it’s a big problem worldwide. We’re losing so many beautiful women to the disease.  According to WHO, many low and middle-income countries are facing a double burden of breast and cervical cancer. What’s worse is that these two cancers represent the top cancer killers in women over 30 years old. Kelly Preston’s passing may be a sad but much-needed reawakening to this scary reality. Although Covid-19 is serious, it is not the only disease we need to try and prevent. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are ways you can improve your lifestyle to lower your risk of developing breast cancer.

There are strategies you can take to keep yourself strong, resilient, and healthy, no matter what your genetics are. At this point, we need to do whatever we can to STAY healthy. It’s also good to note, that Preston was only has aged 57. She had been battling breast cancer for nearly two years. So, we need to do our best to avoid it entirely because breast cancer has no mercy.

Kelly Preston’s Breast Cancer Battle Reminds Us to Take Care

Kelly Preston's breast cancer awareness [longevity live]

It’s never easy to hear the hardships that other people we love are experiencing in their lives. However, there is no escaping life’s troubles, and even our beloved actors like John Travolta and Kelly Preston will have their turn. We all have our turn to go through really tough times. But having this knowledge should be enough reason to remember why our health and longevity are what matters most. There’s no denying the fact that some of us are genetically more likely to encounter cancer, but it is not a life sentence. You can take action to prevent what recently became Kelly Preston’s reality.

We know that Preston put up a really strong fight over those few years. Her daughter Ella Travolta described her as courageous, strong, beautiful, and loving. It’s strange to think that you could too be in the same position, which is why we desperately need to remember that as women, we must go for regular check up’s. Breast examinations are important and could even save your life.

What About Genetics?

Kelly Preston’s experience with breast cancer is just one of thousands. Doctors are constantly trying to figure out what causes breast cancer, how to avoid it, and whether or not it’s genetic. Over the past few decades, scientists have made great strides when it comes to identifying the genetic mutations associated with different cancers. Interestingly, Kelly Preston’s death is exactly why Genetic counseling is now a reality. It’s open to anyone with a family history of multiple cancer types, early onset of illness, a rare cancer type, or a generational pattern of one particular cancer.

Considering Kelly Preston’s fight against breast cancer, genetic screening might be an extremely useful data point. It’s particularly helpful if you want to evaluate both yourself and your family’s risk of developing cancer. Experts explain that the results state how frequently people should be screened. They also show what the statistical recommendations are for preventative surgical treatments. Often treatments for cancer can be very invasive and sometimes pointless. You need to know what you’re in for.

Inheritance Plays A Small Role

Kelly Preston's breast cancer awareness [longevity live]

There are many who have too encountered a relentless case of breast cancer like Kelly Preston’s situation. But it doesn’t mean that all of these women developed breast cancer due to their genetics. In fact, current research indicates that only 5-10% of all cancers are due to inheritance.

What does this mean? Think of your body as a garden where weeds are constantly growing every day. These weeds are cancer cells. However, if the soil is healthy the weeds do not take over. We’re not saying Kelly Preston’s weeds were not healthy, but it sure does help. Your genes are one minor factor of that allows the weeds to grow. A healthy garden explains why many patients with documented genetic mutations never develop cancer.

This is why Kelly Preston’s passing reminds us of the complexity and fatality of breast cancer and other cancers. For example, you can be BRCA1 or BRCA2 positive. This means that your inherited genes do not repair DNA as they should. Over time, mutations start happening which greatly increases the risk of developing cancer, especially breast cancer and ovarian cancers.

Some Ladies Remain Cancer-Free

So although Kelly Preston’s experience may have been genetic. There are many others who carry these dangerous genes and remain cancer-free. That means you have control over your destiny to some extent. You inherit your genes from your parents, but your environment and nutrition turn them on or off. Experts refer to this as Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics.

Cancer as a whole is a multifactorial disease and there’s never only ‘one reason’ for cancer. As with Kelly Preston’s case, there were a variety of factors that played a role of her developing breast cancer. It’s unfortunate because doctors eradicated this terrible disease centuries ago.  Cancer, especially like Kelly Preston’s breast cancer, happens due to very complex processes. Experts state that it’s the result of a complex interplay between so many unique factors.

These factors might include:Kelly Preston's breast cancer awareness [longevity live]

  • Genetic predispositions,
  • Environment,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Nutrition,
  • Blood sugar control,
  • Immune function,
  • Inflammation, and
  • emotional or spiritual health.

Kelly Preston’s body wasn’t perfect inside, but nobody is. Realistically none of us can live without risk, but knowing all the risk factors for cancer will help a lot. Naturopathic Oncology experts prioritize teaching patients how to take care of themselves. We believe education and empowerment are pertinent for all women to win the fight against breast cancer.

This means that we can leverage these factors to counter our genetic risk factors. We will be able to reduce our chances of getting breast cancer. especially those with a family history of cancer. And just like Kelly Preston’s situation, improving your lifestyle and wellbeing can reduce your risk of breast cancer recurring.

There’s Hope

There’s no point in living your life in fear. We can all agree that there’s been far too much of that at the moment. The only alternative to panicking is to take action. We want you to take action and strive for a better, calmer, and healthier lifestyle. Kelly Preston’s destiny does not have to be yours, especially if you’re worried about your genetics.

Whilst genetic testing can be the appropriate action to take.

Kelly Preston's breast cancer awareness [longevity live]

It’s also important to remember that whatever your genes are, they don’t necessarily determine your destiny.  Although your genes aren’t on your side like Kelly Preston’s, it doesn’t mean you can’t change your reality. Genes might change the soil slightly, but with the right guidance, you can modify that soil. This will then determine whether seeds or weeds will grow in your garden.

Which would you rather choose to grow?

As much as we are heartbroken by the loss of Preston. We need to take Kelly Preston’s passing as a call to action to make changes to our lifestyles, in advance, so we can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. None of us have a )5 risk, sadly there’s no such thing. But we can do our best to learn all the things to improve our destiny, particularly if we’re at risk.

Get Your Breasts Examined

Although you might be concerned about the Covid-19 outbreak, the last thing we want is for you to neglect your health. Depending on your country’s rules, breast cancer screening should be in full swing. Doctors urge every woman to attend their appointment because screening can find early signs of cancer. Kelly Preston’s story should be our motivation to do so.

Getting screened could even save your life. There might be some changes to what happens at your appointment due to Covid-19. Your results may even be delayed, but it’s more important than ever before to be vigilant.

The last thing, please remember that screening is for healthy people with no symptoms. If you notice any unusual changes to your body that don’t go away, talk to your doctor first.

In loving memory, we must all look after ourselves and use Kelly Preston’s tragedy as a serious reminder and motivator to take action against breast cancer.

You can protect your health

Watch our video on the future of genetic testing and longevity. Did you know that a genetic test can empower you with critical information to improve your health outcomes? Click here to read the introduction and watch the video.


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