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Brooke Logan made her debut on “The Bold and The Beautiful” (or B&B) in 1987. Longevity magazine launched in the USA in 1989. What do this soapy character and our publication have in common? A tenure that exemplifies endurance…and, of course, a long life. Accordingly, our latest print edition boasts none other than Katherine Kelly Lang as its cover star.

The proud mother-of-three has triumphed in three Iron Man races (so far) and owns two thriving fashion businesses. What’s more, she’s portrayed B&B’s heroine for nearly four decades (although her beautiful looks say otherwise). The Daytime Emmys Nominee consistently channels longevity, whether on- or off-screen.

Look no further if you covet graceful (and resilient) aging. We asked Lang to spill some details of what people can expect from her feature in our latest print edition. Of course, she did so most generously and humbly. Additionally, she shared her enthusiasm over her recent Emmy nomination.

Katherine Kelly Lang on navigating a youth-obsessed world

We know we can speak on behalf of many women when we say we feel the pressure to move through life unscathed by time’s hand. This is particularly the case look-wise. Sadly, the entertainment industry can often intensify this burden on celebs. Nevertheless, Lang is unwavering in what she believes makes her feel good. This means prioritizing both her physical and mental health. We seriously applaud her for it. Her childhood carved the foundation of her attitude of treating her body as a temple. Still, admittedly, the actress had her fair share of dabbling in parties and cigarettes in her 20s. However, she soon grasped how her health dictates the quality of everything in her life. How would she be able to do the things she enjoys without it? It has become crystal clear that this takes precedence above meeting the world’s beauty ideals. Lang makes a point of moving her body regularly and fuelling it with nutritious foods. But she overcomes waves of stress best when she’s armed with things that quickly ease her rattled mind.

“When it comes to [helping myself mentally], I like to get out in nature, like going for a walk, a hike, riding my horse, or sitting in the dirt. I’ll sometimes take a hot bath with Epsom salt too or connect with people on an honest level,” discusses Lang, “Anything that de-stresses me and calms my nervous system down is important.”

Compete only with yourself and channel unconditional self-love

The actress does her best to avoid measuring her well-being against Hollywood’s standards first. She learned what it means to be competitive during her upbringing (thanks to her athletic parents). But the way she applies it today is a tad offbeat from what we may expect of dog-eat-dog stardom.

“I’m very competitive and just love that part of life. But instead of competing with others, I try to compete with myself. For instance, [I ask myself], how can I do this better? Let me do more miles today than I did yesterday. I think it’s good to have a challenge within yourself,” enlightens Lang.

In the same breath, the B&B icon expressed the need to balance self-competition with self-compassion. This is crucial in times when we may fail and fumble. She described how her mother’s unconditional love facilitated this notion. Effectively, boundless love constructed the ‘lens of understanding’ through which to view herself.

We felt moved by Lang’s sweet expression of admiration for the woman who raised her. She revealed how her mother swapped “You’re bad because of this” statements for supportive ones like “How can I help you?”. This sense of trust and support gave her confidence, acting as a safety net if she fell.

Render exercise a habit

Lang’s father was in the Olympics for skiing, and her mother swam in the Junior Olympics. So it’s hardly surprising to us that the actress has an athletic flair. At one point, she aspired to follow in the same Olympian footsteps as her parents, but as an equestrian. Alas, life had other star-studded plans for her in show business. Today, she still loves to keep her body strong through weight training, triathlons, or horseback riding. Naturally, Lang deals with the days when motivation is elusive – just like anyone else. Only, she attributes her devotion to exercise to the fact that she formed a strong habit around it.

“Luckily, [exercise] was ingrained in me at an early age. It became a habit, a way of life. So, [working out] is my go-to automatically because I have been doing it every day since I was little,” shares Lang, “But it doesn’t mean that you have to grow up like this to do it. You can still make a healthy way of living a habit. You just have to put your all into it.”

Movement is a spiritual activity as much as it’s a physical one

Riding horses certainly isn’t for everyone and may take grit and determination to master. That being said, the activity comes naturally to the soap star who’s been riding since she was three. She competes in 50-mile horse races with vigor and passion. However, aside from the physical exertion component, she referenced a spiritual layer that comes with the territory. According to Katherine Kelly Lang, horses are sensitive to one’s energy and feelings. In her words, they “mirror your soul and what’s going on inside you”. This may explain why some of us are reluctant to sit on the back of such an attuned creature. After all, your nervous temperament may be met with an edgy horse. However, the reaction you receive could spur some powerful self-reflection regarding your internal state. In that respect, a gallop on a trusted steed may well nurture our mental and spiritual health for the better. Fortunately, the same applies to any movement (in case you are somewhat horse-averse). Fitness practice keeps us in flow by dissolving any undigested materials (physical, emotional, and energetic). That’s why engaging in it makes us, here at Longevity, feel happy…and alive!

Katherine kelly lang

Katherine Kelly Lang
“The Bold and the Beautiful” Set Gallery Shoot
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Los Angeles, Ca.
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The ageless tenet of gratitude and believing in yourself

Lang is all for being the leader of your own fan club (in a humble and quietly confident way). Then again, she acknowledges periods of self-criticism. For instance, she can be especially judgmental of herself when choosing a B&B scene to submit to the Emmys. Like any artist, she wants to place her best work forward. This is particularly true in an industry saturated with people who, as Lang describes, are “deserving but never really get a chance”. That’s why just being nominated for Lead Actress this year was heaven in her eyes. Yes, the occasion serves as a reminder of what she’s capable of. But it also steeps her in gratitude for everyone she works with on set.

“There are many people who deserve Emmy’s who work in this business. So, I’m really thankful. I’m also happy to be a part of [B&B]. There’s nothing for me to perform without the script and storyline coming together first. So, I’m going to enjoy this moment that’s been given to me,” shares a grateful Lang.

Are you eager to know more?

We believe Katherine Kelly Lang has remained consistent in how she applies her life to feel her best. Certainly, she’s not planning on stopping – if her loyalty to her role as Brooke Logan is anything to go by. No physical or emotional setbacks faced in a quest to live happier, and longer, can prosper. Clearly, the right mindset and support system have gotten the gorgeous star far in this pursuit.

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Caela Bennett

Caela Bennett

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