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It’s no secret that we all want to keep our skin looking young and fresh for as long as possible. However, it isn’t always easy to know what’s best for your skin. Many of us tend to use drugstore products that may or may not work when it comes to reducing the signs of aging and rejuvenating our skin. However, a new biotech startup is suggesting that it has the answer we’ve all been looking for. A skin topical supplement called OneSkin.  What is it, and does it work?

Why are anti-aging treatments so popular?

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When it comes to the most popular skincare, it’s hardly a surprise to most of us that anti-aging is one of the largest and most rapidly expanding segments of the beauty industry. The anti-aging industry is expected to be worth a massive $271 billion dollars by the year 2024. One of the major reasons? The Earth largely has an aging population.

As the population ages, they look for ways to stay younger. One of the major ways to do this is through beauty treatments that target the signs of aging in the skin. Most of the available treatments are not able to provide clinically proven results. Nevertheless, the anti-aging beauty market continues to grow. Some of the most popular treatments when it comes to fighting the signs of aging are of course non-surgical procedures such as Botox and hyaluronic acid injections. However, there may be a new way to fight the signs of aging skin without the aid of injections: OneSkin.

What is OneSkin? 


Image via OneSkin on Instagram

OneSkin is a newly launched skincare startup. The team is composed of four female scientists, all of whom have PhDs. This group of women found their shared mission in creating “technologies that help people to age in a healthy and vibrant way”. According to the website, the brand itself is fuelled by a passion for science and a love of life. Essentially, the brand aims to “transform the way humans experience aging”. 

OneSkin offers what it describes as a topical skin supplement. It’s called OS-01 and is designed to expand the skin’s lifespan at a molecular level.  This process has been patented.

However, OneSkin, despite its name and product offering, does not identify as a skincare company. Instead, it is a longevity-based company. 

A long-term aging solution?

OneSkin offers that skincare is a long-term endeavor. describing it on the website as a marathon rather than a sprint. They view your skincare regimen in much the same way as people who take vitamins. It’s something that needs to be a daily routine, a habit. The main goal of the company is to look after skin in the longer term. In this case, the focus isn’t entirely on stopping the skin from looking older. Instead, it is on completely adjusting the skin’s process again from a cellular and molecular level.

Another interesting move from the brand is the way in which it offsets its carbon footprint. The brand has partnered with a company called ZeroCarbon. As a consumer, you can also request a free shipping label so that you can return the empty packaging to the company free of charge. 

How is OS-01 different from other anti-aging treatments? 

Essentially, this is a product that targets the root cause of aging rather than dealing with the effects of aging once the damage has been done.

The founders say the product works at a molecular level and has been scientifically tested. OS-01 is the name of the company’s patented peptide. Many of the basic claims associated with the product are pretty much in line with what you’d expect from an anti-aging product. The topical supplement promises results like “firmness, smoothness, hydration and increased collagen production”, all based on clinical trials. 

It is, however, the OS-01 peptide that is the real differentiator when it comes to this product. The brand claims that this peptide is able to reduce the biological age of the skin. But how on earth does it manage that? Well, according to the brand, it is achieved by “preventing the accumulation of senescent cells that cause aging”.

Does it work?

A 3-month long clinical trial that was run by the brand and concluded in March 2020 found that the topical supplement was able to “improve aesthetic features such as elasticity and wrinkles”.

However, this is clearly not sufficient for educated consumers or even peer-reviewed science.  When it comes to the testing of whether the product is able to reduce the biological age of the skin, more tests are required. The company plans to run another trial “for between six months and a year, testing skin biopsied from behind study participants’ ears”. This trial should answer whether this is the new hero treatment for skin anti-aging.  

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the topical treatment which OneSkin advises you should use in the same way as a moisturizer (after washing and before sunscreen) is rather on the pricey side. However, if the trials do manage to show that the product can reduce the biological age of the skin, it may well be worth its weight in gold.



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