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You can’t avoid stress. One way or another it will find you as it is a normal part of life. So many factors in our day to day can induce stress: family, work, finances, and health, as well as a pandemic. So, if we want to live better and longer, we need to find ways to cope with it. Here is a look at how stress affects our lives and how we can remove its symptoms from our body and our mind to live a healthier life.

The Place of Stress in Our Society

Stress has become more frequent and more intense throughout the years. It comes from a sense of urgency, which sometimes places us under duress. It impacts our mental health negatively, and physical symptoms follow suit. Once it has entered into us, stress keeps aggravating itself if we don’t find ways to manage it. And if that is the case, the dangers of getting sick and living a shorter life become very real.

First: Regain Your Breathing Rhythm

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Before you try any methods to release stress, you need to find ways to regain your breathing rhythm back. When you enter into a stressful situation, the first thing to change in your body is the way you breathe. It then affects your heart rate and can create cardiovascular problems.

When it comes to handling stress, there are two types of solutions: Emotion-focused or problem-focused. Here is a description of how both work:


Emotion-focused coping implies working on reducing the stress caused by your emotional response. It will concentrate on removing feelings such as fear, frustration, and depression. To do this, you can use prescription drugs (under physician supervision), suppress the feelings that have taken control of you or use distraction to forget. Some people will also find themselves eating more or using alcohol, which can also become an added health issue. All of these solutions will reduce the stress, but they won’t solve the problem.

The higher the stress level, the more chances you have to find yourself suffering from strong headaches and digestive troubles. Therefore, it is crucial that you learn the breathing techniques that will enable you to breathe normally again. You can do so by clicking here.

Emotion-focused and Problem-focused Solutions


Problem-focused coping aims to remove or at least reduce the stressors causing the anxiety. Because it deals with the problem, it is a much better long-term solution. The techniques used in problem-focused coping are: Problem-solving, time-management and seeking social support.

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Want to know more?

Breathing helps to keep us alive, and it can also help to relieve anxiety symptoms. In fact, there are breathing exercises that you can adopt if you feel that you need easy anxiety relief.


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