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Graceful aging, a desire that most of us have throughout our lives. This desire seems to deepen as we hit our more mature years. Figuring how to gracefully age is difficult and accepting all that comes with aging is not easy. However, there are people like Hollywood actress, Cameron Diaz who never seem to age a day. There are ways to help you achieve graceful aging and Cameron has five top beauty tips you can use.

The actress is renowned for her age-defying aesthetic both on and off the big screen. She is forty-seven years old, and yet she looks so young. For her, it’s all about following a consistent beauty routine throughout. You need to be consistent with what you do, but it’s not the tedious beauty routine you’re thinking of. Over the years, Cameron has learned a lot about gracefully aging and has even written her own beauty book. This book is called, ‘The Longevity Book.‘ She’s also got another book called, ‘The Body Book.’ It’s quite apparent that Diaz knows what she’s talking about when it comes to this topic.

Think about it, no matter how many years whiz by, Cameron keeps her skin glowing. Even It’s Gwyneth Paltrow refers to Cameron as her beauty mentor.’ According to ‘The Body Book,’ Diaz really did have to work to teach herself great beauty habits. She said that she had terrible, terrible, skin. In fact, it was embarrassing, and she did everything she could think of to make it go away. She would often try to cover it with makeup. Luckily, she eventually established a beauty routine that worked for her. Now, we’re fortunate enough to share some of her beauty secrets with you today.

gracefully age like Cameron Diaz [longevity live]

Keep reading to find out what they are.

Graceful Aging With Cameron Diaz

The thing is, when we get older, we start entering into different phases of our lives. There are loads of changes to endure, both physical and emotional. Cameron says that she entered into the phases of her forties. She started getting loads of questions from other women. asking if she was nervous about turning forty.

As you can imagine, these questions started to concern Diaz. She was even asked on ‘Good Morning America’ if she should be afraid. She says that what she has learned is that you can’t be afraid. If gracefully aging is what you want, then you need to focus on just living. She says that she feels very grateful that she gets to turn another year older because not everybody does. Not everybody gets to grow old. We want you to feel this way too about aging. Remembering that it’s a privilege to grow older helps keep things in perspective.

The great thing about her book is that it also taps into scientific research to see how and why the female body ages. Diaz and her co-author Sandra Bark also explore what women should be doing to ‘maintain optimal health’ as they age. Cameron admits there isn’t a secret to gracefully age.

gracefully age like Cameron Diaz [longevity live]

However, there are basic principles you can use, but the best way is to just live. What’s the catch? It’s all in the way you live and how well you take care of yourself. She explains that there are five pillars of well-being.

The Five Pillars To Graceful Aging Are:

  1. Good nutrition.
  2. Regular movement of the body.
  3. A quality night’s sleep.
  4. Stress release.
  5. Meaningful, connected, loving relationships.

Cameron says that this book will help women take responsibility for their body. To gracefully age, this is what you have to do. She explains that if you don’t get ahead of this, then you become sickly, old and broken. You will become this instead of being full of life until the end of it.

Here Is An Excerpt From ‘The Longevity Book’: 

“To be clear, there is nothing easy about this subject of aging. Not the sci­ence of it, and not the experience of living through it. But easy or not, it will happen, and it is happening right now. We can avoid most uncomfortable truths for a very long time if we want to, but there’s no denying that this one catches up with us eventually.

This is not an antiaging book. I don’t want you to live in fear of aging…

I want to reframe the way that we, as women, talk about aging.

One thing that I’ve learned about uncomfortable truths is that you make life a whole lot harder for yourself when you pretend they aren’t real. You can waste a lot of precious time and energy trying to make something into what it is not. Once you stop fighting reality, everything becomes a lot easier. Youth is a beautiful part of life, and the discoveries we make when we are young are invaluable. They are the lessons and the memories that we will carry with us as we move into each new phase of our lives. It’s important to keep those lessons close to us, but it’s also important to let go of what no longer is, and to accept and prepare for what is to come.

What you will find in these pages is information and ideology that I hope will help you find a new way of thinking about aging. I don’t want you to live in fear of aging, or beat yourself up about the fact that your body is doing something totally natural. Instead, I want to reframe the way that we, as women, talk about aging. I want to offer a perspective that is healthier and more scientifi­cally accurate than the fear of ­ and shame­based conversation that permeates our culture.”

Cameron’s Top Five Beauty Tips

So,  here’s the part we can all use and start implementing at home.

Lipstick Blush

According to Women’s Health, Cameron uses lipstick as her blush to gracefully age.

gracefully age like Cameron Diaz [longevity live]

In a video with her longtime makeup artist Gucci Westman at Harper’s Bazaar. Diaz says that she and Westman have a difference of opinion as to where blush goes.

After Westman finishes her look, Cameron takes a look in a compact mirror. She then starts dabbing the bright lipstick on her finger and patting the excess onto her cheeks. She cheekily says that this is what always happens. Westman agrees to add that she always does this. Perhaps we should give this trick a try if we want to gracefully age.

Natural Makeup Is Better

I think we can all agree that caking-on the foundation is not a flattering route to take.

Cameron explained that she likes to show off her glowing skin by keeping her look natural. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love makeup.

In another Harper’s Bazaar interview with Cameron and Westman, the makeup artist shares one of her favorite tricks for creating her rosy glow. You need to use a small brush to apply everything in tiny amounts before building it up, using multiple shades of light blush for a natural finish.

Giving Up Smoking

If this is a habit you’re guilty of doing, then give it up now if you want to gracefully age. This is more important than killing a craving.

Cameron may be super healthy and conscious now, but she admits to being an avid smoker in the past.

According to her book, ‘The Longevity Book,’ she says it’s the one thing she wishes she would’ve stopped sooner. She says that if she had a time machine she could go back to that period in her life. She would never have lit that very first cigarette.  InStyle reported that her advice is to never stop trying to quit because every minute counts.

The best advice to anybody who wants to gracefully age.

Try Not To Stress About Graceful Aging

This one is a biggie. I think too many of us are guilty of stressing too much that we send our bodies into a state of stress. And stress is not conducive to helping us gracefully age.

gracefully age like Cameron Diaz [longevity live]

LONDON, ENGLAND –  (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Cameron does look young, however, she does not stress about getting old either. In ‘The Body Book’, she points out that many of us fear the idea of aging. We are afraid of getting older, being less mobile, having less energy, and being less of ourselves.

To gracefully age, Cameron says she looks at aging by remembering that it’s a blessing and a privilege. Moreover, if you lay the foundation for a healthy life in your younger years, your older years may very well be some of the best of your life. She says her point is not about keeping up with your youthful appearance.

In fact, none of this is about beauty and the aesthetics of our bodies. It’s about feeling young and strong. To gracefully age, you should feel better, stronger and more capable now than you I did when you were twenty years old. This is because you’re taking better care of yourself. Cameron says she looks after herself better in the last fifteen years than she did in the first twenty-six years of her life.

This is the key to graceful aging.

Sleep Long And Hard

All jokes aside, we need to spend a decent amount of time getting quality sleep. This is so important to achieving a life where we’re able to gracefully age.

Cameron explains that we spend a good portion of our lives asleep, or trying to sleep. But the quality of that time spent sleeping determines our mood and our mental sharpness. This sleep quality doesn’t only affect the next morning but the next years of our life. To gracefully age, we must sleep and sleep well.

To conclude, there is no straight road or easy map to figure out how to gracefully age. It’s got a great amount to do with your mindset and how you view getting older. More importantly, it’s got to do with how you live your life, what you choose to put in or take out of it, and your daily habits. Whatever you do, try not to stress about aging because this won’t help. Take Cameron’s advice and embrace the journey to finding out how to gracefully age.

Live. Laugh. Move. Eat. Love. Sleep. 


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