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Fasting is what many people are choosing to do with their eating habits. What’s more popular is the 16:8 intermittent fasting diet. In fact, these words have been popping up all over the health and fitness industry this past year. And no, fasting doesn’t mean starving yourself. It’s more like a scheduled time to fast to condense food consumption into a smaller part of the day. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston swear by its amazing health, weight loss, and vitality benefits.

However, the question remains…Is intermittent fasting the right approach for you? Not necessarily. Everyone is different and our bodies respond to diets uniquely. There are also so many versions of fasting, many of which are questionable. The last thing you want is to hop onto is another fad diet bandwagon. Having said that, intermittent fasting seems to remain a healthier alternative compared to other kinds of diets out there.

The goal is to schedule most of your carbohydrates into a smaller section of each day. You usually have around eight hours to do this, so it’s not too restrictive. Jennifer Aniston is the latest star to express her love for fasting. She’s 50-years-old and she looks incredible! The actress says she doesn’t eat breakfast and only consumes liquids like coffee and celery juice in the mornings. She explains that she eats most of her food into the final part of the day.

Sounds doable, but this doesn’t mean it is the solution for everybody.

Fasting Works For Jennifer Aniston

Although this is a growing trend, many people are claiming that scheduling meals works best. We still need to ask ourselves what works best for our own bodies. You need to do your research. Studies do show that it can help with weight lossimprove metabolismmemoryand even mood. Many people also claim that fasting can help you best that sluggish feeling.

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In fact, research also supports the positive effects of intermittent fasting on insulin resistancedecreasing inflammation and supporting a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

I won’t lie, it sounds pretty great. The only issue is that it might be tricky for everyone to sustain. You see, unlike Jennifer Aniston, some might struggle to comfortably fit fasting and eating periods into their work and social life. It might also be difficult for those who are athletes or train often. You also need to be careful if you suffer from hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.  If you do then you need to eat smaller, frequent meals.

 Health experts state that it can be an issue if you’re not fuelling and refueling your body appropriately around workouts. Especially since intermittent fasting only tells you when to eat, not what to eat to stay healthy and balanced.

Moreover, nutritionists see many people hopping on and off the fasting bandwagon because they start to feel out of touch with their hunger and fullness cues. This mind-body disconnect can make it difficult to establish an overall healthy diet for the long haul. For certain people, this could lead to or resurface disordered eating behaviors. That’s why you must do your research or visit a doctor/dietician first if you want to start intermittent fasting.

Here’s Why Jen Fasts

According to Jen, because she follows intermittent fasting, she doesn’t eat anything in the morning. In an interview, she explains that she noticed a big difference in going without solid food for 16 hours. Okay, but how does Jen get by in the mornings? She says she always has coffee and celery juice, which has also taken off in the wellness world this year.

She’s not the only celebrity who chooses to fast either. Kourtney Kardashian, Halle Berry, Kate Walsh, Hugh Jackman, and Brooke Burke have also seen amazing results from intermittent fasting!

There are so my apps nowadays that can help you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals too. Personalised applications like Noom provide all kinds of diet programs that fit into your lifestyle. So, in reality, there is no excuse for not getting into shape.

Is Fasting Too Restrictive?

Long question, short answer. It could very well be. In fact, some might consider not eating for more than half a day highly restrictive. However, when you fast intermittently properly then it’s not bad at all. Jen explains that the time you sleep counts as part of your fast. So you won’t even be aware of a large portion of it.

Thank goodness for that, because there’s nothing worse than energy levels sinking and feeling ravenous. Jen says you just have to delay breakfast until 10 am and kick off with a celery juice every morning instead. Then you can eat later in the day, but be sure to stop eating by 5 or 6 pm, for the fasting to begin again.

This doesn’t mean you can never eat when you feel like it. Jen says she’s not completely rigid with her diet and allows herself a ‘cheat’ day once a week. But 80% of the time, she prioritises her health by staying in shape with daily boxing, cardio sweat sessions, yoga and meditation. 

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Jennifer Aniston Loves a Good Sweat Session

I think we can all agree that this actress has a banging body. Intermittent fasting might be her nutritional secret, but she certainly doesn’t skimp on the exercise either. Jen told People magazine after winning 2016’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman, that she feels really beautiful when she finishes a great workout.

After Jen has taken care of her body with exercise, her endorphins get going, and her blood pumps. This is the point, you’ve got to take care of the one body you have. Moreover, Jen has a spin bike, an elliptical bike, and a treadmill. She says she does cardio for at least 20 minutes a day because even that short burst makes a difference.

Besides all the hard work, it’s also vital to ‘rest the body’ according to Jen. Sometimes she goes a whole week without hitting the gym. Jen says it’s hard work to work out, take care of yourself, and worry about other aspects of your life. That’s why it’s very important to eat right and get enough sleep to maintain your happiness.

A LOT of people follow Jen on Instagram, 15.5 million followers to be exact. She only has about four posts. It’s no wonder her posts are easy to relate to with her body views too, admitting she used to moan about the way her booty wobbled with her mum. Sadly, everybody has something that they’re not satisfied with on their bodies. But the point is to learn to love yourself as a whole.

You Don’t Have To Fast

Just because Jen does it, doesn’t mean it’s the only way to lose weight. However, studies do say that intermittent fasting will help you lose and control your weight without causing you to starve yourself. It might also be better for you to see the concept of time-restricted eating or TRE. This is something Adelaide researchers earlier this year found has a range of health benefits, including losing weight faster than people who ate fewer calories and had improvements in blood pressure.

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Not only can intermittent fasting help you reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, but it might also lower cortisol levels (i.e.. eliminate stress) and reduce inflammation. There are others who also follow another form of intermittent fasting called the 5:2 diet. This has been hailed by many as the easiest way to lose weight and keep it off.

Reportedly, this is just five days of the week when you eat normally. Don’t get too excited because this doesn’t mean coke and pizza. It means whole foods only.

Then the other two days, which don’t have to be in a row, you are restricted to five, six, seven hundred calories, depending on whose regimen you’re following. Once again, we are not too sure how sustainable this is in the long term and many experts advise against this because they think it might be another fad diet. So be careful about what you choose to do.

All in all, the main reason people try fasting is usually to lose or maintain weight. Jennifer Aniston or not, every fasting diet is designed to help you reduce your caloric consumption. We are still uncertain about which approach is the best and there is no hardcore evidence proving that fasting is better than a calorie-controlled approach. That’s not to say that fasting won’t help you lose weight. Just know that if you don’t do it carefully, it could backfire. There are no quick fixes or silver bullets.

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