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Fashion brands, beauty, and sports industries are finally starting to make a difference in our environment. The effect of fast fashion and plastic wastage is taking a toll on our sea creatures. It’s time for the culprit brands and our communities to come to the party.

This year, we’re seeing more of them raising awareness about the threats facing our oceans and taking action to save them. Thank goodness!

We’re hoping it leads to a mental, if not physical, total environmental transformation, brands [longevity live]

Fashion Brands Start An Eco-Revolution

Plastic has become something that we all depend on far too much in our daily lives. And as a result, our oceans, just like our lands, are starting to deteriorate. Studies state that there are close to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic waste being washed into the ocean every year.

If you cringed reading that, don’t stress because so did I.

In addition, The United Nations Environment Programme estimates that there are already 51 trillion microplastic particles in our oceans. Not only is our commercial world to blame for this but poor waste removal services. But, so is the ships, offshore oil and gas platforms.

Plastic waste is probably one of the biggest threats to our marine life. You may not be oblivious to this sad reality, but it can feel a little difficult knowing how you can personally brands [longevity live]

Thankfully, there are a number of fashion brands, beauty, and sports brands that have taken hold of the cause. They are on a mission to educate their customers and save the world’s oceans and quite a few other ocean-related problems.  Their goal is to promote the cause through special donations and collections.

The Best Fashion Brands In Action

Here are a few amazing fashion brands that stand out in our fight to save the marine world. Thank you to BOAT for documenting our top eco-friendly brands.


fashion brands [longevity live]

Last month, June 2018, was World Oceans Day. Frangipani is a London-based menswear brand and released exciting news that they have renewed their long-term partnership with the Blue Marine Foundation.

The fashion brand tells us that they are supporting the ocean conservation work of the Blue Marine Foundation. Better yet, Frangipani has also designed a limited edition shirt called The Big Blue. Every time they make a sale, 25% of the profits get donated to the charity.


fashion brands [longevity live]

This retro, California-based classic sneaker brand has teamed up with ocean conservation organization Oceana. Their collaboration is set up to help protect the world’s marine life.

Toms has even designed their very own whale-inspired limited edition collection. The collection has nine different styles for men, women, and children. They then donated the money to Oceana to help protect the whales, dolphins, seals, sea turtles, sharks, and fish. Toms hopes to restore many habitats and food supplies that have been destroyed by harmful fishing practices.


fashion brands [longevity live]Again, we have another London-based luxury fashion brand. However, this brand doesn’t donate money to animal conservation organizations as an act of charity. Instead, the brand believes all animals and the environment should be valued for the inspiration and materials they provide for each collection.

Their environmental approach inspires them to create designs from sustainable materials. Plus, all of their products are delivered in plastic-free recyclable packaging, Sports meets fashion, whereby Montesogno has also teamed up with international sports brand Prendas Ciclismo. The two brands are planning to create a cycling jersey with Montesogno’s marine-inspired ‘Animage’ print. Better yet, 10% of every sale is donated to the Whitley Fund for Nature to conserve parts of the ocean.


fashion brands [longevity live]

This fashion brand knows what they’re doing when it comes to sustainable clothing. H&M is most famous for its Conscious Collection and clothes recycling campaigns.

However, we expect to see a change in focus. This season, all of their new designs are inspired by the marine world. The entire Conscious Collection used a material made from plastic waste called BIONIC. This must be the reason for their new ocean campaign. The material is made of plastic items that are collected from different beaches around the world.

fashion brands [longevity live]

Stella McCartney

The fashion brand is built on an anti-cruelty, fur, and leather-free ethos. Therefore, it is a perfect match for Stella McCartney to turn its attention to the oceans. As part of its autumn/winter 2017 collection, shown at Paris Fashion Week in March 2017, the brand debuted a range of ‘skin-free skin’ looks.

Stella McCartney creates the designs using newly developed fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles taken straight from the ocean. The collection included some incredibly realistic looking (and feeling) leather bomber jackets and suede skirts. Now it’s possible for us to invest in stylish, high-fashion without having to feel too guilty.


fashion brands [longevity live]

Online surf, skate, and skiwear retailer Surfdome has always supported ocean sustainability projects. For example, in 2014 they launched their own #2MinuteBeachClean project with writer and television presenter Martin Dorey. The project’s motto is that every little bit counts.

Surfdome encouraged people visiting beaches around the world to pick up as much or leave as little plastic litter as they can. This is amazing! On top of this, they are also publicizing beach cleans. Surfdome has replaced its plastic mailing bags with recycled cardboard boxes printed with information about the campaign and implemented a greater focus on selling sustainable clothing.

Alongside this Surfdome has also founded the Plastic Project which sends explorers and documentarians to the remotest coasts on earth. This is to learn how plastic pollution is devastating these areas which were otherwise untouched. Basically to share some insight on the importance of human intervention in this crisis.

These are just a few brands that stuck out in the eco-revolution. But if you’d like to see more, check out BOAT.

We are so happy that communities of people and bigger fashion brands are starting to take action. Our world is such a beautiful place, and we need to nurture its life, without which we cannot survive. There is more life in our oceans than there is on our lands. Most of it is unexplored, now, that is saying something about the arrogance of the human race.

Let us bow down to mother nature and learn to modest and grateful once again. Ethical fashion and beach clean up’s are a fantastic way to pave the path.

Find out about the darker side of the fashion industry being revealed through a trend known as fast fashion.

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