Do you ever get bored being healthy? Yes, sometimes being healthy can feel like a drag, especially when all everyone seems to do is tell you what you’re doing wrong with your wellness. However, staying healthy doesn’t have to feel like a tedious mission.

In fact, leading a healthy lifestyle can be a fun and lively journey. If you’re not sure how to put the fun back into your health and wellness routine, then worry not.

In fact, this is exactly why Longevity LIVE has created Wellness Wednesdays – a weekly Instagram interview at 19h00 SAST.

Hosted by the founder of the World of Longevity, Gisèle Wertheim Aymés, Wellness Wednesday is set to help you on your health and wellness journey.  Joined by a different expert each week on @longevity_live. Gisèle and her guests will help you take baby steps with facts and points.

Wellness Wednesday ft Celynn Morin: Putting the Fun Back into Health and Wellness

Celynn Morin

Celynn is a UK-based health specialist who has been delivering workplace well-being programmes for over two decades. With her ‘raison d’etre’ being on how she can enrich the quality of people’s lives. She truly is the best person to listen to when it comes to taking better care of yourself in a way that is celebratory and enjoyable.

I strongly believe that if we focus on doing the do’s, then it makes it easier not to worry so much about the don’ts because nobody wants to be in a state of denial or deprivation,” says Celynn, who adds that she would rather we focus on what we can add in, rather than taking things away.

The Do’s Of Health

Longevity genes

There’s a lot our genes can tell us, and if we listen closely, we might even be able to understand our health better.

Genetic tests may not be the whole puzzle, but they are a big piece of it,” says Celynn. She shares that her genetic tests revealed that she may have trouble absorbing vitamin D, and as such, this has prompted her to experiment with different types of vitamin D. “These tests can help you make choices around supplements, medication, diet, food, and even the way you manage your emotional well-being.”


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Eat like an artist

The brighter your plate, the better your health. This is because the compounds found in fruits and vegetables that make them so colorful are actually powerful antioxidants that can help to improve your health, and even reduce your risk for chronic diseases.

Eat an abundance of colour – no not jelly beans,” quips Celynn, “Eat foods that are rich in colour but also don’t have packaging.

Gut health is real health

It’s important not to underestimate the impact that your gut health can have on your overall health. Basically, if your gut isn’t healthy, then you won’t be.

If the gut microbiome is not healthy, then the gut lining is potentially not strong and that is when gluten becomes an issue,” shares Celynn. According to her, when she’s feeling stressed, she tends to have a lower tolerance for processed foods. However, when she’s healthy and her gut health is fine, mainly because she’s eating like an artist and sleeping well, then she can tolerate more.

Sleep deep, not long


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Getting enough quality sleep can be hard, especially during a pandemic. However, as sleep is so important for your wellness, it’s vital that you find ways to improve your sleep habits. According to Celynn, there are ways to approach this:

Look at how you switch off

We have so much stimulation, and we’re so switched on throughout the day. So, being able to fall into a deep sleep is difficult for a lot of us,” says Celynn. She advises that we find ways to effectively wine down by staying off of our screens and avoiding caffeine.

Exercise is medicine

We spend so much time behind the screen that our energy can drop, and we feel that we are too tired to exercise,” says Celynn. However, she says that this is usually when we need it the most. According to her, exercise should be non-negotiable and if possible, we should try to move our bodies, “We don’t need to be doing major exercise – 30 minutes of walking is enough.


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Stress less

Stress is a huge contributor to weight gain – stressed spelled backward is desserts.”

Not only does stress make us crave sweet things, but it can also produce hormones that indirectly make it easier for us to store weight. As we’re living through such stressful times, Celynn advises that we adopt effective stress-relieving techniques like exercising and sleeping better.


The video interview with Celynn Morin contains the entire dialogue of this interview, and you can watch it below.


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