While spas and aesthetic clinics have slowly opened their doors, some clients are still shying away from visiting these establishments due to the risk of infection. So, as we continue to enhance our home skills, such as baking banana bread and braiding our hair, we can also learn how to improve the health of our skin on our own. Here are seven steps to a DIY facial, as well as some products to promote glowing skin.

7-Step DIY Facial


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This is always the first step. It will prep the skin for treatment and clear it of any dirt or oil. It’s important to start your facial on a clean and fresh palette. You can find out here why double cleansing is important.

You should first use a cleansing oil, as this will help to remove makeup, dirt, and impurities. Make sure to gently massage the oil cleanser into the skin, paying special attention to your T-zone – this area is usually congested with oil and impurities. Double cleansing can help you do just that and prepare your skin to better absorb the ingredients of the rest of your skincare.

Try: Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm
This is an effective, lightweight cleanser that won’t irritate the skin.

Following the oil cleanse, use a cleanser that is gentle on the skin to remove any additional impurities.

Try: QMS Epigen Pollution Detox Cleansing Gel
It contains lactobionic acid, for a deep yet gentle cleanse. The cleanser also contains botanical amino acids, which offer antioxidant protection from the aging and harmful effects of external pollutants.


Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, enabling the product of your choice to penetrate the skin better. Remember, for any facial, a chemical exfoliant is much gentler on the skin than a physical one.

Try: Team Dr. Joseph Gentle Clarifying Enzyme Peel

This peel uses the power of fruit enzymes to exfoliate the skin. Papaya enzymes help to dissolve dead skin cells, while pineapple enzymes are rich in vitamin C, which helps to trigger the production of collagen, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Pour hot water into a bowl; then, place your face over the bowl, with a towel over your head. The steam will help to unclog your pores so that your skin will better absorb all the necessary ingredients from the products used.


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At this point in your facial, it’s best to choose a face mask that will address a specific skin concern, be it dehydration, hyperpigmentation, oiliness, breakouts, or dullness.

Try: Skin Republic Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen

• It combines hyaluronic acid and collagen to give your skin a hydrating and anti-aging boost. By providing moisture to the skin, and keeping the skin hydrated, hyaluronic acid helps to prevent the development of wrinkles. In addition, collagen helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, giving the skin a healthy glow, by giving it elasticity.


Like a face mask, a serum penetrates deeper into the skin, delivering a dose of active ingredients.

Try: Gatineau Perfection Ultime Cream-Serum

This lightweight serum is rich in a number of active ingredients that are beneficial for skin health. In addition to hyaluronic acid, which we know helps to moisturize the skin, the serum also contains the plant extract Neurophroline, which aims to combat the aging effects triggered by the stress hormone cortisol. It also contains the herb Centella asiatica and white tea, both of which are rich in antioxidants, helping to protect your skin from inflammation and aging.


Following the serum application, gently massage a moisturizer into your skin; the massage will help to boost blood circulation. If you’d like, you can use a face roller to massage the moisturizer into your skin.

Try: Claire Hill Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

It contains the anti-aging ingredient SNAP-8, which is reported to mimic the effects of Botox. It’s made up of a chain of eight amino acids, helping to alleviate the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by inhibiting the protein that goes on to form a wrinkle.


As effective as a facial can be for the health of your skin, it’s always important to apply sunscreen, as the final step. The fact is, no facial can offer protection from the harmful effects of UV rays like sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

Try: Heliocare 360° Color Gel

This product offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, it also provides anti-aging benefits, as it’s rich in antioxidants. In addition, the tint offers a natural coverage for your skin, which is especially beneficial for those with uneven skin tones.

There you have it: an easy, seven-step guide to a DIY facial that will leave you with healthier and happier skin. While you’re treating yourself, why don’t you create a spa-like ambience at home by lighting a candle, and enjoying some calming music? With the year that’s now behind us, you deserve to spoil yourself a little.

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