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Even if you religiously carve out time for your daily walk and morning sunscreen application, aging is the inevitable doom for even the most skin-care-oriented middle-aged folks out there. Besides wrinkling our formally flawless complexions, age-related changes can lead to balance issues in older adults, making falls and other mobility problems much more likely. Additionally, bodily changes can also lead to shorter stature and sluggish metabolism. For those actively combatting signs of aging, be warned that seniors may experience sagging and droopiness in their faces with a loss of facial volume.

However, despite these challenges, there are still many ways to act against aging and gracefully go into the process. By switching up your diet, incorporating some new exercises, and making time for meditation, you can turn back the clock, even as you approach your late 70s. 

Exercises that can improve signs of aging

Exercise is a daily routine must-have, regardless of age. However, did you know that certain motions can prevent some of aging’s adverse side-effects? For example, weightlifting can help reverse a condition known as sarcopenia – it’s a decline in skeletal and muscular strength. Additionally, workout programs that include periods of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), or intervals between moderate and fast-paced exercise, have been found to slow aging.

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Choose a mobility aid wisely

After fast-approaching the zenith of their golden years, many adults turn to mobility aids to help them navigate their day-to-day routines and cope with balance issues. Although many seniors with mobility issues have relied on traditional walkers for several decades, the standard design forces the user to hunch over, potentially exacerbating existing back pain and annoying wrist strain. State-of-the-art upright walker designs, like those from The Perfect Walker, can alleviate these issues while contributing to improved posture and optimal back health. 

Maintaining independence well into your golden years, ensure your mobility aid isn’t to blame for your aches and pains. After all, there is no expiration date on glowing confidence

A new skincare routine

We all dread the day when wrinkles and sunspots make an unwelcome appearance in our bathroom mirrors. Fortunately, beauty gurus of all ages can reclaim their complexions and valiantly fight against Father Time’s cruel and unusual punishments. 

Retinoids are one skincare solution that can combat facial aging, lightening dark spots, and reducing wrinkles. Glycolic acid is another wrinkle-reducing product gaining traction in Hollywood. Superstars like Jennifer Lopez swear by this ingredient,  dubbing glycolic acid a skincare routine must-have (especially for those skincare fanatics over 50 looking to avoid costly Botox injections).

Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex is a dietary supplement that helps to promote healthy and wrinkle-free skin by stopping the breakdown of collagen.

Switch up your plate

We’re all familiar with the age-old adage “you are what you eat”. But did you know that what you eat also plays a part in the aging process?  

Swapping out saturated fats found in many types of meat and dairy products with healthy fats found in fatty fish and nuts is one way to prevent heart disease and promote brain health. Additionally, research has found that munching on certain fruits and veggies is another way to combat aging skin. 

Anti-inflammatory foods like avocado or papaya reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, meaning anti-aging can be as simple as preparing a serving of avocado toast. 

Mental health matters

Slight adjustments to your diet and exercise routine can help keep the body young. However, it’s critical to take action to keep your mind as youthful as your complexion. Meditation is a tried-and-true practice that can improve mental health at any age. 


Research has shown that people who meditate regularly have more gray matter in their brains. This suggests that meditation might slow age-related mental atrophy. Additionally, apps like Headspace and Calm can help young and old alike meditate from the comfort of their own home.

Surround yourself with healthy relationships

Healthy relationships are another way to preserve your mental health and promote vitality as you age. Strong social relationships can boost physical and mental health while combating feelings of loneliness weighing down empty-nesters near and far. 

Further, those who expand their social networks outside of close family ties might experience additional health benefits. Studies show that older adults who spent time hosting dinner parties or catching up over coffee with people outside their immediate family fared better than adults whose networks were just family-based.

Final thoughts

You may choose to lean into your silvering hair and deepening smile lines. You may even opt to resist these signs of aging. Nonetheless, getting older is simply the name of the game. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to diving into your golden years. Age gracefully by introducing anti-inflammatory foods to your diet and choosing the right mobility aid. That way, you can turn back the clock and stay fresh-faced for years to come. 

Linda Williams

Linda Williams

Linda Williams is a UIC alumnus. She has nurtured a successful career as a legal secretary over the last 20+ years. During this time, she supported some of the most esteemed attorneys in Chicago. When she's not writing legal documents at lightning speeds or developing her personal writing portfolio, Linda enjoys wellness and spending time with her beautiful children -- especially her new granddaughter! According to Linda, nothing sparks joy quite like quality time with family, a good book, and opportunities to find your creative voice


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