Cannabis is a distinct plant with varying effects on the body, depending on the strain you take. We can classify cannabis as immune-modulators. This means that there is some kind of influence that cannabis exerts on the immune system when people use the plant for medicinal purposes.

Research reveals that cannabis suppresses our immune system, which explains why it decreases inflammation. Depending on the condition of your body, this can be a good or bad thing. Inflammation energizes the body to fight viruses and infections as well as traps and suppresses them, preventing further spread.

Cannabis and Immunity

There are also indications that cannabis makes our immune system stronger and more capable of fighting infection. People living with HIV/AIDS or cancer will find cannabis tremendously helpful. This is because it can reduce the effects of the symptoms and energize the antibodies to better handle the disease. Studies suggest that regular use of cannabis can boost white blood cell count in immunodeficiency disorders (HIV). This indicates an immune boost.

Over the years, as far back as early civilization, man has consumed cannabis for health, wellness, and nutritional purposes. It was an integral part of our medication then as it provided tremendous relief for pain alongside its breathtaking calming effect.

With the advancement in technology of the 21st century, man has tried to understand the molecular structure of cannabis alongside this magic elixir’s specific effect on our body. While there have been many discoveries from a series of experiments, what we know is small primarily in how cannabis interacts with the immune system.

Cannabis, HIV, and White Blood Cells

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There are many unpleasant symptoms that people living with HIV/AIDS do experience. These symptoms could be due to the illness and the antiretroviral treatment therapy they are going through. A few of these are pain, vomiting, neuropathy, loss of appetite, etc. With cannabis, people in this category can reduce some of these symptoms.

According to a study involving men living with HIV, taking cannabis showed a fascinating boost in white blood cell count. We can categorize white blood cell counts as antibodies resident in the bone marrow. They can be like the body police that combats foreign and dangerous cells that could get into the body.

Furthermore, the study revealed that cannabis significantly reduced brain inflammation that arose due to HIV. In other words, cannabis prevented the virus from latching onto the body, which affected its differentiation.

Suppresses Inflammation of the Immune System

Inflammatory disease in the body is associated with pain. Inflammation is where the body’s immune system can be the forerunner to many health issues like active hepatitis, arthritis, chronic peptic ulcers. There are many things responsible for inflammatory disease. One of them is an autoimmune disorder.

Interestingly, the healing power of CBD oil is one of the proven solutions to this health challenge. CBD’s anti-inflammatory ability is evident in reducing pain that accompanies many inflammatory diseases like multiple sclerosis.

One of CBD’s most common uses is treating pain and every sort of body discomfort. There are endocannabinoids (neurotransmitters that attach CBD to the nervous system) in the body. When CBD interacts with endocannabinoids, it suppresses chronic pain due to its interaction with its neurotransmitters.

May Have An Effect On Cancer Cells

Cancer patients have a weak immune system as the cancer cells replicate. This weakness is also one of the side effects of chemotherapy. Cannabis, however, can provide the ultimate relief to cancer patients. One can trace it to the impact of cannabis on both chemotherapy and the symptoms.

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Specifically, cannabinoids like THC can starve tumor cells by cutting off their blood supply. It also encourages apoptosis – cell tumors’ death without any adverse effect on nearby healthy cells and tissues. Chemotherapy,  on the other hand, destroys cancer cells, and surrounding healthy tissues also suffer.

Besides preventing the division of cancer cells, CBD also stimulates the brain, hormones, and the body’s immune system. However, it is essential to note that CBD cannot serve as the sole treatment for cancer.

In the same way, bear in mind that there are forms of cannabis with varying effects on the body. Users can buy cannabis from a reputed weed store to get tremendous benefits. 

Strengthens Your Mental Health

One can experience many instant effects on the consumption of cannabis. A few of the wide range of benefits that come from the consumption of cannabis include muscle relaxation, relieving side effects of stroke and heart attack, realigning of the nervous system, improving brain function, suppressing pain, improving mood, reducing insomnia. It also relieves mental disorders like pain and anxiety.

All these health benefits of this magical seed can be traced to the composition. CBD is rich in omega-3 fatty acids alongside other minerals like iron, zinc, and vitamin A. They are powerful stress boosters that keep the mind active. With an active mind and a healthy body, your body is strong enough to develop antibodies that will fight diseases or pathogens.

Hemp seeds can also act as weight gain agents or dietary supplements. You can simply sprinkle them in your yogurt or smoothie to integrate them into your diet.

CBD Oil Can Fight Neuroinflammatory Conditions

If the brain does not get sufficient blood supply, it could pave the way for further health challenges like stroke, cerebral ischemia, or even head injuries. The immune system’s status is also vital in either boosting or restricting neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory conditions. This factor explains why people with a weak immune system are prone to developing such diseases.

One of the elementary functions of CBD in the body is achieving neurogenesis in the brain. This significantly reduces conditions like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, lateral sclerosis, and other neuroinflammatory diseases.

There are two ways in which the immune system fights diseases. These happen through humoral immunity and cell-mediated immunity. For optimum immunity and health, the body must maintain the right balance between the two. While this is the responsibility of the endocannabinoid system, you can stimulate it with CBD oil. The result is an optimal immune system kicking off diseases and pathogens at all levels.

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This elixir is a blessing to man as it helps strengthen the immune system. If you take cannabis in the right dose, as well as under necessary supervision, it can translate to a healthy immune system, strong enough to tackle adverse health issues.

Although the research available is not conclusive on how cannabis affects the immune system in the long run, we can continue to enjoy the tremendous benefits CBD has to offer our immune system until then.


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