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With aging comes the fear of the end of life, but longevity is more than a genetic concept. Of course, you have a better life expectancy if it runs in your family. But you can actually do your bit to add more years to your life and stay healthy over these years. Longevity Live Partner Content.

Everything boils down to embracing healthy habits such as eating a balanced diet, following a regular workout schedule, staying ahead of scheduled health checks, and getting enough sleep. Besides these basics, you can embrace some lesser-known habits to keep disease at bay and live your life to the fullest. Let us share some expert-based unconventional tips to enhance your longevity.

Unconventional Tips To Enhance Your Longevity

Lose weight

healthy tips | Longevity LIVEObesity is a risk factor for several chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. These health issues can take years off your life, so you must work on the root cause. Keep an eye on the scales and commit to maintaining optimal weight. The best way to do it is to count your calories. Eat more fiber, limit sugar intake, and exercise regularly to eliminate the extra pounds and inches. 

Take regular breaks

Although you need to slog to make money and survive, pushing too hard can affect your health and longevity. Scheduling regular breaks can lower the disease risks and enhance your physical and mental well-being. Manage your sleep routine for daily breaks. Plan a relaxing break in the mountains or on the seaside to reset your body and mind. You may even book a vacation at a wellness resort to go the extra mile. 

Ditch stress for good

Stress is a silent killer and can slowly burn years from your life. However, ditching it is a breeze, provided you are committed and creative. A daily meditation routine is a great start. Try aromatherapy, relaxing massages, and hot baths infused with essential oil. Try a Delta 8 product to experience immense stress relief. The cannabinoid is a less potent THC, so it promises a subtle high instead of hard hits. Embrace it as a natural remedy for daily stress relief without worrying about going over the top.


Surprisingly, connecting with others can boost your longevity and make you happier. Conversely, isolation can elevate the risk of developing chronic conditions. People in healthy relationships tend to live longer, so nurture your bond with your partner. Likewise, spend quality time with loved ones, meet friends often, and cultivate positive relationships at work. Bonding with a pet is also therapeutic.

Ditch bad habits

smoking | Longevity LIVEThis one is a no-brainer because ditching bad habits will definitely prolong your lifespan. Start by listing down things you should skip and create tentative timelines for releasing the habits. Smoking, unhealthy eating, sedentary patterns, and overdrinking should be on the list of give-ups. Eliminating and decluttering the bad things creates space for positivity and healthy habits.

A long and healthy life is everyone’s goal, but people fail to do their bit to achieve it. Besides following the proven ways to live longer, try these unconventional ideas to live better. 


Natalie O'Brian

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