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The ability to extract more out of the team in a pandemic situation rests upon managers, who can follow specific techniques to get the workforce to perform at the highest level. Discover productivity advice in our comprehensive article!

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about future changes to the way businesses have been run in the last year. The workspaces are being stretched by several restrictions, boundaries, and productivity challenges. So far, it has been the norm for organizations to follow a specific culture or tradition to keep the workflow going. However, this is challenging to follow in a remote working environment, something new for everyone. However, there are some simple elements that managers can keep in mind when trying to get the best out of their team during the pandemic.

7 Productivity For The Pandemic

Be Aware of the Interest of Employees

An average employee receives several hundred emails per day, and they do not get to know how to increase productivity when the appropriate messages do not reach them. One of the common reasons for this error is that employees would simply skip many emails – if they are too frequent. It is crucial to grab the attention of the workforce with only relevant and essential messages. The productivity meaning will go down drastically if an employee working from home is pestered with a ton of emails.

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Communication Through the Right Channels

Communication with the workforce is now one of the biggest challenges, as they are not in a central location. However, it is certainly possible to communicate in the right way.

 You just have to ensure that the total factor productivity is achieved through good communication on all channels. Using just one communication method may not work in a workforce that comprises people from different generations. For example, some people might prefer to talk over the phone, whereas some would prefer most communication through chat or other productivity tools. Other people prefer various apps when they take breaks to enjoy no deposit games to win real cash. Let people choose what they use frequently.

Receiving Feedback From Employees

There are significant advantages of remote work, which can also be quite a challenge in many instances. For example, there may be a feeling of loneliness for the employee, who would feel disconnected from the workplace due to their remote operations.

There will also be a challenge in balancing their home and work lives when they cannot physically leave home. The team might be tempted easily by other things than finishing the assigned task. It is vital to receive feedback from such employees so that managers can suggest solutions that can enhance the productivity definition while still retaining the work-life balance.

Focusing On Empathy

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced a system and situation like no other. Even though many of the work forces might be comfortable working from home, one should be aware that the situation is not the same for everyone.

Therefore, one should have a lot of sympathy for approaching the team regarding productivity improvement. It is vital to give them some time to adjust to the new normal, to excel when it matters. Once empathy is imprinted into space, it automatically influences the rest of the workforce.

Using Various Modern Tools for Productivity

One can come across a ton of tools and solutions for better productivity. The productivity planner is one such tool that is making a difference by keeping users on top of their schedules. One can come across tools like Zoho Projects, Trello, Slack, and more.

These can bring together individuals from different corners of the globe into a meeting, just as they would do regularly. The use of these modern tools will ensure that the workforce is not bored or tired by the time they get to the meeting.

Creating a New Virtual Schedule

The manager has to be available more often than not to ensure that the productivity apps are being utilized to their full potential. One can create a meeting just as they would do in a normal office routine. The growth of technology means that a manager will accomplish these tasks as long as they are online and available. 

The distractions created for individuals to work from the home environment are tremendous. However, create a professional work ethic making sure that a schedule is created for office hours. This would lead to a better work-life balance, which is crucial for better productivity. An employee who is stressed out by the sheer volume of work will find it difficult to achieve anything of great significance.

Better Use of  Time

A significant factor in any business’s success is time, which certainly does not wait for no man. One must make sure that the time spent identifying the problem, creating the solution, and presenting the same does not take up a lot of time.

The good impression provided with time management from an employee is a sure sign that they will work in a team scenario. Only people who stick to deadlines and are more concerned about being punctual will be able to shine in a high-stress environment. This will ultimately lead to increased productivity for managers to consider.


There is no reason why ‘working from home’ can end up maintaining the level of employee productivity – or even improve the same – during the coronavirus pandemic. There has been an increased strain on managers, but they can easily overcome these options.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below with your favorite productivity technique!

Who Is The Author?


Thomas Glare

Thomas Glare boasts an MBA from NYU and has worked in two major corporations until he was 30. He loves management, delegating, and long-term strategy, and he currently lives in Washington, DC. Thomas is currently working on a coaching business dedicated to managers worldwide.

Thomas Glare

Thomas Glare

Thomas Glare boasts an MBA from NYU and has worked in two major corporations until he was 30. He loves management, delegating, and long-term strategy, and he currently lives in Washington, DC. Thomas is currently working on a coaching business dedicated to managers worldwide.


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