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CBD oil has seen a spike in interest in the recent past. As this hype continues to grow, you might have become curious about the benefits of the oil. Although the use of medical marijuana is still a politically and emotionally charged topic, research shows that there may be huge benefits of the CBD oil. Most people around the world are beginning to take note since there is evidence to back up the claims about the benefits.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is a compound present in marijuana; it is part of a family of compounds called cannabinoids. Until recently, THC, which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis, received most of the attention. According to a study published in 2013, CBD has various health benefits and no psychoactive effects.

These benefits include:

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Pain Relief

Pain relief is amongst the top benefits of using CBD oil. It is amongst the main reasons people are paying attention to this oil. Evidence suggests that high-quality CBD oil can inhibit the neural transmission of pain. As a result, the person can relax without the need to consume large amounts of pain medication. A study on rodents found that it offers pain relief without causing analgesic tolerance. The oil could be a useful therapeutic compound for helping those with chronic pain to cope. An analysis conducted in 2007 in Canada found that it was effective in offering pain relief for patients with multiple sclerosis.

Most people still use cannabis to treat pain in the US. It is the reason why many states approve the use of medical cannabis. In various studies, results show that those using opioids and CBD oil simultaneously, usually reduce the number of pills they need to take with time. For those who wish to get pain relief but not the psychoactive effects of marijuana, this oil can be a great alternative.

Helps Reduce Depression and Anxiety

In a study that involved healthy volunteers and animal models, evidence showed that cannabis has anxiolytic-like effects, which reduce anxiety and even help deal with depression. It is especially useful for patients who have a social anxiety disorder. It could also help patients deal with panic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and various other mental disorders that can impair the ability to function.

In a study conducted in 2011, results showed that the oil could help to deal with social anxiety within just a few hours of taking it. The oil reduces anxiety and discomfort that may arise during a public speech. The study revealed that alertness in anticipation of a speech decreased significantly.

It Helps to Alleviate the Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer treatment usually comes with some major side effects that include pain and nausea. In a study on the THC and CBD compounds, results showed that those treated using an extract that contained both compounds saw a huge reduction in pain. The extract containing THC and CBD was found to be more effective when compared to the extract made up of just THC. Though there are drugs to deal with the side effects of cancer treatment, they are ineffective in some cases. It is why having an alternative such as CBD oil is important.

Besides fighting the side effects of cancer, preliminary evidence shows that the oil is effective in fighting the spread of cancerous cells. In one study in 2006, this oil was shown to inhibit the growth of breast tumor cells selectively. When examining the non-cancerous cells, results revealed that the oil had reduced potency on them compared to cancerous ones. The oil is non-toxic even when taken for prolonged periods. Thus, in the future, its use for prolonged treatment of cancer is a possibility. However, it is worth noting that these were tests done in labs. They only show the potential that they could have for humans.

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Acne is a skin condition, which afflicts about 9% of all people. It occurs due to various factors that include overproduction of sebum, genetics, and bacteria. Treating acne with laser therapy is amongst the most common options used. However, CBD oil might offer a cheaper alternative. In one study, the oil prevented the cells in sebum glands from producing too much sebum, which is a cause of acne. The study also found that the oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which prevents productions of acne-causing agents. Thus far, human studies on acne treatment are quite promising.

Neuroprotective Properties

Researchers believe that it can help deal with common neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. While research is still in early stages, it has shown promise. For instance, in one study, Sativex, which is a spray comprising of CBD and THC, was shown to be a safe and effective method of reducing muscle spasticity in those with multiple sclerosis. The oral spray was so effective that it reduced muscle spasticity in 75% of people in one study.

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Could Lower Incidence of Diabetes

In one study conducted in 2006, it results revealed that the oil lowers the incidence of diabetes by a huge percentage. In non-obese mice, the incidence went from 86 percent to just 30 percent when using CBD. Studies also show that the oil help to reduce plasma levels of pro-inflammatory cytokine. After a histological examination, the results showed the mice taking the oil had significantly lower levels of insulitis.

In another study in 2013, scientists examined the impact of marijuana on insulin and insulin resistance. The results showed that in those using marijuana, the fasting insulin levels were 16 percent lower. Besides that, those who use marijuana had a smaller waist circumference according to the results. The waist circumference is one of the factors connected to the onset of diabetes.

Antipsychotic Effects

In one experiment, the CBD oil, also accessible at online dispensary, has antipsychotic effects. The oil appears to work in much the same way as the medication used to treat the issue. In studies done on animals, it was quite effective. The oil is also quite effective on patients that have schizophrenia.


Research on CBD oil has shown positive results thus far; the oil can treat common health issues such as acne and anxiety. For those with cancer, it can provide pain relief, especially in those where conventional drugs are no longer effective. Research according to the laws for Ontario cannabis is still ongoing. No doubt, this will lead to new medical discoveries on the uses of this oil.

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