Hangover foods back in the day meant something greasy or starchy. Well, not anymore. In fact, you would be surprised to know that there are certain foods that you’d least expect to make you feel less lousy. Let’s face it, there comes a time in life where we all experience the nasty side effects of a raging hangover. It’s an awful sensation and when you wake up with a pounding headache after that summer party, all you want is to curl up in a ball and die. That’s why the food you eat the next day is very important.

According to research, what you choose to consume the morning after a binge drinking session will either make your hangover ten times worse or get rid of it. Your gastrointestinal tract is highly sensitive and when you eat the wrong thing, your stomach will let you know almost immediately. Therefore, going forward be sure to make an informed decision about what you eat before you go out partying and what you choose to eat the morning after.

Think of food as either a sponge or a shield. Depending on the kinds you choose to eat, it will either absorb all the alcohol and make your hangover worse; or the nutrients inside the food will shield you from the symptoms of a hangover. If I were you, I’d pay close attention to this article because I might save you before you venture out on your next night out!

Hangover Foods To Beat Unpleasant Symptoms

Thankfully Refinery29 provided us with some very important insight into the kinds of meals we should be getting before and after drinking alcohol. Just to keep you all updated, whether you’re drinking, you must get a wholesome and balanced meal. This can be anything so long as you’re consuming a nice balance of carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein before your night out on the town.

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Melissa Bailey, MS, RD, LDN, a clinical dietitian in Philadelphia, tells Refinery29 that eating a balanced meal will give you the variety of vitamins and minerals you need. You will get a boost of B vitamins. This is crucial for your body after drinking because alcohol depletes every bit of vitamin B you have. In addition, she says that fats and proteins will help slow alcohol’s absorption into your bloodstream. Just like any other health article out there, I am going to tell you that you need to stay hydrated! It’s vital that you drink at least one glass of water for every alcoholic drink so that you do not dehydrate.

I get it though, when you’re out having a good time the last thing you’re thinking about doing is drinking water. One should try to make this a habit, but if you can’t manage that then at least you can eat the right hangover foods!

Hangover Foods You Need To Eat

The two main things you need to remember are: nutrient-rich and antioxidant-filled foods like fruits and vegetables. This is what experts recommend as the best kind to avoid or curing hangovers. 

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Whether you’re trying to mend a hangover, I say we should all embrace this electrolyte. It’s a nutrient that our bodies require throughout our daily lives in any case, especially when the body is trying to remain hydrated. That’s why it’s also a great nutrient to fill up on when you are doing a lot of exercise. Studies report that potassium is an incredible electrolyte which helps hydrate the body when indulging in a drinking spree.

If you’d like to increase your potassium in take, then it would be best to eat lots of bananas, avocados and potatoes with their skins on. Interestingly, you can also get a whopping potassium boost by eating tomato paste. It might be a good idea to go for an Italian-style pasta dish with tomato sauce and some proteins like fish or chicken. Refinery29 also points out that drinking coconut water is a wonderful option too. It’s definitely better than drinking sugary sports drinks which will only spike your energy levels.


If you’re dealing with an awful hangover, it can be difficult having to force yourself to eat something solid. The last thing you probably feel like doing is eating a big piece of protein. However, this is just your body fighting off the effects of alcohol and is dying to get nutrients from protein.  If you want to avoid this situation entirely in the future, eat something high in fat before you drink as the fats will absorb the alcohol better.

It’s no use feeding yourself with pies or pizzas the next day. Rather, fill your body up with lots of love and reward your poor body with some important vitamins. Notice how much better you’ll feel right after eating some protein. Why do you think protein is called a building block for all humans?

According to Refinery29, we need to stick to eating lean protein like eggs, salmon, nuts, and meat. Not a meat eater? That’s okay, because there are still lots of vegetarian and vegan options. Fill up on lots of beans and legumes. Moreover, these also contain large amounts of magnesium which helps regulate nerve and muscle function.

This is just living proof that we need to nourish our bodies no matter what.

Quench Your Thirst Hangover Foods

When you drink alcohol, you dehydrate your body entirely. Imagine a shriveled up little prune? Well, that’s basically what you will become if you don’t get some hydration immediately. That’s when we have nature to thank and turn to. There is an array of dense water fruits and vegetables available for you to ensure you fill up your tank.

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There are tons of supplements or ‘hangover cure’ pills available but none of them beat the real thing. It’s much better to save your money and use the vegetables you have at home in your fridge. Your body responds optimally when it gets the basics like food and water. That’s it. Besides, there are vegetables that contain high amounts of water and will hydrate you more than you’d think. Check out these high water vegetables.  

The best fruits and vegetables to eat when you’re completely dehydrated are cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, celery and bell peppers. Just be sure not to overeat on the celery because studies report that it is also a diuretic which could lead to other unpleasant issues.

Vitamin B Boost

If there’s one thing you truly need when feeling hungover, it’s vitamin B. Your body is extremely deprived of this nutrient after being drowned in alcohol. This is because alcohol inhibits the absorption of B-vitamins (vitamin B6, folate, and vitamin B12) which your body needs to support your metabolism and provide energy.

hangover foods [longevity live]

Kick-starting your vitamin B consumption is quite easy. Research recommends eating lots of fortified cereal, fish, and Greek yogurt which are all rich in B12. There are also lots of folates in dark leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and beans. To bulk up on B6, you need to eat more chickpeas, liver, tuna, salmon, and chicken.

Therefore, no matter what your situation is, hangover or not, you must take care of yourself through good nutrition. If you nourish your body for the majority of the time, it gives you the freedom to let loose and enjoy life more now and then. Better yet, there will be less of a consequence when you consume these hangover foods. Stay hydrated, eat wholesome food and remember the balance.




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