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Many animal lovers believe becoming involved in training is a surefire way to avoid dealing with the “human” species and instead focus on the part of the population that genuinely brings them joy. Unfortunately, the dog training industry is probably the wrong field for you if you have that mindset.

You might be confused by that, but more than half of the process as a trainer is teaching the pet parents and the family how to work with their beloved furry friend. It’s a very customer-focused position. If you’re not fond of people, you’ll be out of your element. See here if you think you want to become a dog trainer. Longevity Live Partner Content.

The Life of a Dog Trainer

Still, on the other side of the spectrum, a trainer is hands-on with dogs each day, all day. It’s the dreamy aspect of the work for those with a passion for animals and an adoration for the canine species. 

The responsibility is much greater than many anticipate, with educational requirements meant to provide professional qualifications plus certification to offer legitimacy and credibility to pet parents entrusting their pets to you. 

For the most part, the courses and the certifications are attainable in the online platform making it more straightforward and accessible for hopefuls in the industry today.

Much time needs to be spent volunteering, working with dogs and establishing experience to go with those credentials. 

Dog Trainer

That way, you have exposure to dogs of varied breeds, personalities, moods, behaviors because that will be the case when it comes time to train.

Let’s check out a few steps to become a professional dog trainer.

Steps To Becoming A Professional Dog Trainer

When working towards the status of a professional dog trainer, a few steps need to be followed for someone who wants to be considered as an expert in the industry. Education and certification are a priority, both of which can be achieved in the online platform.

Apart from becoming educated, it’s vital to establish experience working with a multitude of dog personalities, behaviors, breeds, since you will be exposed to many moods when presented with new students unhappy with the notion of being taught anything. 

With the proper preparation for handling the pets and their parents, you should be one step ahead of tantrums and obstinance.

Let’s look at the steps you’ll follow with preparing for your new position as a trainer.

Becoming educated

The field of dog training is one that is specialized, meaning those who enter the industry need to be educated whether they choose to self-educate or follow a formal program. 

You will find many reputable curriculums from which you can become certified in dog training online. You can also become part of associations that will feed your knowledge and contribute to your credibility with pet parents. 

Always make sure to use only resources that are quality, vetted options, so the information is the best available.

Train dogs 

From the moment you have an idea you want to work with dogs, you should start interacting, trying to teach them tricks, influencing their behavior somehow, even before you begin a basic education or start working for people in the field. 

It will all go towards experience regardless of how young you are when you begin the process. 

The interactions should be with dogs in numerous scenarios. Whether in shelters, neighborhoods, different personalities, behaviors, moods, because you won’t be able to predict what you’ll be exposed to when it comes time to train. 

dog trainer

Photo by James Lacy on Unsplash

Some dogs will come to the session terrified of what’s about to happen, anxious, hyper, excitable, all situations. It will be your job to bring the canine to the point of calm since you’re the trainer and to show the owner how to do the same thing.

Final Thought

In some countries, certification as a professional dog trainer isn’t required. Still, if you genuinely want to be taken seriously and show authority in the industry, it’s wise to take that step online and go through the process. 

Pet parents will go to someone who shows the extra initiative over those who don’t. You surely want to stand out in the competition.

Once you become educated, certified, and establish experience, you can work in different mediums whether you choose the veterinary industry, an animal shelter, working as an independent trainer, or another resource. The priority is to ensure that you have a good time with the pets – and their parents.

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