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Many people think that paddleboarding is just for fun. But the truth is that there are many benefits people enjoy as a result of this popular water sport. In this article, we’ll explore four mental and physical benefits of paddle boarding. Longevity Live Paid Content

Benefits of Paddleboarding

Exploring outdoors

Paddleboarding gives you an excuse to explore the great outdoors. Whether you choose to SUP on lakes, rivers, or the sea, you can only do it outside.

This makes paddleboarding a great way to catch some vitamin D from the sunshine. Vitamin D is known to keep your bones, teeth, and muscles healthy, as well as help with mental health.

Relieving stress

All by itself, spending time in nature can benefit your mental health. But that’s not all.

When you paddleboard, you’re also learning a new skill. Building new knowledge and capabilities helps you develop feelings of competency and growth – all of which can improve your mood.

When you’re out on the water, you’ll experience a sense of adventure that makes all your usual worries fade away. This can help you achieve peace of mind – something paddleboard insurance could add to

Photo by Laura Stanley

Getting exercise

There’s more to paddleboarding than meets the eye. You’ll get an intense workout for your back, legs, and arms in one go, letting you burn calories and have fun simultaneously.

But the group of muscles you’ll use the most while paddleboarding is the core. There are many benefits to having a strong core. It translates into general strength in a way that can’t be said of other body parts. It’s also essential if you want to have a good balance. 

Improving balance

Standing on a paddleboard is similar to standing on a balance board, stability ball, and other exercise equipment designed to work your balance.

It works the small stabilizer muscles in your core and legs that help support your body’s other muscles, ligaments, and joints. These stabilizer muscles help your body perform optimally and stay pain-free.

Having good balance carries through to the rest of everyday life, even during simple activities such as walking or running. Good balance is especially important for older people – and actively seeking to maintain good balance as you grow older can help stave off the risk of falls in your later years.


Paddleboarding offers you a combination of mental and physical benefits. Whether you need a new way to work out or an excuse to get outside, this fun water sport is the ideal way for you to cultivate a more balanced and holistic lifestyle.


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