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We are almost hitting the half-year mark for 2018 – and how many of us can say we diligently stuck to our resolutions of changing our lifestyles and improving our fitness? If you can honestly answer yes, congratulations on your persistence and hard work; you will likely close off the year with excellence. For those who are guiltily looking down, now is the time to step up with your workout system and take control of your lifestyle – and we are here to help.

While most people would think that the reason for their inability to stick to their goals is due to the lack of time or commitment, it is important to know that the environment you are surrounded by can also impact your drive to work out. That being said, we have some tips for you to improve the environment in your home, so it not only compliments but also motivates you to work out.

Step 1: Dedicate space to yourself and your workout 

Having a gym at home isn’t ideal for most people, due to a lack of space. Gym equipment usually requires a dedicated room, and not everyone has that extra space at home to spare.

Therefore, you should choose an area in your home which you can work out in. This space doesn’t have to be massive, just a small corner in a room should be sufficient.

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You should be able to meditate and do any other form of exercise in the space. So you want to make sure it is big enough, so you can move freely. When allocating your workout area, you want it to be in a quiet, isolated part of your home. You should first start your routine with some meditation, so you get your mind in-tuned with the body before you start.

Step 2: Have the right decor  

While most people focus on the equipment they employ in their gym, the décor is equally important. Don’t go with the boring monotone grey walls, you want to make the area a bit more exciting. Use colors that pop or possibly even wallpaper that is uplifting, something that attracts you to the room. This will enable your mind to want to work out.

Another element you can add is to have body-length mirrors installed on the walls. Seeing yourself exercising helps motivate you and also allows you to see results as you progress.

Step 3: Shop healthy

Your diet is just as important as your workout routine, often more so. You can ask any dietician, and they will tell you what you put into your body counts even more than the activity you put it through. So in order to get the results you are after, you want to ensure that your diet is also geared to improve the health of your body. In order to do this, ensure you include plenty of vegetables, 2-4 servings of fruit, healthy carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

One diet that has been tried and tested for longevity and optimum health is the Mediterranean one. Click here to find out more about this.

Note: If you are looking to build lean muscles, also ensure that you incorporate food that is high in protein. You should always have your fridge and cabinet stocked with healthy, organic food because eating healthy will ensure you not only get the results but also motivate you to work out.

 Step 4: Breathe fresher air 

Most people tend to ignore the impact the air we breathe has on our health. The air we are exposed to, even at home, is generally polluted with allergens, pollen, and numerous other particles that are not healthy for our body in the long run.

Around your home, then, you want to ensure you expose your body to air that is fresh and purified from these particles. An air purifier may help you with that, so you can keep your home clean and have a high-quality indoor environment. It’s important to research what kind of air purifier is best for your place and the intended use it will have, so it satisfies your specific needs.

Step 5: Get the sleep you need

Comfort is important when it comes to sleep. So you want to start by making sure that both your mattress and pillow provide optimal comfort, so you can sleep. A proper night of sleep is important for your body to function throughout the day. Therefore, if you don’t get the necessary sleep, chances are your body will get tired quickly when you do work out.

Most studies state that for a body to function properly, you need to get about 7-8 hours of sleep. So you may need to change your bed, pillow, or your daily routine to ensure you get the desired amount of sleep.

Final note: Music for your workout

Get the most out of your home workouts by incorporating these principles, and remember to have a great workout playlist ready for your first session. This will motivate and help carry you through the reps with ease. And while we are at it, and being aware of the fact that most people want to sculpt their midsection, here we provide you with our best exercises to sculpt your abs, waist, and thighs.

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