It is not easy to get back into shape after you have given birth, and your body may not be the same as before.

“However, taking up a healthy lifestyle post-pregnancy depends on two factors: what getting ‘back into shape’ means to you personally, and your ability to stay consistent in your workouts and nutrition.” says Gareth Powell, national training manager at Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN).

In this article Gareth Powell provides helpful tips on how to stay fit after giving birth

7 Tips To Get Back Your Post-Baby Body

fit | Longevity LIVE1. Keep active
After giving birth, for the first few weeks you may feel exhausted, overwhelmed and sleep-deprived. Although exercise may be the last thing on your mind, it is important to keep active. Start by walking around, whether it is in and around your house, or around the block.

2. Include your baby
Including your newborn in your exercise routine can be a great way to get fit while still being a mommy. While walking the stroller, take a break and do a few lunges.

3. Join other moms
Joining an exercise group for new moms, or other women who are eager to get back into shape, can give you the extra motivation needed to reach your fitness goals.

4. Keep track of calories and fat consumption
Try to stay away from unhealthy foods and the craving fixes you experienced during pregnancy. Focus on foods that are rich in nutrition, and remember, your body is repairing itself.

5. Breastfeed
By breastfeeding, you will burn between 600 and 800 calories a day.

6. Start slowly
Be gentle with your body in the very beginning. Weakened abdominal muscles, sheer exhaustion and the effect of relaxin (the hormone your body secretes in preparation for birth) mean your body cannot handle strenuous activity at first.

fit | Longevity LIVE7. Take regular naps
Napping at regular intervals has been proven to help with weight control. To make sure you are not sleep-deprived, take a nap whenever your baby is sleeping, to ensure that your sleeping patterns are in sync.

“You don’t have to leave your home or your baby by going to the gym. Instead, you can workout from home by doing exercises such as pilates, yoga and even power-walking around the house, with your baby in your company.

Remember that the same healthy-lifestyle guidelines apply as prior to your pregnancy, which is to be consistent in your diet and training, and to stay motivated so you can reach your personal goals,” concludes Powell.

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