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Will we ever get tired of seeing photos of the Dutchess of Sussex fulfilling her new role and attending royal engagements? Perhaps somewhere in the future, but for now the answer is a firm no! What we most look forward to, however, is Meghan’s classic makeup looks.

Meghan Markle is said to have learned and honed in on her now-signature look from trusted makeup artist Daniel Martin since 2011, although she does most of her makeup on her own. Since the wedding look that took our breaths away, Martin has been sharing some of his top tips in creating Markle’s look.

Embracing Your Natural Beauty

Many current trends in makeup, and products as well,  focus on complete coverage.  And, unfortunately, encourage creating false illusions, as opposed to focusing on the beautifully unique features we all have. This being all the more reason I love Meghan Markle’s consistent decision to show off her natural features, and beginning a new trend in the right direction.Meghan Markle| Longevity

The former actress always lets her stunning freckles shine through, while almost never using concealer to cover up her gorgeously distinctive freckles. The internet and social media became so enraptured by them that searches for “freckle friendly” makeup peaked, with some even permanently tattooing freckles onto their faces!

Meghan uses water-based moisturizers and Korean sunscreen as opposed to the foundation, and lightly makes use of tinted moisturizers and concealers instead. Her favorites are reportedly from the French cosmetics line Laura Mercier. But on the rare occasions that foundation is used, makeup artist Daniel Martin reportedly uses water-based foundations that seep into the skin over time and never become oily.

Focus-on-the-eyes look

Meghan Markle| Longevity

The windows to the soul! Besides the freckles, if there’s something I will always remember from the Dutchess of Sussex bridal beauty, it’s those eyes!

Markle often uses warm tones on the eyes to enhance her eye color. at 6″1. During the wedding, Martin said he wanted her eyes to flutter as she looked up at her groom. However, in general, a bronze smokey eye is a classic, partnered with the right not-too-heavy mascara, and will always look good on anyone.

Classic, Classy Simplicity

Martin shared Markle’s simple tools that he calls “the five-minute face” with Harper’s Bazaar: ” My routine is very simple… It’s just Touche Éclat, curled lashes, mascara, ChapStick, and a little bit of blush”.

Markle herself has said in the past that she likes to amp up this look if she’s going out in the evenings, simply by using some eyeliner. She uses brown eyeliner that has a hint of gold in it. This helps amplify her naturally lovely skin tone.

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